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To newly registered voters

Dear new adults,

If you have had a birthday since Jan. 1, 2018, did you vote? Were you a citizen by birth? Or didn’t know you had to register?

So all is good! You are a newly registered voter. You can now serve your country in a military capacity or you can serve as a good and well-informed citizen on the home front. You certainly want to be one or the other. Either way, I want to share a secret with you. So take this letter into your bedroom and close the door.

You have heard about Santa Claus, alias Bernie Saunders, going around and promising boys and girls, (he doesn’t say “good” boys and girls) and everybody else, all kinds of expensive freebees?

He doesn’t let on that taxpayers are really the busy elves that will pay for those freebees for the rest of their working lives, perhaps 25 years.

You are going to be joining those taxpayers! You will be paying for noncitizen freebees along with a mortgage, car payments, insurance, clothing, food, medical bills, other taxes, charity and recreation.

Your generation of college students was able to get student loans, which are still a financial burden to many of you.

You might say “It will only amount to maybe $25 a month.” Do the math! Let us say you don’t start working until you are 25 years old. That is $300 a year. If you work for 40 years, age 25 to 65, you will have paid in $12,000 for the noncitizen freebees. Are you confident you want to help Santa that much?

OK, you can open the door now but talk with another young adult every day about this shady scheme to “shortchange” your pay-checks for all of your working lives.

I love you young people! You are the hope for America to be great again. So study the issues, roll up your sleeves, all the millions of you and show us what you can do to save America. God bless you!

Evelyn French

Colorado Springs

1,871 Americans are worth it

I’m a math-challenged Democrat (used to be Republican). (“Are Dems mathematically challenged or dishonest?”, Sept. 9, Opinion) It’s nice to be able to reduce mass murder to a statistic. Checking up on your reference, the Center for Disease control says 4.5 deaths per 100,000, which with the 327 million Americans only amounts to about 1,871 children or adults or churchgoers.

Us challenged Dems figure that many Americans are worth putting a few controls on gun ownership. By the way, I’ve had guns since 1956 and would willingly accept conditions on ownership; like safety training, mandatory storage in a safe container, etc. I think 1,871 Americans are worth it, not even considering the people touched in some way like parents and friends.

Stephen King

Colorado Springs

Other Americans are not the enemy

Tamra Farah’s guest column about “It’s my party and i’ll cry if i want to” concerning the state of the current GOP was another tired example of the exhausted political blabbery that hints at grown-up self-critique but then just gives up, hits the lazy button and defaults to The Whine Line: “Only my special group is right”, “Only we are the (self-proclaimed) historical protectors of freedom”, “we” are “more patriotic than your group”, etc.

As my Texas grandmother would say: “Just sit down.”

Hauling out the nemesis of the “far left” at every turn to somehow smear all or any legitimate political objection by association or as some manifestation of absolute evil is the argument of children, not a serious political party grounded in our constitutional rights in a pluralistic society.

Other Americans of every stripe are not The Enemy — they are the people you will need to solve the epic scale of the national and local problems that we have.

Maybe if we tell our leaders that we expect more of them, starting with our locals, we can raise the bar.

Kay Johnson

Colorado Springs

Sunday’s Opinion section

Congratulations to Joe Barrera for his column in Sunday’s Gazette. Also, all of the letters to the editor were well-reasoned and written. Even the “Gazette’s Viewpoint” editorial column made sense. Good reading.

Bob Armintor

Colorado Springs

Type of guns should be addressed

Re: “Mass shooters exploited gaps” page A3, The Gazette.

“Most mass shooters in the U.S. acquired the weapons they used legally because there was nothing in their background to disqualify them, …” So maybe the type of guns that are available for sale needs to be addressed. Pretty simple, huh?

Carol Cook

Colorado Springs

Message forgot a sleepless malice

Your poignant message that we should never forget the evil that visited us on 9/11 overlooked a vital issue (“Let’s never forget what happened this day,” The Gazette’s Viewpoint, Sept. 11).

The capacity to retain seminal historical lessons is dependent upon correctly identifying the enemy. You called the perpetrators “terrorists,” when, in fact, they were Islamic jihadis. The distinction is critical because this baleful threat hasn’t in any way abated. Whether in the Middle East or, indeed, in America where civilization jihad continues apace, this totalitarian ideology is a sleepless malice.

Moreover, unlike any other religion, Islam seeks world domination. In October 2010, British radical Muslim activist, Anjem Choudry, said “We do believe, as Muslims, the East and the West will one day be governed by the Shariah. Indeed, we believe that one day, the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.”

Ensuring that current and future generations understand that Islam is a virulent malevolence is the best guarantor that we won’t forget the heinous acts of 9/11, and that we’ll continue to fight this evil at home and abroad.

Philip Mella

Woodland Park

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