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Tongue in cheek comments

Re: Council rejects library board candidates.

Library district CEO John Spear’s comment about taxes would be amusing if it weren’t alarming evidence of the singular quest by public officials for more tax payer money. Since his job is presumably safe, he felt free to disclose board consideration of a tax increase “because the last time the district raised taxes was 1986”.

The district’s mill levy results in revenue which depends of the value of the property (as does most city government) and the number of taxable properties. Anyone who looks can see why the district’s budget has grown by “$1 million annually”.

Thanks to councilman Wayne Williams for pointing this out.

Perhaps people forget why California passed the Jarvis amendment (13) in 1978. Property values had grown so much that some could not longer afford to pay their taxes. Government officials obscure their good fortune with tongue in cheek comments like Spear’s.

Dave Vandenberg

Colorado Springs

Trash collection is good, honest work

Great article about garbage collection. One of the things that some companies seem to forget, is that this is a customer service job. Leaving four week’s worth of garbage uncollected is not good customer service.

They claim to be short of help. Baloney! Whatever happened to overtime, or the bosses pitching in when necessary?

Our new company, Carefree, does just that! One of the owners, Darrell, came to pick up the mess left by the big green truck.

Lying to customers is another habit of the green truck company. “Oh, we will radio the driver to come back to your house”. If a driver like that does not respond and do his job, then he needs to be fired.

There are lots of unemployed people out there, and garbage collection is good honest work, and no matter how “dirty” you think it is, a good shower when you get home takes care of that and gives you money to feed your family.

Carol Mueller

Colorado Springs

Should be outraged by Boebert

I was surprised that The Gazette came out with such a scathing editorial about Ilhan Omar. I was hoping the paper would openly recognize the recent bigoted actions of the “notoriously far-right” Lauren Boebert. Instead The Gazette ignores the Boebert problem and tries to shift the focus to Omar.

It is shame that Colorado has to have Boebert as one of its representatives.

The editorial was mostly about past actions and statements of Omar and little about the more current outrageous behavior of Boebert.

I realize that Omar is a Democrat and that the Gazette automatically looks on her as the opposition, but Boebert’s actions are simply not acceptable.

No one should want this kind of person in our Congress.

The “mainstream” media, which I suppose you mean anyone but FOX news, and the “other components” of the Democratic party, are who knows who? Of course, these people and any other reasonable person should be outraged by Boebert.

Boebert’s supposed apology was far from an outright “I’m sorry.”

Jac Roberson

Colorado Springs

Casting a vote against socialism

To Senator John Hickenlooper:

In 1956, John F. Kennedy published “Profiles in Courage”, a book that tantalized young peoples’ idealism, bringing them (like this writer at the time) into the Democratic Party and, I believe, catapulted him to become a U.S. Senator and, later of course, President of the United States.

The book featured political individuals, including eight U.S. Senators, who bucked the system, most often taking stands against their political parties, and stands they knew would be altogether injurious to their political futures. But stands, in Kennedy’s mind, that were the right stands at the right time in history.

Need I remind you that you were the only Presidential aspirant in the initial Democratic Party debates who stood up for capitalism and strongly put down socialism as a political/economic system.

Now you stand at a crossroads.

A gigantic spending bill that will soon be debated in the Senate will, most believe, inextricably lead to Socialism.

With a 50/50 Senate with our VP to cast a deciding vote, your vote counts! Will you courageously vote your beliefs? Will you be remembered as showing a “profile of courage”? Essentially casting a vote against Socialism.

John, you may recall our meeting in the offices of the First National Bank of Colorado Springs when youwished to purchase the historic Cheyenne Building across from the Antlers Hotel on Cascade Ave. to make it a Brew Pub. (An idea that took fruit in a brew pub that stands today)

My friend, John Hazlehurst and I were invited to that meeting after the two of us killed a prior deal when the Library District wanted to buy the building and tear it down for parking.

But we liked your deal and I came to more than like you, cheering your rise from businessman to Mayor — to Governor — then to Senator.

What I took away from that meeting was a respect for you as a man of courage, telling the story of your hitting up family members, and even (if memory serves me), your high school wrestling coach to help fund your idea that became the Wynkoop Brewing Company in Lower Downtown Denver (LODO); Denver’s first Brew Pub.

I, for one, hope to be remembered for saving the Cheyanne Building and before that for saving the Historic YWCA Building at 130 East Kiowa, across Nevada Ave. from the Court House.

But I hope you will come to be remembered as the Senator who saved the Free Enterprise System; The engine most agree that made our Nation great.

Marvin L. (Marv) Thomason

Colorado Springs


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