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This is the face of America

Everyone, take a good look at page A5 of this Sunday’s Gazette, showing the Best & Brightest scholarship winners for the high school class of 2021. I congratulate each winner as representative of a generation that is skilled, hardworking and goal-oriented.

I was struck, however, by the names and faces. This page is an icon of our city’s diversity, running the full gamut of ethnicity and gender. The family names—Nashikkar, Vispute, Zamora Ruelas, Cimpaye, Bui, Nguyen-Lopez, and Patel—further suggest this great diversity and provide an important lesson for our country. These are families that came from all over the world; immigrants, possibly refugees, maybe without much obvious to offer but their humanity. The families likely came for the great promise of America: the chance to make better lives for their children. Now, here are their children, excelling, making themselves into exemplary citizens.

So, what’s the lesson here? To me, these kids counter the lies behind opposition to immigration. “They are criminals, here illegally.” “They will be a burden.” “They will replace us and dilute real American society.” Really? Look at page A5!

This is the face of America, our young men and women, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, people from all over, and doing well. I’m glad they wanted to be here, because these are families who are making America great.

When foreigners come to America, we should honor them for their potential to be great contributors, as these young people have shown themselves to be.

John Wolf

Colorado Springs

What to do about the ‘unvaxed’

Some folks are opting not to get the vaccine. That is their right, and I applaud them for having the courage of their convictions. With that decision, however, comes responsibility. Because they are not getting the shot they are putting those of us who do at risk. While we “vaxies” are 95% protected from the virus, we can still get it and we can pass it on. We still need to wear masks and maintain social distancing, especially from the “unvaxed.”

We know the unvaxed among our friends and relatives and can avoid close contact with them. But, how do we know who is unvaxed when we walk into a public place? If establishments are allowed to require passports, we will know we are safe. But if passports are not required we will have no way of knowing who is safe. If you are unvaxed please stay out of public places or at least wear an “Unvaxed and proud of it” T-shirt” or maybe get a temporary “UV” tattooed on your forehead.

Rip Blaisdell

Teller County

Let the market decide

In “‘Housing crisis’ threatens economy,” the Colorado Springs Gazette, May 1, “…community leaders increasingly worry that soaring prices and a lack of affordable and attainable housing options could imperil local businesses and the Colorado Springs-area economy.”

But isn’t that capitalism? What happened to the mantra “let the market decide?” So what is capitalism going to do about it; turn to government?

Ken Valero


Headed to be ‘Calirado’

Ted Fox (May 3) Gazette, smashed the nail on its head! Everything n his letter rang true! People have different opinions, but “progressives” have more than opinions — as many are running several states into the abyss like California.

“Conservatives” are not perfect by any means, but both parties are gauged by their representatives in Washington. And just like Cox wrote, here in our beautiful city and state, we will begin to see the effects of “progressive California” if we keep on this way. Mr Cox, many of us feel exactly like you and lived here for several years, My family came here in 1959 and much has changed politically — sadly to the left. With Washington in control, I fear we are headed to be “Calirado.”

Dale Conrad

Colorado Springs

Fees and enterprises are a racket

Let me get this straight. Every time we vote for state transportation funding, the “state” changes priorities and a large portion of the money is “lost” to the general fund. Now the “state” plans to start assessing “fees” for various activities which start low and increase (what the Legislature meant to say was “under the magic number which avoids a TABOR vote”).

Next, they want to establish three enterprises (unelected bureaucrats answerable to ?? — what are they called by politburos?) to dole out the money.

So we will need three more “organizations” (staff, space, regulations — more bureaucracy) to manage the money, in addition to the Colorado Department of Transportation. Each organization will probably need a building, too.

I can’t wait until the funding is not adequate and the “state” has to develop more “fees” and “enterprises.” What a racket!

Gary Ellsworth

Colorado Springs


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