Easier to watch on television

It’s Sunday morning and I just got home from the Colorado Avalanche game at Falcon Stadium. The NHL and Air Force put on a spectacular show. It is a shame that the final impression for 46,000 fans was spending two and a half hours in the parking lot attempting to get home.

I am a Denver Broncos season-ticket holder and it takes me more than one hour less to walk a mile to my car and drive 70 miles after a Broncos game in Denver than it did to get home from Falcon Stadium which I can see from my house. To the NHL and the Air Force, thanks for the show — but next time I think I will just watch on television from home.

Ken White

Colorado Springs

This is what you get

In regards to the NHL Stadium Series: Did anyone expect a different outcome to this debacle?

When you combine a backward city with a corrupt, incompetent highway department, this is what you get.

Neal Cully

Colorado Springs

Fired-up fans sound off about Stadium Series traffic troubles
Transportation department explains I-25 closure prior to Stadium Series game

Philharmonic is a community treasure

What a wonderful evening, with a full house, for the “Tribute to Prohibition” concert by our fabulous Colorado Springs Philharmonic. Not only a very interesting history lesson of the 1920s to 1933, when Prohibition was repealed as an Amendment to our Constitution, but a wonderful retrospective of the music of that era. So many of Irving Berlin’s songs and music did I remember and recollect the words, but wonderful music by Hoagie Carmichael and, of course, George Gershwin. I literally cried when strains of “Always” and “Autumn Leaves” played, my Mother and Father’s love song; and I was filled with reveries, hearing my Mother sing to me as a child.

We have an outstanding philharmonic and I hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much by jumping up first for standing ovations or clapping as the last person in the crowd. The Philharmonic is a treasure for our community: there is nothing like a live concert, watching the musicians make their magic, but closing your eyes to take in the heart-grabbing, stimulating sound of their interpretive music by masters.

I am so grateful to be a recipient of this splendid, life enriching venue. Thank you, Colorado Springs Philharmonic.

Sherry Kennedy

Colorado Springs

Pump the brakes and slow down

Currently as I write this, I’m waiting for my husband to come home. He should be walking in the door within the next 10 to 20 minutes but he just texted me to say he will be home later than originally thought. What should have been an hour and a half drive at the most is now going to take him close to three hours. We live in Colorado Springs and tonight he’s driving in from Golden.

And no, the traffic is not bad because there are two lanes on I-25. The traffic is bad because there are two lanes filled with people who have absolutely no patience, tailgate other drivers and eventually cause accidents. Not only does the blatant disregard for speed limits drive me crazy, but the obvious irony of those in a hurry to get where they need to go are the ones delaying the drives for the rest of us.

Yes, I’m annoyed by the delay, but I am also genuinely nervous anytime I leave my house. The problem doesn’t just end on the I-25 off-ramp. For weeks now, whenever my husband and I go anywhere there is an accident on any given intersection. There is no good reason why we should be scared to take our kids to school or go for a Costco run.

People of Colorado, I beg of you… pump the brakes and slow down! You can help get other drivers home sooner. More importantly, you can help get a husband, wife, sister, brother, mother or father home safe.

Megan Murray-Yates

Colorado Springs

A dreadful complication

In the Feb.13 editorial,”Extremists take abortion rights beyond the womb”, the issue of the rights of newborns who survive an abortion was raised. Simply put, they have none, especially if sane, life-affirming legislation being proposed is defeated.

From the pro-abortion jargon about the fetus being just a “glob of tissue,” a “mass of undifferentiated cells,” it’s only a matter of months of rapid development to an arm waving, whimpering baby who made it out of the womb despite the attempt to legally kill her.

The Chicago Sun Times many years ago exposed the problem of live births resulting from late-term abortions in their article, The Dreaded Complication. Dreaded, indeed! Most of the abortion crowd is loathe to admit the sick mindset that since mama pays for an abortion, then she’s entitled to a dead baby. And if the little tyke didn’t have enough common sense to die from the abortion, well then, the new barbarians will take care of the unexpected complication.

With morally degenerate and cowardly politicians of whatever party at the death helm, what is assuredly infanticide can be neatly legislated away.

Marcia A. Fields

Colorado Springs

Save the child born alive

Infanticide should not be a partisan issue. It’s a simple matter of right vs wrong. A baby survives an abortion. Do we give medical attention to a living infant or let it die on the table without medical attention? The Democrats, march in lock-step in favor of infanticide by defeating the Born Alive Act in a 6-3 party-line vote.

If there are any decent Democrats left, I suggest you take a hard look at the direction of your party. Don’t justify barbarian actions with philosophical nonsense. It’s save the child born alive or let it die.

Bruce Foster

Colorado Springs

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