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Colorado Springs founder General William Jackson Palmer’s downtown statue receives conservation maintenance and a fresh coat of protective wax.

Revisiting relocating Palmer’s statue

The City of Champions is here to stay and growing in leaps and bounds. It is time to revisit the effort on relocating the General Palmer statue. The current location has been a traffic hazard for sometime. This traffic problem will become unmanageable in the near future. Using today’s technology a smaller base could be constructed to support the statue. I recommend relocating the statue to Pikes Peak Avenue two blocks east of Nevada Avenue. Construct a round-about at the current dead end.

Another alternative would be to relocate it to the Pioneer Museum grounds. Let the Mayor and City Manager know how you feel on the matter.

Ishmael Medina

Colorado Springs

Grooming our English language

Hurray for Mike Rosen, who seems intent on grooming our English language, the only medium we have for ensuring a cohesive society (Gazette, Sept. 17).

His corrections and rectifications of misleading or misused cliches, buzzwords and bromides, of which we all are guilty, are refreshingly redolent — to the max!

I only wish he had included the common error that I find particularly annoying — the mispronunciation of the phrase “et cetera,” Latin for “and so forth.” It is not “eck” or “ek” cetera, it is “et-et-et cetera!” Kindly tune your ears to the proper pronunciation so that we all may communicate more readily.

And have you noticed that “wordsmithing” is not really a word at all? I had to look it up.

Whitney Galbraith

Colorado Springs

More in a reaction mode

Can we get more of a police presence on the streets specifically in the Rockrimmon area on Flying W Ranch road, Centennial, and Vindicator? There seems to be a reduced amount of police on the streets in the past few months especially in Rockrimmon and especially on the weekends. It is not unusual to see a car or motorcycle going 20 mph over the speed limit, driving recklessly increasing the risk of accidents and road rage. It seems lately the police are more in a reaction mode after something happens instead of a prevention mode, probably because of being short staffed.

David Tindal

Colorado Springs

Plans already benefiting ColoradansIn response to Andres Pico’s letter to the editor, “How will we pay for this?”, I would counter that Joe Biden’s plans so far are already benefiting Coloradans. As an example, the last rescue package includes monthly payments to parents as part of the enhanced Child Tax Credit, a measure that reduced the number of Americans below the poverty line by 50% and benefited our economy. This will continue if his $3.5 trillion human infrastructure plan is passed in Congress, both without GOP support.

His physical infrastructure plan will benefit all of working America with improvements to our roads, bridges, railways, airports, broadband, and cyber enhancements. I’m not really clear how these bills are driving up inflation, as Pico states, since neither has passed yet. Economists insist much of the current inflation we are seeing is the result of the economy cranking back up after the COVID-19 shutdown along with a shortage of resources and supplies that supply our economy. The human infrastructure plan will not drive up our deficit as there are already $2.1 trillion in tax increases identified to pay for the $3.5 trillion plan with more being identified. This includes enhanced funding for the IRS who identified over $1 trillion dollars that can be added to Treasury from those who cheat or underreport their income both at the individual and corporate level. Those individuals identified are in the top 1% income level. I’m not sure how this plan will drive up inflation if it is totally paid for through tax increases for those making more than $400,000 and those that mostly benefited from the 2017 GOP tax cut.

Finally, Pico asks who will this benefit? It will benefit average ordinary everyday Americans through an enhanced child tax credit, family leave, a child care supplement, free pre-K for 3 and 4 year olds, enhanced Medicare coverage for our seniors and much much more. If passed, the combination of the physical and human infrastructure bills will be a major accomplishment for the President and his Build Back Better initiative.

Dave Lovell

Colorado Springs

Fueled by outrage, anger and fear

Fox News viewers who take the word of Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham as gospel as they rail against the vaccine, the mandates, and mask wearing, might be interested to learn that Fox News is leading the business world with a strict vaccination policy. Over 90% of the company’s workforce is fully vaccinated. Daily testing is required of those who do not wish to provide proof of their vaccination status. While Ingraham and Carlson refuse to disclose their personal status, it’s a pretty sure bet that they are vaccinated, most likely due to choice rather than their company’s mandate.

Carlson and Ingraham know that their viewers are fueled by outrage, anger and fear. The more frequent, intense and prolonged the outrage, anger and fear, the better the ratings. The better the ratings, the more money in their pockets. So their tirades continue. Meanwhile the United States has hit a horrible milestone.

One in every 500 Americans has died from COVID. Countless others continue to suffer long-term effects. So if you are a Carlson/Ingraham believer, I ask you to question why they ask you to do as they say as opposed to doing what they do. Your life may depend on it.

Kathleen Eichinger

Colorado Springs


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