Tax the rich

Regarding Mike Rosen’s opinion in the June 9 edition he mentions “radical tax increases” on the wealthy. We know that the ultra-wealthy do not pay a proportionate share of taxes as those in the middle class. They hide behind exclusive tax rules that allow them from to pay a pittance of their income. It is time for FAIR taxation in this country which will never happen as the fat cats in D.C. protect their wealthy donors and brethren.

Mark Mathiesen

Colorado Springs

Thanks, Biden

Dear Sally, re. “Trump get out of my hair.” Well, at least Trump is out of politics, right? Your candidate, Biden, has just the right temperament to be president.

Unfortunately, he can’t speak without a teleprompter and often talks about getting in trouble when he tries to answer reporters’ softball questions.

As you pay almost $4 a gallon of gas, thank Biden. My utility bill has gone up $100 per month, thank Biden. Thousands of gas and oil workers are out of a job. Thank Biden. Restaurants cannot find enough workers because … Thank Biden! Shall we talk about his relationship with Iran and China?

Revel in these peaceful times when the press isn’t rabid towards the president. Enjoy knowing the president’s favorite ice cream but little else. Peace comes at a price …

Murlene Williams

Colorado Springs

Diagramming paragraphs

Columnist Dennis Prager writes, “Ask your college son or daughter to diagram a sentence, identify Josef Stalin or name the branches of the American government.”

One of my most important life skills has been the ability to diagram a sentence. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t find a need to do so.

“American government?” Which country? Mexico? Brazil? Guatemala?

Perhaps he meant to say United States government.

Tim Haley

Colorado Springs

The Gazette’s great reporting

I’d like to start off by thanking you for focusing the front page of the Gazette on the phenomenal reporting of our Gazette staff. Now all that we need to do is find staff, or reliable reporting in the other sections.

Rich Laden provided a great article to start the business section, but the rest of the business section front page was AP dribble and propaganda, especially the article on the “Uber-Rich”. This piece of trash article was only intended to make the reader stir rich-poor class envy. No news, no analysis, and an anonymous source. There has got to be a better source of information out there to fill the business section front page.

Eric Swanson

Colorado Springs

Shame on the unvaccinated

What is wrong with the people of El Paso County? Selfish? Inconsiderate? Apathetic? Twelve counties, including the city of Denver, have reached or surpassed the 70% vaccination (at least 1 dose) rate goal. El Paso County hasn’t even reached 50%. To those of you who haven’t been vaccinated, I hope you are enjoying your almost pre-pandemic lives made possible by those of us who have chosen to do the right thing and get vaccinated. You should truly be ashamed of yourselves. Remember, it’s not too late.

Rise Russell

Colorado Springs

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Response to Sally Alberts’ letter 6/9/21 the day after the 2020 election was a truly horrible day for so many of us! We saw our fears realized when Biden killed thousands of jobs canceling the XL pipeline. Seven of my family members lost their homes and are living with other relatives mostly in the basements!

So how would you like to have your job killed after more than 3 years working there and lose your home and live in a basement with your whole family? I won’t go into what else this man is doing to destroy America, anyone with any sense of a 5 year old can see this — that socialism will destroy and divide us more than ever before!!! And after “4 years of hell” with trump? Sally, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Dale Conrad

Colorado Springs

States control elections

Article 1 Section 2 of the Constitution puts the states in charge of who is qualified to vote, Article 1 Section 4 of the Constitution puts the states in charge of time and place to vote. The 14th Amendment puts states in charge of when felons are allowed to vote. HR1 also violates the provision that states are in charge of drawing congressional districts.

If that weren’t enough, the vast majority of people polled stated that they support voter ID which HR1/S1 doesn’t provide for. That means the door is wide open to fraud.

It’s sad these days that so much legislation is pushed through without regard to the law of the land and the attitude of the politicians seems to be “take it to court.”

Tom Hill

Colorado Springs

Feed the children

For the 1 in 7 kids who might face hunger today in Colorado, summer is usually the hungriest time of year. This summer, however, might be a different story because new benefits and temporary waivers are helping to reach even more kids with the food they need. For example, they allow parents to pick up meals for the week or allow organizations to drop meals off at a child’s home.

In fact, because of these types of flexibilities, summer meals programs in Colorado served over 2 million more meals to kids in need last year.

But these measures are temporary. It’s time for Congress to update and modernize the summer meals programs by permanently implementing policies that have fed so many kids during the COVID crisis — additional summer grocery benefits and allowing meals to come to kids to help overcome transportation barriers — and making them part of future solutions.

Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper have an opportunity to support proven solutions like a nationwide Summer EBT program and noncongregate meal options through the Child Nutrition Reauthorization process or the American Families Plan proposal. Hungry kids in Colorado and across the country can’t wait.

Gabriella Warner

Associate director, Cooking Matters Colorado

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