Glean facts, not opinions

Wednesday shook me to the core. As a veteran who has served to ensure free speech, the sanctity of a democratic society that allows choices and freedoms that are rarely accessible to most of the world’s citizens, this showed a clear denial of facts by many individuals and officials.

As I watched the news and read the threads I even became more upset. Every anchor, every thread was aimed to sensationalize, elicit responses for specific statements, and to prove or highlight a particular point. This is the same method that has been used to spread misinformation and conspiracy theories across this nation to uninformed and semi-isolated individuals that are a root cause of yesterday’s despicable actions.

As a news organization I hope that the Gazette will establish a non-editorial basis for its reporting to glean facts and not opinions or slanted views of events.

We need facts to make decisions, not media blasted rhetoric to make a point.

Loren Kuehn


This is shameful behavior

What happened Wednesday is the fault of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District U.S. Rep Lauren Boebert. Her divisiveness, misinformation, and ideology caused this to happen. As a vet, this truly breaks my heart. I served this country because I believe in what the U.S. stands for. I know that my country is not perfect, but what has happened is shameful and my flag’s colors are not as bright today. This is because of Boebert and people like her. This is not patriotic; this is shameful behavior.

Boebert stood up and clapped when an Arizona representative questioned the authenticity of the Arizona election results. Why did she do that? Boebert’s constituents, and therefore her boss would like to know the reasoning behind her actions. Boebert represents the people of Colorado, both liberal and conservative, and should conduct herself in a manner befitting to that title. Boebert’s personal beliefs take a back seat to the people she represents, again both Democrat and Republican. She was elected to make the lives of both Democrat and Republican better, and not to push her own agenda, line her pockets, or cause strife in the country I proudly served and love! Boebert may think she was being patriotic, but coming from a person who put his all on the line serving this country, Rep. Boebert is not. Trump protesters storming the U.S. Capitol building is shameful and unacceptable behavior.

Despite what Boerbert feels, this is not an “us” against “them” situation. The United States is a “we” as in: “We the people of these United States.” Do Democrats exist as a part of the “we”? And if not, why? Maybe there should be a discussion on why Democrats do not matter in Boebert’s mind. Maybe Boebert is not the right person to represent this district. A divisive representative who condones the actions that were taken is not the person Colorado needs now.

Eli Blanco

Grand Junction

Support for virus restrictions

Your editorial Jan. 2 on Dr. Anthony Fauci was inaccurate — at one point saying we don’t know if coronavirus restrictions are effective (“Fauci’s ‘noble lies’ catch up to him). We live in a global world, and there is plenty of evidence that they are effective.

Then your Jan. 6 editorial criticizing our state public health leader for a lack of accuracy on her estimate was too much, as well as equating this experience to the flu — again, too much. Truth is it should be equated to the 1918 pandemic, not the flu. This on the day when the U.S. had the highest number of hospitalizations due to COVID. In Los Angeles, critical patients likely not to survive are being told to die at home and not being transported to the hospital. I don’t think that happens with the flu.

I want a local paper that supports public health expertise both at a national and state level. Yours does not. Instead you move into attack mode, aiding the disinformation movement. You are the experts I guess. What experience/education do you have in public health? If anything goes against your view, you simply criticize it and put it down. At least, Twitter and Facebook label disinformation. Sad that our local paper does not.

Get a heart. I am sad that another 1,000 Coloradans died in the last five weeks. That’s 26% of the total deaths due to COVID in five weeks. You can look at the data in many different ways; please be impartial.

Also UCHealth has great ads in a gentle way supporting the coronavirus restrictions as a way to get back to normal sooner. They are the health experts for Colorado. Why not support that view? It would end the pandemic sooner.

Ray Jones

Colorado Springs


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