Digital IDs

Sounds like Orwell’s ‘1984’

What happened to the Democrat argument for no voter IDs because it could or would disenfranchise minorities? We are now being presented with a Colorado digital ID system used through our cellphones that will supposedly simplify our lives and allow us greater safety and flexibility. The new digital ID would be based on our pictured driver’s license and provide access to numerous state agencies except for law enforcement.

If it is so great and useful why isn’t it required for voting? What about the invalid argument that voter IDs are prejudiced against minorities and the poor because they don’t have access to obtain them. The digital IDs are only usable by individuals who use cellphones. What about the thousands of other citizens who don’t have a cell?

Personally, I see this as yet another unjustified intrusion into our personal lives by the government.

We are already monitored in every move we take by cameras recording our every move in almost every establishment or location we visit. Is this really what we want? Sounds like the “1984” George Orwell saw in 1948 when he wrote his book. Scary.

Doug Gardner

Colorado Springs

Socialism for the rich

Reading the Oct. 27 article, “Perspective: Millennials should avoid the socialism trap” and the Oct. 30 article, “Area rents soar to record”, I laughed out loud at the contradictions.

In the socialism piece, we are presented with lots of selective, albeit incomplete and I believe biased, data. According to the Tax Policy Institute, the historical highest marginal income tax rate since 1913 occurred in 1944 and 1945 when it was 94%. In 2018, it was 37% and the capital gains tax, which is less, should mirror the income tax rate. Corporate tax rates have also been cut, and many corporations do pay not taxes. In addition, corporations have been allowed to move off-shore and avoid taxes.

Added to government costs are numerous subsidies that very profitable companies get, including the oil and gas industry. Exacerbating the impending challenges facing millennials, the article points out that they have less saved for retirement but fail to mention that corporations have cut retirements and benefits. Just when the article tries to convince us all to cut funding for Medicare and Social Security, programs baby boomers paid into for decades, as the only hope, we are treated three days later to a plea by Laura Nelson, Division of Housing and Apartment Association of Southern Colorado in the rents article by Rich Laden, for us the taxpayers to give more of our tax dollars through free land or property tax waivers or tax credits to developers/builders.

Sounds like socialism for the rich, and pull yourself up by your bootstraps for the rest of us.

Mary J. Talbott

Colorado Springs

Don’t rely on Fox News

I must defend The Gazette from the wrath of Anna Petrocelli who protested the lack of coverage on Attorney Bill Barr’s criminal investigation into the FBI and the CIA, after hearing about it on Fox News. Were The Gazette to top-prioritize all the “news” coming from the Fox opinion pieces that are aired as actual news, it would be on the same level as the National Enquirer.I urge Petrocelli to tune in to other news channels.

Kathleen Eichinger

Colorado Springs

Problems ahead with clean energy

I have been watching and reading about the plans to shut down our coal burning power plants sooner and sooner.

I believe this will be a big mistake as the windmills and solar cells cannot produce what we use daily. I wonder if the politicians thought about these alternative upkeep problems: neither the blades of the windmills nor the solar cells and batteries last forever and need to be replaced. These used-up parts are not recycable and no one has figured out what to do with these huge windmill blades, solar cells and batteries after their usage?

I have not heard one politician talk about that.

In my opinion, we are replacing one proven system (clean coal) with these unproven systems for which we don’t even have a place to discard the used-up parts.

Remember the nuclear ‘clean’ energy fiasco from 40 or 50 years ago? Again the spent fuel rods were left and no one knew what to do with them except store them under ground. We know now that that decision was wrong!

In addition, these ‘clean’ energy generation ideas barely produce 10% of what we need and our need increases with the electric vehicles the politicians want us to buy! No, I see only problems ahead if we, the voters, let them decommission our proven coal-burning generating plants!

Petra U. Hughes

Colorado springs

The Democrats’ social agenda

I have been pleased and encouraged to read the letters of those who understand the history and problems of the Proposition CC issue.

Those of you who have been residents for a few years have obviously called to remembrance just how many times we have heard: “if you just give us this additional money, we can cure the terrible school problems.”

The money would no doubt help some if used strictly for roads and schools, but history tells us this is by no means a commitment. (See the Gazette’s editorial Oct. 26.). They can take $1,000 of this money, spend it on roads and schools, tell us it did help and spend the rest on the Democrats’ social agenda.

This is why we have seen the headlines many times with no changes in the problem.

Look at the marijuana revenue promises and the zero spending of the nearly $3 billion on schools. Just another lie to get more money.

Let’s face reality!

We have a socialistic governor and legislative majority. The governor has registered a domain name for his run for president of the country. He has attempted to stop two community newspapers from printing an article he considered to negative about him. Freedom of the press is a foreign concept to him. Does he have staff with salary paid by the taxpayers monitoring all the local newspapers in Colorado?)

If approved, this money will be spent for things that will improve his image in the eyes of the leading socialists across the country to set the stage for his run for president!

Let’s not be suckered yet again.

J. Curtis Coombs

Colorado Springs

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