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Teachers going back to school

Just read yet another opinion that encouraged our wonderful teachers to go back to the classroom and how other countries did without major increases in COVID. They mention other countries where going back to school has worked out fine. I have been in classrooms in other countries and see a few differences. I have friends in Taiwan and Canada who are horrified by what they see in these “United States.”

First, class behavior is in part determined by consequences and “parents.” Then there are class sizes, up to 35 in one room because of the shortage of teachers. Teachers who have been ridiculed and trashed by many in our society and government. Those lousy teachers unions — which we don’t have in Colorado.

I think the biggest difference is when this pandemic broke the conservative and progressive parties of Canada and Taiwan stood together to declare a desire to survive for the country. They don’t argue about wearing masks, on and on, do I hafta wear my pants, too? What about my Freedumbs?

In both countries, they isolated without stress of losing their medical insurance. They have national health care. They had savings, supplies and PPEs and everybody wore a mask when it was OK to come out. No fistfights at Costco, or guns pulled at [a pub in town] and they are not making the war on the virus political. So what is a teacher to do when the kids’ parents are violently against masks? What do we do when their aren’t proper masks for the kids, nor the teachers? In Taiwan, every citizen was issued 10 medical masks every two weeks, which meant every kid had a new one for each day at school. Clean them for weekends. There is a difference between a medical mask and the piece of cloth Aunt Karen sewed for your chin.

We are going to try to get back to teach and we love being in the classroom, yet we are also aware of the difference of the United States and other countries. Taiwan is five times the population of Colorado with seven deaths, Canada is at 22 while the US is No. 1.

Will Barron Trump’s private school be open for in-school learning? The Health Department there has said it is too dangerous — we will see.

Gary King

Colorado Springs

Not the media’s role

I try to objectively evaluate what I read and hear from the media. While I’m conservative, I don’t watch Hannity or adore Donald Trump.

Having said that, Americans should not count on the following happening. A news story conveying a positive view of Donald Trump or a negative view of Joe Biden. Or characterizing anything Biden says as “lashing out” or “dark” rhetoric. Or the news media reporting for more than a day or two on anything that might hurt Biden’s election chances, such as a sexual assault claim (Tara Reade), condescending comments (Biden’s “you ain’t black” comment), or confrontations with the public (Biden swearing at a Michigan auto worker).

We also should not count on news stories adding “contrary to what experts say,” “without evidence,” or “unsubstantiated” to sentences about Biden’s positions. Or putting in quotation marks words or phrases used by him, implying they are inaccurate or untruthful. We can, however, count on news stories opining that Trump’s actions are driven by crass political motives and Biden’s actions by altruistic motives.

Trying to influence Americans in favor of one presidential candidate and against the other through its “news” stories is not the media’s role.

Douglas Barth

Colorado Springs

Irresponsible unions are responsible

Reference Gerry Brenner’s defense of unions, let’s look at the other side of the subject.

The policeman who kneeled on the throat of the black man until he died which triggered the protests, riots, additional deaths, etc. and started the totally insane idea of eliminating police had 17 complaints filed against him. He did not have to respond to 16 of them, because his police union stepped in to make them go away. Had they not done this, that policeman probably would have changed his performance or he likely would have been fired.

In my mind, that irresponsible union is responsible for all that has happened.

I had to join a union for one of my summer jobs while working my way through college. I saw the stupidity and danger of some of their policies and procedures.

There is not time to list them here; but they made a mockery of Brenner’s defense of those evil organizations just as the death of that policeman’s victim did!

J. Curtis Coombs

Colorado Springs

Before we even know we are at war

As Americans, we have always prided ourselves in our ability to see problems and challenges, take them on, and defeat them. Our strength and resolve have carried us through many a crisis and defeated many a formidable foe. Now things are a little bit different. We face an enemy we can’t see, and we are not sure how to deal with it. To many, it seems, if we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Yet each day we are reminded that it does exist and if we don’t do something to contain it, it might overwhelm us.

Masks seem to be a valuable weapon in this microbial war yet many choose not to arm themselves. We are better suited to fighting things that can be stopped with heavy firepower. Something we can’t see seems to easy to put out of mind. The flu of 1918 should have taught us all a lesson — if we don’t engage and defeat this enemy, it will get the best of us.

Come on people, mask up. It’s a small thing to ask but without it we expose ourselves to an enemy who holds the advantages. It knows where to find us and begin the fight before we even know we are at war.

Tom Shipp

Colorado Springs


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