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The plan to renovate the Colorado Springs City Auditorium would add a second and third floor for rehearsal, office and banquet space among other uses.

Support this project for students

As an educator, I am excited to see the City Auditorium project be a valuable part of the work to promote the arts in our city. What an amazing opportunity for our community to have multiple arts organizations in one location and allow citizens to access the arts in many ways.

We know that we have great arts venues like The Pikes Peak Center, The Broadmoor, the Ent Center and the FAC; however, this location will allow people to experience multiple arts organizations and performances in one place.

As the Harrison School District superintendent I am especially excited about this project, as our students will benefit greatly from this experience. We are excited to think about what the City Auditorium Project could offer to our students a wide variety of experiences and opportunities for students in Pre-K – 12th grade and beyond. We are also honored to be asked how our students could benefit from a collective group of arts organizations under one roof.

We know that this past year has been hard with the pandemic, and our students have suffered greatly in more areas than academics.

Many of our students also missed out on arts or sports as they were forced to stay separated. Students are struggling to return to the social world of school and interact with others due to the online world they were forced to exist in. They need this opportunity to express themselves through the arts now more than ever.

I ask our community to support this project not only for our community, but specifically for our students. Help our students engage in the arts to share their genius and voice.

Dr. Wendy Birhanzel

Colorado Springs

Developers have ruined the region

In reference to the proposed 25-story building in downtown Colorado Springs, what happened to the longstanding ordinance prohibiting tall buildings in downtown Colorado Springs. It seams to me that any developer can come in from another state and propose and do what ever they want regardless of what the people have said no to.

Again, Colorado Springs is a beautiful place, but everybody cannot live here. Stop the City Council from allowing this!

Developers are and have ruined the Pikes Peak region by their incessant building, and it must stop!

Robert Green

Colorado Springs

Root causes of pandemic spread

Thank you for your October 22 Gazette article, “Governor pleads for vaccine uptake.”

Has the governor asked President Joe Biden to stop allowing unvaccinated illegal immigrants into our country? How many of these unvaccinated immigrants have been transported to Colorado? Shouldn’t we the citizens know where these people are and will be? Gov. Jared Polis said that the pandemic is not at a level where the state can manage it, and there are too many unvaccinated people. Allowing unvaccinated, undocumented illegal immigrants into our country and state is not the answer to stop or lower the community spread of the pandemic.

Understanding the hospital staff shortages due to a variety of reasons, and the personal or medical choices some have made to be vaccinated or not, the governor should look at the other root causes of the pandemic spread.

Fred Seiter

Colorado Springs

Small issues cause perfect storm

A friend in California told us that in 2020, its infamous Legislature passed a law prohibiting any truck other than a low-emission truck from being on any California highway.

He said this took away about two-thirds of the trucks that picked up goods at the L.A. or Long Beach ports. Now, apparently, low-emission trucks pick up goods at the ports, drive them to the AZ or NV borders where they are unloaded and reloaded onto trucks that will deliver the goods, then return to ports for another load. The long article in Sunday’s Perspective about the broken supply chain was most interesting. Lots of ‘small’ issues make for the perfect storm, it would seem.

Dixielee Toner

Colorado Springs

Educate yourself about those we elect

Is it not time we take control over those we elected? Officials express openly their frustration about citizens not getting in line with government mandates. Officials are telling us openly, parents should have no input on children’s education. Citizens, and those wishing to become citizens, are mandated to succumb to rules, others who are not citizens may ignore. The list is extensive. Is it not time, we take stock of what the officials we elected and whose salaries we pay, follow our mandates and rules, in particular set forth by a brilliantly articulated document, transcending changing generations to come?

It is time we make the effort to educate ourselves about who we support, what expectations we have, and who will foster those expectations. It takes time and effort. The media does not make it easy to obtain objective information. However, unless you are OK with a restrictive life, or welcome mandates and admonished those who don’t — don’t forget, there will come a rule, which does not align with your beliefs. Then what?

Kirsten Swenson


Questioning the COVID vaccine

Re: “No reason to refuse the vaccine”. Maggie Stone is missing a most important item. In all the vaccines list in her letter, all of them prevent the disease they are designed to prevent. The COVID vaccine does not protect anyone from COVID. As a matter of fact, most vaccinated persons are susceptible to being infected. This fact is written daily in every newspaper in the country.

Jay Barnwell

Black Forest


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