Afghanistan Women Fighting On (copy)

Women gather to demand their rights under the Taliban rule during a protest in Kabul, Afghanistan, last month.

Too late for the Afghan women

Re: Afghan army collapse “Took us all by surprise” Wow! Who would have guessed it? Rather who wouldn’t have guessed it? As the Taliban have been quoted to say “you have the watch, we have the time.”

I have a thought, although it’s 20 years too late. Why didn’t we form, arm, and train an Afghan army with the most to lose in that country — the women? My guess is that they would not have been quitters like the men we trained.

The woman of Afghanistan had a taste of freedom during the 20 years of war. Free to wear a burqa or not, get an education, a job, and seek political office. Even leave their home without a male relative escort.

My guess is, they would have fought to the last women to keep those freedoms for their daughters, sisters, mothers and every other woman of that country. But now it’s too late for the woman of Afghanistan. It’s back to the life of strict, harsh, and unjust laws imposed by the Taliban.

John Froehle

Colorado Springs

Concern about Highway 24

The danger of U.S. 24 Highway was a major problem for as long as I can remember. About 1997 or so I talked to then Mayor Robert Isaac (Mayor Bob as most knew him) that the city was growing and out growing it’s highways and roads and city streets. Highway 24 has cost too much in lives and property damage and is long overdue to be fixed. If we start today it is too late to fix the problem but a start would be something.

Our conservation was on emergency evacuation north and south (I 25 north and south and 24 highway east and west) much less the danger of every day driving.

If “Sanford and Sons” ever gets through with I-25 north through the Gap, it will be 20 years obsolete. U.S. 24 should be built from some of the tax money we send to the Fed and to Denver every single day and not require a toll road or a new tax. It seems that there is always something to do with the tax money than to spend on helping the people that pay the taxes.

George Douglas

Colorado Springs

Proposed new sales tax on pot

I do not use marijuana in any form, but I have to disagree with The Gazette’s “enthusiastic support” of the proposed new sales tax on marijuana in order to provide state paid, out of school tutoring services. For one thing, it creates a new, independent state agency to administer the program — just what we need, more government educrats feeding at the public trough. I also suspect the new tutoring programs will serve as a double-dipping opportunity for retired teachers, as well as divert some current teachers away from the schools where they’re badly needed.

As for the marijuana industry, it may be as profitable and arrogant as The Gazette contends; I wouldn’t know. But I do know that The Gazette just reported on the second conviction in a local case in which two people were shot in the head in order to rob them of a five pound bag of pot. The higher the price goes for regulated legal pot sales, the more we can expect the black market for pot to thrive. And I’m concerned that many pot users are gaming the medical marijuana exemption in order to pay lower prices for their pot. So here again, the higher the price goes for regulated legal pot sales, the more we will encourage people to pursue the medical exemption, and dodge the taxes.

Now if we were talking about some real public education reform, like a longer school year (horrors!), with a corresponding increase in teacher pay, well that might deserve another look.

Dave Schouweiler

Cañon City

Health promotion, prevention is politicalWhile waiting for the Doobie Brothers with Michael McDonald to appear on Denver’s Ball Arena stage my chat with an adjacent maskless neighbor got me his assessment that due to me wearing a mask he thought I was a liberal.

That comment carried me back to 1998 when the late Rush Limbaugh described me on his National Radio Commentary as “A holier than thou liberal,” for me creating the Smoking Kills named Kentucky youth baseball league.

Why is health promotion and prevention political? Iconic McDonald’s “What a fool believes,” took on a different meaning. Awesome concert!

Mike Sawyer


Climate change is not new

Should the Democrats be successful in passing their 3.5 trillion dollar stimulus bill, Rep Joe Neguse (D-Colo.) is hoping to tap into 50 billion dollars set aside to fight “climate change” (ref Gazette, “A New Deal for the 21st Century”, Sept. 27, 2021). Rep Neguse is “trying to legislate a new, diverse collection of young people called the 21st Century Civilian Climate Corps to dig out America again” (whatever that means). His proposed Climate Corp appears to be primarily focused on “restoring habitats wrecked by wildfires and floods”.

If Rep. Neguse fails to get funding, I suggest he work with legislators (from other states impacted by wildfires) to take a more proactive approach in changing existing, fire mitigation laws. For example, in California, it is illegal to cut down a tree if it is identified as one of the five protected, native categories. A permit is required to cut or trim one of these trees on personal property making it very difficult to conduct proper fire mitigation.

Throwing billions (or even trillions) of dollars toward climate change is utterly ridiculous! The United States (including Alaska) occupies only 6% of all land mass (75% of the earth is covered in water). Despite our great strides in cleaning up air quality in our larger communities, there’s a limitation to our environmental efforts. Climate change is a natural occurring phenomena. Scaring citizens that melting icebergs and glaciers will soon flood coastal areas is absolutely ridiculous. I saw an article recently that suggested there would be no snow in Yellowstone this year. Even President Biden has said “...this is our greatest threat to America.” Really?

There’s a great deal of speculation what causes climate change. It could be fluctuations of incoming solar radiation, periodic changes in the Earth’s orbit (Milankovitch cycles), or maybe changes in ocean/atmospheric circulation. Any effort to effectively combat climate change is absolutely fruitless. Climate changes have been a fundamental part of this planet for billions years and this phenomena will continue on its routine course.

Rod West

Colorado Springs


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