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Teachers that are concerned about going back to school during the pandemic had their wills notarized Monday outside where the El Paso County commissioners meet.

Being controlled by scare tactics

Always believe the science, the left tells us. But it seems if the science goes against their current push, well then all bets are off. They want to choose which science to believe. The front page of the Tuesday 4 Gazette showed a demonstration of teachers signing their wills, because they will all surely die if the schools are reopened. Such high drama!

Look at some of the proven scientific data (not just computer models). The numbers show that if you are under the age of 55 – 60, healthy and no underlying health problems, and if you are infected with the COVID-19 virus, the mortality rate is less than 1% (the flu is four times more deadly).

Some studies undertaken (again not computer models) in Northern/Western Europe where the kids are back in school, have shown there are none to very few proven instances where the kids were infected, plus they did not infect the teachers or take it home to their families. I read that out of the 150,000 COVID deaths in this country 16–20 children deaths are claimed to have been COVID caused, but not proven. It seems as though that those that are afraid, do not want the parents to have a choice about schools opening.

Aren’t some of you parents getting tired of being controlled by just a few people that use scare tactics when the science says differently. Why not do like the pro athletes are doing, their teams are allowing them to opt out (without pay) for the season. If you don’t want to go back to work, don’t, and take no pay. Pay those teachers that go back, and those carrying the extra load should be paid extra.

Many of the parents of these kids cannot afford to not go to work to stay home with their kids, put yourselves in their shoes. No work — no paycheck.

Tom Keilers

Colorado Springs

Not safe to reopen schools

There is a great amount of conversation and controversy regarding the safety factors related to reopening schools for in-person learning. While the rest of the public spaces are limited to some percentage of capacity, schools are not subject to those same restrictions. Schools are expected to reopen with, in some cases more than 1,000 students in the hallways. Other public facilities, such as restaurants, retail stores and theatres limit the number of people who are allowed. There is no provision for age. Young people, older citizens count the same. It is the number of people, not the age of the people that count toward maximum occupancy.

Why are schools looked at differently? The prevailing question appears to be, “When is it safe?” The simple answer is, “It is safe when there is an effective vaccine and a significant majority of the students and staff have been inoculated.” The safety precautions stated by local, state and federal agencies are not possible in schools. For those who think social distancing is possible, stand in the hallways of a high school during passing time.

For those who think students are going to properly wash their hands, there is an alarming disconnect with reality. For those students who think students will wear a face mask, please understand that school staff cannot get students to put down their cellphones. It is not safe to reopen schools. An effective vaccine and subsequent innoculations is what constitutes safety. Nothing else!

Mark Guthmiller

Colorado Springs

Trump is supposed to lead

My adult daughters have more than once told me that they are unable to do some things because as children I did too much for them. My response is, you’re an adult now, show me how to do it right.

President Donald Trump should learn this also. OK, we got a nasty virus here that came from China, however, when it lands on your shores it becomes your responsibility. When kids are in school and someone else brings in the flu, bedbugs, lice or who knows, do you not care for your child because it was someone else’s fault? No, you love, care for and nurture your children to health. Mr. Trump, you are the “parent” of this country. Of all the people in this country, and as such it is your responsibility to care for, love and nurture it and try to cure what ails it. Not blaming the “other families” for sending your kids bad stuff. You are supposed to lead, try it and stop blaming everyone and everything else for your lack of wanting to take responsibility.

Colleen Garcia

Colorado Springs

Confused about current events

Our political leaders are really aggressive in their imposition of COVID-19 directives to wear face masks, social distancing and limit our constitutional rights to freedom of assembly. Yet, they do nothing to quell the riots and destruction of anarchist/BLM/antifa and other “peaceful protesters.”

I would like for our leaders to define “peaceful.” It appears that anything short of personal physical assault is “peaceful.” Buildings, statues, monuments and business are being desecrated and destroyed. Police are subjected to profanity, being spit on, and assaulted with thrown objects, while under orders to “stand down.”

Athletes are “taking a knee” to protest social injustice and the killing of George Floyd, among others. Floyd, or none of those other individuals would be dead had they not been resisting arrest. All had criminal records and were being detained as a suspect in a crime. These criminals are being made heroes and martyrs and Floyd was given a funeral fit for royalty; including an American flag reserved for service to country. Making these individuals heroes, specifically to young Blacks, exacerbates the problem. Instead of taking a knee, athletes and others of influence should be encouraging young men of all races to respect and obey the law, flag and country.

Some military leadership objected when President Donald Trump indicated he might resort to using active duty military to quell riots if other action failed. They need to be reminded that the president is the commander in chief. Also, they took an oath to defend and protect the USA from all enemies foreign and “domestic.” They should be reduced in rank and fired or court-martialed.

I am confused regarding how this has come about. The USA needs to put Christianity, patriotism, accountability, responsibility, ethics, morality, integrity, honesty, common sense, back into our society, our culture, our nation and ourselves as individuals! Until this happens, our great nation will continue to deteriorate.

R. Wayne Baughman

Colorado Springs

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