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Police, fire and paramedic crews arrive at the scene of a deadly traffic crash in Colorado Springs.

Growing and driving like mad

Yikes — again, Yikes! What is happening on the roads of Colorado Springs? I’m driving the speed limit and everybody (almost) is flying by me like I’m standing still!

Driving down Austin Bluffs at 45 mph I get tailgated, passed and suddenly yanked closely in front of me, glared at and even flipped the bird — just because I’m driving the speed limit? Lord help us if we drive slower than that!

Then turning onto Union, the police could pull over some times 10-15 cars all at once for flying past us at (I’ve seen and estimate) 60-80mph! It’s an epidemic everywhere we drive, not to mention the idiots on motorcycles who fly past us between the cars, putting them and us at risk!

In the past (maybe 5-7 years ago), this was not a problem!

Even though we are growing like mad, do we all have to drive like mad?

Just another observation.

Dale Conrad

Colorado Springs

Support small businesses, restaurantsCongratulations to Gov. Jared Polis for helping Walmart fatten their bottom line even more after their record profits during the pandemic.

Polis has decided that the best way to reward Coloradans for getting vaccines is to reward them with taxpayer-funded $100 gift cards — to Walmart.

Didn’t Walmart make enough money as an “essential business” during his executive ordered shutdowns? Why didn’t Polis distribute the taxpayers money ($100 gift cards) to be redeemed at Colorado small businesses and restaurants? Many of these businesses are struggling to survive his executive ordered shutdowns and capacity restrictions. Certainly, they could better use the money than Walmart.

Rewarding Coloradans with $100 gift cards to small businesses and restaurants would have strengthened Colorado’s local economy. Instead, he chose to enrich one of the largest corporations in the world.

Gov. Polis, if you’re going to give away taxpayer $100 gift cards out to vaccinated people, please keep the money in Colorado. Next time support Colorado small businesses and restaurants, not a behemoth like Walmart.

Duane Johnston


One-sided riot charges

More than 535 people have been charged with taking part in the U. S. Capitol attack. I don’t condone what they did. It’s amazing that the Justice Department could single out 535 individuals out of the many who took part in that riot.

Many city riots took place over the past year. These huge riots involving hundreds and hundreds of rioters in cities and destroyed many buildings, vehicles and burglarized many stores at great loss to the owners. Many law enforcement personnel were injured.

One picture that sticks in my mind is a Black woman who owned a store. As men broke out her windows, they ran in and out of her store carrying away all her assets. She stood in the door and shouted, “This riot isn’t about race. If it were you would bring back all you have stolen from this black woman and make right the destruction you have done to my store.” Not a single person turned around to make right what they had done. A few people were arrested in the riots but as they were brought in the front door of police stations, they were allegedly let out of the back door and continued to riot.

My question is: If law enforcement can identify 535 rioters in one riot why can’t the media tell us about the thousands of rioters who should be charged for the ongoing destruction of cities? There were plenty of pictures of the faces of city rioters.

Apparently, one of the reasons was that law enforcement had no backing from the people in the offices above them and in some cases, they were instructed not to make any arrests. As we see in the Capitol attack, it isn’t too late to put names with faces in the city riots shown in the media and charge many more people than the 535 charged in the Capitol rioting.

Vern Swim

Colorado Springs

Don’t repeat Britain’s mistake

Great Britain had the option to make all the citizens of Hong Kong British subjects when they agreed to hand it back to China years ago. These people are intelligent, industrious, educated, responsible, self-sufficient, moral, brave, and committed capitalists. I’m told many have moved to Vancouver and are doing just fine. What more could you possible ask for or want in a prospective citizen?

And what did England end up with instead? Just watch the rioters on the BBC!

Instead of rationalizing and making excuses for letting in all the unskilled, uneducated, criminal, parasites from day one, socialist, illegals willing and eager to break our nation’s laws, why not empower people from Hong Kong (Cuba and all over the world too for that matter!) who are willing and eager to play by the rules to immigrate to the U.S.? Hell, I’ll sponsor a family any day of the week!

Maybe we could get Joe Biden to take those that China is sending to prison off their hands? Don’t hold your breath! That just wouldn’t enable or empower the Deceitocrats defeatist / perpetually dependent victim / just vote for us and we’ll get you minimum wage and take care of you agenda!

Aaah reality, thou art a heartless witch!

Gordon Carleton

Pueblo West


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