Columnist David Ramsey’s daughter, Ruth Ramsey, in Zambia on a medical mission.

Thankful for selfless people

Re: “Giving thanks on precious holiday.” What a wonderful and inspiring column by David Ramsey in the Nov. 26 paper. I am always over-awed by selfless people, such as Dave and his wife, who most likely have other life choices and yet choose to offer their lives and services to needy people. Thank God for them on this and every day of the year.

Juanita Martin

Colorado Springs

For the church to remain relevant

In his column, “Keeping politics out of church,” David Ramsey contends that churches should not be involved in politics and voter guides have no place there. I respectfully disagree.

Foundationally, God created the institution of government (Romans 13). He calls Christians to be stewards over all of His creation, including government. Most importantly, we are to love our neighbors and help them flourish. Government is one tool through which we can do this.

In our country, all citizens including Christians have the opportunity to elect persons based on their beliefs. If the church is to help Christians grow in their understanding and practical application of the Bible, shouldn’t it provide guidance to its members on which candidates, regardless of their party affiliation, best represent moral and political values consistent with biblical teaching – and therefore, if they are elected, will seek governmental policies that help our neighbors prosper?

Ramsey claims that a “major reason” for the decline in church attendance is churches expressing political views. In fact, the opposite is true.

In a Pew Research study on why Americans are leaving religion, only 4% said it was because “religion focuses on power/politics.” Another study by pollster George Barna found that Christians overall want their church to be more, not less, involved in elections.

Ramsey is also incorrect in implying that voter guides are partisan. The IRS requires voter guides offered in churches to be strictly nonpartisan and has specific rules to ensure their compliance. I know; I’m a lawyer who certifies that such guides comply with the IRS’ rules.

What these guides do provide is information about where competing candidates stand on matters of importance to Christians and other voters, such as issues of life, sexuality, religious freedom, parental rights, and others.

For the church to remain relevant, it must speak — in a winsome, respectful and loving way — to political and other controversial issues, not ignore them.

Douglas Barth

Colorado Springs

It’s all about the money

I totally disagree with your glowing editorial about how beneficial the Express Toll lanes are for the Colorado motorists. The purpose of any highway improvement project should be to make the road safer for all, not to cater to those few individuals that are late for a meeting.

If your version is correct, then CDOT should be happy to suspend the toll whenever there are no traffic slowdowns.

Want to place a wager on that ever happening in our lifetime?

It’s all about the money, honey.

Kurt Frisbie


Thanks without attribution is hollow

Conspicuously absent in your otherwise eloquent paean to Thanksgiving was any reference to God (“Despite political tensions, times are actually good,” The Gazette’s Viewpoint, Nov. 28).

In his 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation, President George Washington underscored the importance of “acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording the People an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.”

Thanks without attribution is a hollow gesture, one that leaves a vacuum in our hearts.

Whereas with prayerful thanks to the God that gave us our lives, who guided our Founding Fathers in perilous times, which led to America becoming the world’s preeminent beacon for liberty, we are humbled and profoundly grateful.

As you thoughtfully observed, given our freedom of opportunity, unprecedented liberties, and material wealth, it’s easy to forget that large swaths of the world live in oppressive nations, a kind of economic caste system with almost no chance of upward mobility.

Therefore, we should pray that their leaders begin to understand that a nation under God, with free markets and meaningful liberties, is the best guarantor of a real and enduring happiness on earth.

Philip Mella

Woodland Park


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