LETTERS: Truth about marijuana use; Hamas purposely provoked Israel
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After drying, the buds are trimmed by hand before being sent to a machine for final trimming. The marijuana was grown and trimmed at White Diamond Botanicals in Pueblo West on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Photo by Jerilee Bennett, The Gazette

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The truth about marijuana use

As a nurse who works with moms and babies, I frequently interview women who believe that marijuana use during pregnancy is "natural" and even helpful. Often, the same woman who is offended to be asked about her tobacco or alcohol use in pregnancy will easily admit to marijuana use.

I have found this to be quite puzzling. Your article yesterday, "Collateral Impact" sheds some light. The researchers from Denver Health and UC School of Medicine discovered that these women are being given medical advice in marijuana stores. Sadly, this advice totally contradicts that which the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the women's own obstetricians are giving: namely, that no amount of marijuana has been proven safe for use during pregnancy.

The article was informative about the medical research that does exist to discourage marijuana use in pregnancy, less clear were the legal implications for the pregnant woman who uses.

I wonder if the clerks who advise marijuana use in pregnancy realize the legal ramifications of their advice? When a newborn tests positive for marijuana, do the clerks at dispensaries realize that by Colorado law, the mother must be reported to Child Protective Services? Do they know of her anguish when she learns that she now has a "founded" charge of child neglect? Have they any idea how hard it will be for this young woman to ever work in a school or hospital or government agency, once she has a report of child abuse on her record?

May we all strive to help our tiniest citizens get the best possible start in life. And may we also care enough to tell young mothers the truth about marijuana use.

Nicole Downs, RN

Colorado Springs


FDR's spirit lives on

May 16 is one of those red letter days that I always celebrate, along with Democrats and the Department of Agriculture! Yes friends, today we celebrate the birth of food stamps.

This wonderful government program that started the head long movement towards government dependence was instituted May 16 in 1939 under the great Democrat/Socialist President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Rochester, N.Y.

Of course prior to this program charities, churches, families and neighbors helped those in need. I think that it worked because I'm here and my grandparents survived somehow before the government became mummy and daddy. I don't deny times were tough but they made tough self reliant people. The kind needed to go on and save the world during WWII.

Back to food stamps. Its been a true success if you measure it by the millions still on it. It has spawned the growth of the 'Nanny State' where those who use it become addicted to it. The majority of folks have a roof over their head, a phone, heat, refrigerators, TVs and a computer. The majority also have a car too. Walter Williams writes about how this condition makes for a weak nation, both financially and morally. It creates a self imprisonment for those receiving and those paying for it and worse it expands government and debt along with killing individual incentive.

FDR is long gone but don't give up because his spirit lives on in the form of Lizzy Warren and Bernie Sanders who promise free college for all. I'm just waiting for my free gas card to use at the pump!

What is truly sad though is that the Wall Street Journal reports that in a recent survey, that the millennial generation supports Socialism by a wide margin! Thank you public education and social media. American grandparents must be proud.

Len Bentley

Colorado Springs


Hamas purposely provoked Israel

Shame on the NY Daily News story: "Daddy's Little Ghoul" that accuses Ivanka Trump of callously smiling and posing at the U.S. Embassy dedication in Jerusalem - while Palestinian protesters were being "slaughtered" by Israeli troops. Apparently, the Daily News has become the propaganda arm of Hamas - the terrorist organization that now controls the Palestinian Territories.

Let's face it, Hamas purposely provoked the Israeli military response for propaganda purposes by acts of violence, arson and destruction of property. At this point, the Palestinians involved were no longer "protesters" but "rioters."

Robert Vegvary

Colorado Springs


Support health interventions

Serving in Afghanistan as a Reservist in the Colorado National Guard, I saw first-hand that U.S. support for health interventions saves lives.

Our health investments not only stop the spread of global disease, but are a powerful tool in building more stable communities and nations.

Despite America's leadership, 15,000 children and 800 mothers around the world die every day from preventable illnesses.

But fortunately, the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, bipartisan legislation in Congress, would help bring those numbers to zero within a generation by increasing access to proven, low-cost health solutions.

I traveled to Washington, D.C. this spring to personally ask Sens. Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner to support this bill.

I'm thrilled that Sen. Bennet agreed to co-sponsor the Reach Act. I thank him for his efforts to transform the lives of children and encourage Sen. Gardner to also support this legislation.

Capt. Rexford Canady



Zoos are like jails

There are so many animals in zoos, just living their lives with nothing to do. How about we really help them out to be plentiful on earth - in their natural habitats. Zoos are like jails and the animals have done nothing wrong.

Benjamin Flora

Colorado Springs

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