This was really discouraging

Your Sunday editorial spilled a lot of ink criticizing the Democrats. While I don’t like what Nancy Pelosi did, you of course failed to mention President Trump’s rudeness to her by turning his back on her when she extended her hand to him (yes, he did; I saw it). It didn’t exactly start the evening on a high note. Surely he bears a bit of responsibility to at least be a gentleman, regardless of his personal feelings.

However, in the last two paragraphs, you spoke of the National Prayer Breakfast, where they “appealed to a higher power infinitely greater” than any of the 3 branches of government. Unfortunately, you failed to mention that, even faced with an opportunity to be a real leader, to admit that we are all flawed and we all need forgiveness and healing, our dependable Divider-in-Chief just could not do it. Instead, he crowed proudly about his acquittal, then proceeded to publicly insult the faith of Pelosi and Mitt Romney.

As sad and sick at heart as the past few weeks have made me, this was really discouraging. Sure, I, too, hope we can be saved by “a force that tears through hatred and unites us in love.” Perhaps it’s not unreasonable to see just a bit of that love and necessary humility from Trump. The door of healing surely has to swing both ways.

Elizabeth Robinove


Exposing an outdated practice

As much as it hurts this practicing Catholic to read your article on my church’s counseling for LGBT Catholics (Faith & Values Feb. 7), I’m compelled to thank you for more exposure of this outdated and harmful practice by too many religious counselors, both in and out of our faith tradition. It was heartbreaking to read of Alana Chen’s journey to suicide and that of her family’s frustration and ultimate pain because of it.

Belief and practice of conversion therapy lacks credible proof of its efficacy but proof of its harm is all too evident in culture today. I have homosexuality in my family and whether you know it or not, somewhere in your family you do too. If you need to educate yourself do it, if you need introspection about a possible bias, pray about it, if you’re struggling with doctrines or Scripture references, believe in the reality and importance of our human need for love and, importantly, the preeminent priority of your conscience.

Gayle Rappold

Colorado Springs

Parking fees and downtown patrons

First Friday has come and gone, but due to the weather it will be difficult to gauge the impact of the new parking regulations. Snowy sidewalks made walking from distant parking garages difficult. As a regular attendee of First Friday events, new meter regulations necessitated carrying a pocket of quarters and watching the time carefully.

It also meant leaving the downtown area when the stash of quarters ran out and looking for a restaurant that provides parking. We frequently patronized various restaurants after shopping, entertainment and gallery visits. Could we have used a credit card? Of course, but I refuse to use a credit card for a charge of less than five dollars.

My hope is that the downtown merchants will strongly encourage the city to reexamine the new parking policy of feeding meters after 6 p.m. and on Sundays. A vibrant downtown scene may depend on it.

Dottie Lirette

Colorado Springs

Bill would allow reentry to felons

It is imperative that you write about House Bill 5383, telling your subscribers about what is in that horrendous bill.

It would allow illegal felons who have been deported back into to America. And, the taxpayers would have to pay for them to come back! There are so many other terrible issues with this bill. Please expose the ramifications of this bill. We are a country of immigrants, but most of our ancestors came here legally, so that is not a good reason to allow felons back into our country. I hope that one of your journalists will write about this.

Elizabeth Rivers

Colorado Springs

Where is the moral outrage?

I hope that everyone reads to statement from Lt. Col Alexander Vindman’s lawyer on the firing of a witness in the impeachment trial. Where is the moral courage in the country when we allow a president to act in revenge against a witness who was following orders, obeying his oath and serving his country?

Perhaps Lt. Col. Vindman spoke too soon when he told his father not to worry because this is America and the truth matters. What does this say to anyone who finds that some government official acted inappropriately and needs to report that behavior?

Carolyn Frazier

Colorado Springs

Funding costs for rally

So our president is planning a “Keep America Great” rally in Colorado Springs in a few weeks. Over the past three years, President Trump has stiffed at least 12 American cities with unpaid bills totaling over $1 million dollars. Most of these bills were for police-related costs such as security and overtime pay for officers, which totally negates the campaign rhetoric about how much he loves the police force.

I certainly hope that our city does not suffer the same fate as these 12 others. It may not be an easy task ahead of us though. Cognizant of our president’s track record, one mayor, Jacob Frey, contacted the booking agency and requested payment in advance. Frey states that, “When the president learned that Minneapolis was seeking reimbursement, he did not call me directly to discuss details. He did not seek to better understand the terms of the contract. He took to Twitter to make threats, inflame his base ahead of the event and lash out at me and the diverse city I represent.”

Is this what we want for our city? I, for one, do not wish to fund any part of this campaign rally, having already funded, through my taxes, approximately $127,000,000 in golf costs for our president.

Enough is enough.

Kathleen Eichinger

Colorado Springs

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