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Brad Feld, managing director of Foundry Group in Boulder, in front of the bathroom in the ATLAS (Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society) building on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus.

Love of money is the root of all evil

Re: Gazette, Sunday — Yeah! Colorado is flush with cash so as many of us that want to be Jared Polis’ friend might get a few million like his friend Brad Feld without public knowledge, which by the way is illegal. Not to mention his friend John Hickenlooper who was found guilty after an ethics investigation and spent a six-figure dollar amount to defend himself with our tax dollars, sneaking this money without the taxpayers knowledge!

I am convinced that most politicians are liars and tell us what they think they want us to hear — what benefits them the most!

During the pandemic, when millions lost their ability to get a check do you think for a second that the political folks did not get theirs? Or at least take a pay cut to help everyone out seeing they took an oath to help the taxpayers of America! I’m just dreaming on this! The Bible says — the love of money is the root of all evil! How true, over and over again! PS: This isn’t to say lay people don’t lie, steal and cheat, I’m just zeroing in on our government folks for now.

Dale Conrad

Colorado Springs


dence in the EPCSO

As a recent graduate of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Citizens’ Academy, I applaud Sheriff Bill Elder, Undersheriff Joe Roybal, Lt. Deborah Mynatt, and their entire team at EPCSO for putting together an informative and engaging program. Over 10 weeks, I learned about the wide range of services EPCSO offers to their community, the various processes their staff goes through to ensure transparency and excellence, and how the EPSO staff works together to protect the rights of Americans.

One of the most eye-opening takeaways was the top-notch professionalism and dedication that each member of the EPCSO leadership exhibited. Their passion for service was unmistakable. In a world of division and doubt, I am happy to say that I have confidence in my sheriff and the men and women that put on the badge in service to El Paso County.

Rob Fountain

Colorado Springs

The effi

cacy of natural immunity

When I see another letter to the editor of someone demanding that everyone get the COVID vaccine, including people with natural immunity, I just shake my head at their arrogance and ignorance.

The CDC and everyone else in the health care industry, government and the media continue to ignore the efficacy of natural immunity. News flash! According to a letter from the CDC, which came as a response to a freedom of information request, the CDC admits to having no records of anyone in the country who got COVID-19, recovered, got reinfected, and then spread the virus to others.

We know that vaccinated people can contract and transmit the COVID virus, many of whom are hospitalized and even die. A fully vaccinated member of our extended family recently died of COVID. However, studies have shown that natural immunity is many times better and longer lasting than the vaccine. There are undoubtedly millions of people in the country with natural immunity who have no need for the vaccine and shouldn’t get it.

I am one of those people and I will never have an experimental, minimally tested, mRNA gene therapy drug injected into my body when I don’t need it, and I resent anyone demanding either I do get it or I will lose my freedom to enter a restaurant, a gym, attend a group gathering, or fly on an airplane, among many other restrictions.

Jim Anderson

Colorado Springs

Health care can’t be a judicial system

I have read several “viewpoints” recently stating that the unvaccinated should have to forfeit their right to hospital treatment and suffer the consequences of their choices. While I fully support vaccination, I simply do not want to live in a community where this view is held.

Have you been to an emergency room on a Friday night? I have waited for hours with a ruptured appendix while at least half a dozen others were treated, many for their “choices.” Reckless or drunken driving accidents, drug overdoses, heart conditions related to poor eating habits — these are just some examples of choices that people make that lead them to “take up” a large portion of hospital care and costs in this country. And I, for one, want them to be cared for despite these choices simply because they are human beings and their life has value.

Health care in this country is largely based on the Hippocratic oath, which pledges to care for those who are sick or injured no matter what. Furthermore, the 14th Amendment ensures citizens that no state shall deprive any person of their right to life without due process of law. I shudder to think about our health care turning into a judicial system where people’s lives are weighed and valued based on someone else’s sense of justice.

Kari McCabe

Colorado Springs

On vaccines and masks

If the vaccine is so safe and effective, why are those vaccinated dying in the hospitals? Why if the masks are so effective are you so afraid of the unmasked? Vaccinate and mask yourself, leave me alone.

Lani L Pleasant

Colorado Springs

Trivializing centuries of slavery

To equate the feeling of persecution that unvaccinated people apparently feel with the actual persecution that Blacks experienced during Jim Crow is absurd and trivializes centuries of slavery and apartheid.

You can’t choose your skin color. You can choose whether you are vaccinated. Racism has been around forever. COVID showed up two years ago. You can’t “catch” blackness. You most certainly can “catch” COVID, so stop the hand-wringing and get the jab. Your neighbor will thank you, and you might save your life.

Devere Curtiss

Colorado Springs


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