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UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado Springs. Aurora-based UCHealth announced last week its $100 million initiative to combat Colorado’s mental health crisis.

Support mental health initiative

Cheers to UCHealth for their substantial initiative to address the mental health needs of Colorado citizens. It is wonderful news. It’s also good to see The Gazette making it the top story of the day and its support on the Op-Ed page. One smaller part of the story tells about the $25 million in matching funds available to donors supporting the initiative. Here is a wonderful opportunity for those folks who believe that our massive gun violence problem is a mental health problem having nothing to do with the guns themselves. You can have a direct impact that addresses the problem as you see it. Please contribute if you can. Maybe you can even divert your NRA dues for a year to this great initiative. As for the NRA, I hope they put their money where their mouth is and divert some of their campaign contributions from lackey politicians to something directly in support of our state’s mental health improvement.

Dale Schuman

Colorado Springs

Lack of knowledge about guns

Benny Terry’s letter Sept. 3 is ridiculous and clearly showed his bias toward something of which he has no knowledge. We don’t love our guns, we respect them! There is the difference. His lack of knowledge as to the value of guns for self defense and other purposes is lacking.

He illogically conflates mentally ill individuals who use guns to create chaos with the over 60-100 million Americans who own guns for various purposes, one of which is self defense. There are over twenty thousand gun laws right now on the books and he is correct in stating that gun control will do nothing to fix anything. Why? Because guns are inanimate objects that do no harm unless used incorrectly. Just like cars, trucks, vans, sharpened Phillips head screwdrivers, hands and feet, knives, ballpoint pens and even pressure cookers that have been used incorrectly to harm others, they do no harm unless used incorrectly.

Helen Sabin

Colorado Springs

A struggle for wage growth

Each Labor Day as I hang out Old Glory I think of all the jobs of a long lifetime. Like Ruben Navarette, I was not able to work a full-time job following college. Fate led me to my father’s greenhouse and I felt I had found a career. I also worked two other jobs, one at night, to pay school loans.

The family business kept me plenty busy. Near bankruptcy, my father rarely paid a living wage. After I married, my life changed and with children, I could only depend on my wife for readl support.

I have sympathies for working families who must work many jobs to stay ahead of bills. Also I don’t advocate for government to regulate what I do to earn money on my own time.

We all face economic challenges. Since 1972 in America, wages have rarely kept up with family expenses. Taxes and the ups and downs of Wall Street, low wages and insurance requirements do not allow for any free time.

My hope each year has me wishing for wage growth or lower taxes. That hope is always dashed by Washington spending on wars and other useless adventures or “bailouts”.

After the shock of 2016, the daily chaos has done little to improve wage growth. With no moral leadership these days, there is little to hope for. I don’t give up. Someone is bound to unseat the conman who occupied the White House. Any Democratic contender will do.

John Drescher

Colorado Springs

Did not see that coming

Wow! All my fellow veterans that thought Donald Trump would be great for us, now must depend on the Democrats in Congress to stop him from taking monies out of the military budget for the wall! Did not see that coming!

Steve McCallister

Colorado Springs

Saying goodbye to KFC

Let me prefix my letter by saying I love Kentucky Fried Chicken and have enjoyed it usually two or more times per week. But to KFC management: KFC means Kentucky Fried Chicken, it does not mean Kentucky Fried “Heme” or “Soylent Green”.

So to avoid my concern that an employee might slip a “green” drumstick in my bucket I will travel on to a pure chicken place.

So long KFC, hello Popeye’s.

Bob Gillis

Colorado Springs

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