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Krystal Jean Kenney is shown leaving the Teller County Courthouse in January 2020.

This is not justice in any way

I am angry, saddened and upset over the news that Krystal Kenney will likely be released early and maybe even in the next week or two. She might not have swung the bat like Patrick Frazee did, but her complicity in the young woman and mother’s death is well-known. She could have saved Kelsey’s life by contacting the authorities about the repeated requests to assist in Kelsey’s demise.

I do not believe Kenney has remorse except for herself because she is in prison. I would like to think she will live the remainder of her life with sorrow for her actions or more importantly lack of action, but she clearly has no conscious because if she did she would have changed the trajectory before Kelsey was bludgeoned to death in her home.

This is not justice in any way and our symbol of Lady Justice is crying behind her blindfold. I’m sure former DA Dan May and his prosecution team are as upset of most of us are about this development.

The “deal with the devil” to catch a killer just reopens our eyes that even the most generous of prison sentences can be overturned. It is shameful for our justice system, and even more shameful for Kelsey’s family and daughter. Such a travesty!

Trish Beyer

Colorado Springs

Recasting and erasing history

If ML Cavanaugh wants teams named after the presence of local examples, I suggest Space Cadets. Not only do we have real cadets pursuing a career in space, we have the other kind, who start with the rhetorical device of equating something innocuous (Indians) with something like the Nazi Holocaust. All of these teams were named out of admiration, not disrespect. As for alums, parents, and other fans, who does he think supports these teams with volunteer time, money and cheering support?

This is another example of recasting history, and erasing it. If there is nothing named Spartan anymore, who is going to know to even ponder the term (certainly not well taught in schools anymore). To deny historical relevance is to erase where we came from. There was a picture of branding cattle in Manitou Springs in this week’s Gazette. Do we think the those cowboys chased cows around on foot? For that matter, why is Cheyenne Mountain not on the list of peaks to name change? How about Indian Peaks? Gone. Shavano? Gone.

I am sure they will find out something about Zebulon Pike soon and suggest renaming his peak. How about using numbers, which should not offend anyone, including Cavanaugh.

Dave Vandenberg

Colorado Springs

Name change just the beginning

Once again, sanity has been abandoned. ML Cavanaugh has espoused yet another inane idea. Our schools should now adopt new mascots rather than maintaining their historical namesakes. Heaven forbid more than one school should have the same mascot. According to him, the name “Cutthroat Trout” must instill absolute terror in athletic opponents therefore it would be appropriate for our high schools to adopt new images. I think, based on his ideas, our schools should give serious consideration to the following Colorado animals or fish as mascots; Bonytail, humpback chubs, razorback suckers, ground squirrels, chipmunks, magpies to name a few.

The name change is just the beginning. What will be the cost to accomplish this feat? Tens of thousands of dollars that should be directed into books or building improvements. Sounds like yet another good government program to me.

Evidently, our past needs to be abandoned in favor of the newest and latest fad or trend.

The Communist/socialists believed the same thing. Remove any and all references to the past so the governed have no point of reference to base their decisions on and instead must look to the current “state” for everything. “Cancel culture” is doing just this. The radical left don’t want us or our children to have heroes from the past that helped build this great country to look up to. Heroes, according to them, must be defined as they tell us. We are doomed. History does repeat itself.

Doug Gardner

Colorado Springs

District 11 closing schools

I would like to congratulate Colorado Springs School District 11 on celebrating the 150-year-old birthday of Colorado Springs by planning on the demolition of West Elementary/Middle School in the heart of historic Old Colorado City, built almost 100 years ago. They have shown strong civic pride in preserving the historic architectural heritage of our city. Look at their wonderful track record with Ivywild, Buena Vista, Helen Hunt, Lincoln schools. Oh, wait.

If you would like more information on Colorado Springs School District 11 plans on yet again a new round of closing schools, I’m sorry “rediscover/repurpose”, or if you like to flashback to 2009 “reutilization” please check out their Facilities Master Plan.

Vicky McLaughin

Colorado Springs

Separate categories in sports

Kenyon Jordan’s wise letter to the editor (Feb. 18, Gazette) sparked this letter. There are significant differences between males and females, physically and psychologically. Some of us are male physically and psychologically; others are female in both areas; and others feel psychologically opposite to their chromosomal and anatomical physical makeup.

Thus, instead of having biological males who psychologically identify as females compete against and defeat biological females, why not have a separate track and field category just for males who identify as females? This would acknowledge real, objective physical differences between males and females while also acknowledging which sex people subjectively feel themselves to be.

If there can be 33 “genders” and LGBTQIA, etc., certainly this includes males as a group, females as another group, males who identify as females as another distinct group, and females who identify as males as a fourth group. Having these categories in sports when necessary would avoid a lot of disrespect and unfairness, especially toward biological females.

Deane Shore Berson

Chipita Park


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