Dublin and Marksheffel intersection

The intersection of Dublin Boulevard and Marksheffel Road.

Think about infrastructure first

I want to address the issue of city planning or lack there of, for example Dublin eastbound between Powers and Marksheffel Road. It goes from three lanes down to two lanes then down to one lane. On the other side of Marksheffel, Dublin then becomes three lanes. The people trying to turn right on Marksheffel sit in the long line of traffic because there is no right turn lane. Forget about trying to get down Dublin when the charter school lets out at 3:30 p.m. because traffic is at a standstill.

My research found these problems are being addressed in 3-4 years. With the continued increase in population and homes being built, the city needs to think about infrastructure first but for some reason that is not happening. I was hoping South Carefree would be repaved this year but I see the city hasn’t even started, so yet another year of putting up with a high traffic road in horrible condition. My hopes are the city focuses more on infrastructure first instead of more construction.

David Tindal

Colorado Springs

It’s never anyone’s fault

I read many of the articles concerning student loan debt in The Gazette Sunday paper. I have no sympathy if you incurred thousands of dollars in debt for a college degree you can’t pay back. You made an agreement when you signed on the dotted line. You are an adult now, so man up and do what it takes to fix it. It’s your fault.

Oh wait, the Democrats want to accept responsibility for your debt. It gets better. They don’t have a problem giving away other peoples’ money to bail you out. How stupid is that? You probably should vote Democrat so that one day they can take your money to give to some other victim group. You graduated from a liberal university so you see nothing wrong with incurring a debt you can’t pay back and letting someone else pay for it.

I have a better idea. Sue the colleges and universities. They convinced you your underwater basket weaving degree was going to pay you $100,000 a year. It has to be their fault. You are no different from all the other victims in our society.

Get cancer and sue the cigarettemaker. It is their fault you smoked.

Get addicted to opioids and sue the drugmaker. It is their fault you took drugs.

It’s the gunmakers fault or the car manufacturers fault because someone got killed. It’s never anyone’s fault.

It is probably climate change that made you go in debt. So surely, you can’t be at fault for being in debt.

Sue someone. It will make you feel better and keep a lawyer employed. Who knows you might win. Before you sue, wait to see if the Democrats get elected. They are going to pay off your debt.

It not my fault I wrote this. Someone else made me do it.

Mitchell Baldwin


No sin more egregious than another

The old “Sticks and Stones” adage is still fundamentally correct. Words and deeds/actions, short of a physical attack, can’t hurt you unless you allow them to. We cannot control what others say and do, but we can control how we respond/react to them or let them affect us.

We need to be more into assertiveness training, confidence building and empowerment rather than sensitivity training and political correctness. According to our Constitution, everyone has the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and to have and express their opinions.

NFL star quarterback Drew Brees has recently come under fire from the LGBTQ community, not so much for what he said but for his association with Focus on the Family, who was the sponsor of his remarks. Focus is anti-LGBTQ, gay marriage and advocates “conversion therapy.” Also gay pride parades, and now straight pride parades, are putting more focus on LGBTQ issues and broadening the animosity gap between the two. Neither wants their rights of free speech and expression impinged upon.

Now before you decide to hang me, read this to the end. Homosexuality is unnatural, against nature. It is abnormal, outside the norms. It is deviant, strange, odd, queer; but so are a lot of things humans do. By Judeo-Christian interpretation of the Bible, homosexuality is a sin but so is lust, adultery, fornication, pride, egotism, vanity, selfishness, greed, covetous, jealousy, hostility, hate, malice, meanness, rape and murder. I find no rating of one sin being more egregious than the other.

Anything that separates men or women from God is a sin, but all sins can be forgiven through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

I don’t believe most people are really much interested or care or think about other’s sexuality. It seems sexual preference should remain a personal/private matter. I guess I am a little suspect of individuals, of any sexual inclinations/orientations, who feel the need to flaunt or demonstrate them in parades or public activities.

But then I remind myself, “judge not lest ye be judged.”

R. Wayne Baughman

Colorado Springs

Students lecturing homeowners

I found it amusing and then quite ridiculous for the three “Musketeers”, i.e. college students, Max, Liam and Elam to tell single-resident homeowners what is best for them when it comes to increasing density with additional buildings (ADUs).

Obviously, they also may have an ax to grind with their professors and therefore their views are even more skewed.

To a Colorado Springs resident, their arguments are lost when they bring up statistics from Denver. If Colorado Springs residents wanted to live in Denver, they would have done so.

Furthermore, to compare Colorado Springs to Detroit and Chicago is simply ludicrous!

Claiming that homeowners with large lots could build additional buildings with or without ADU ordinance is simply a false argument.

The homeowner would have to go through extensive replatting procedures first.

As a single-resident homeowner, I’d recommend to the students that first they concentrate on studies that will bear fruit in getting a productive job, second, that they become homeowners and taxpayers, and maybe then, they would be in the know of what they’re talking about.

Irmgard von der Gathen

Colorado Springs

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