Stop selling ‘assault’ rifles

How many students need to die by being shot in school before we stop selling assault rifles to killers. How many cries for help does it take before we will help and take care of those teenagers that are mentally broken. These individuals are among us daily. Why do we ignore them? Why is it so hard to report a person who needs intervention because of being mentally unstable for help?

Please stop selling assault riffles — period. There is no need in our society for anyone to be able to buy an assault riffle that will kill students and teachers and other innocent people so quickly. Deer hunters or other animal hunters do not need assault rifles.

Mourning many innocent deaths,

Judy Allgeyer

Colorado Springs

Unimaginable grief

We have just lost two beloved dogs we have had for 15 years. The grief, loneliness, and pain we are feeling is hard, and it will take a long time.

In Texas, the parents of 19 young children are suffering beyond belief. What is happening to this country that kids have to fear going to school? That buying a gun seems to be an option for anyone? Many people say it’s not the guns, it’s the people. Yes, of course it’s the people, but if that 18-year-old man hadn’t had a gun, 19 children and two teachers would be alive today.

Is anyone ever going to actually try to stop these horrific mass shootings, or is America going to just sink down, down, down into a pit of endless tragedy and heartbreak? Surely there are ways to curb this violence? Can the people who are elected to run our country stop their selfish, personal ambitions and do what’s best for us? I don’t feel optimistic, do you?

Sally Alberts


Banning guns won’t work

I find it sickening and sad, with all of the dancing around and the true lack of acknowledgment of the true causes behind the “gun” violence issues in this country. What truly are the causes behind an individual deciding to take up a gun, knife or any other type of weapon to cause harm or to kill another person(s)?

Tracing back, what leads up to that decision is/are anger about some believed injustice, despair and depression over disadvantages from life that inflicts the individual. What is most lacking today, are constructive means to alleviate that anger, despair, depression, pointing away from succumbing to violence as the answer. It also is not constructive with the daily glorification of violence, as depicted in all forms of media, the TV, social, so-called video games, etc..

Trying to rely on the government to correct the problems, we’ll always be doomed to failure because the government itself fails on the very areas they have been entrusted with. it is true, that mass killings in the past only were involved with wars in and between countries, but populations were far less worldwide during those times, and then mainly to counter invasions.

For the correct response to what leads up to killings like Sandy hook, Columbine, etc., is first constructive intervention and teaching of constructive methods of dealing with anger, disappointment, and other negative feelings, begins first in the home and schools. Banning guns and other types of weapons does nothing towards addressing the real causes.

Floyd Stillings

Colorado Springs

Improving school safety

Here are my suggestions for improving school safety for students. If you have better suggestions let us hear them.

1. All school building entrances should be locked 24/7 and under constant computer surveillance using student/staff facial recognition software and must, additionally, alert upon weapon recognition (additional software) before access to the school is allowed. Alarms would be sounded whenever doors are opened by unauthorized people during non-school hours and appropriate people would be notified.

During school hours, an armed security staff person trained in the software used would monitor each entrance to the school scrutinizing the computer software for unauthorized people attempting entry to the school. Any alerts by the software would be immediately followed up by at least one security officer and one senior school official. Whenever any security officer is away handling other issues, any alerts by the software would be directed to the local police for immediate follow-up. Entry would cease until proper authentication procedures are in place.

2. Make the FASTER (to arm teachers) program available to staff who want it.

Note: Metal detectors are notoriously ineffective and expensive to install and operate and are more disruptive to the student experience. And please, the idea of personal privacy is long gone, we are being surveilled many times in a day anymore.

FYI: The newer face recognition software and weapon recognition software is becoming cheaper and improving rapidly.

Daryl Kuiper

Colorado Springs

Proven election fraud

The movie “2000 Mules” produced by Dinesh D’Souza provides incontrovertible evidence of Democrat voter fraud across five battleground states that decided the 2020 national election. Geotracking and actual video evidence of mail-in drop boxes provide visual proof of criminal ballot stuffing by employed agents (mules), many who proceeded to multiple dropbox sites.

The movie is available in multiple formats — theater, DVD and online — by searching “2000 Mules.”

Allan Emery

Colorado Springs

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