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Great memories of City Auditorium

When I heard the city dads were going to change the City Auditorium into something else, I thought of a few memories.

Graduating in 1965 from Palmer High, helping my father Lynn Eastman sell antiques at the Antique Show in the 1960s and last but not least facing that I was getting old and needing to remember memories, especially the great Tom O’Boyle and many others on the old “Wurlitzer organ” at the Sacklunch Serenades.

Please let in some good family fun for everyone and keep some space for them.

And I am appalled that they want to put a local pub in there. Aren’t there enough bars in town?

Cecilia Greenhalgh

Colorado Springs

It is the voters’ business

For some time, I have been curious as to the salary that the head of Trails and Open Space is paid. I called the Mayor’s Office and was given the phone number for Trails and Open Space.

I called, and Susan Davies answered the phone. I told her I was curious as to what her salary was each year. She replied, “We are a nonprofit and not part of the city” and that it was none of my business! I told her thanks, now I know how to vote in the November election.

It is my business and I encourage all voters to make it part of their business as well. Vote no on ballot measure 2C.

Donald Worley

Colorado Springs

Hog-tying law enforcement

When we choose love and care, with no consequences, you get a 71.67% above national average crime rate (

That’s right, dear Springs residents. We have the distinct pleasure of being well above the national crime rate average. With a murder rate of nearly up 30% in 2020 from 2019 (, it is time to ask our legislators, whether the hog-tying of law enforcement is the right trend. Our police officers and sheriff deputies have the duty to protect us.

However, if we take away sound methodology to combat said crime, we as citizens become less safe.

In addition to various measures of police reform came reduction of consequences for offenders. Escapes from community corrections programs are up, as these “unauthorized absences” have been reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, often merely resulting in a slap on the hand.

I don’t know about you, but I am beginning to think the rights of the offender stands above the rights of citizens — with little consideration to law enforcement.

Kirsten Swenson


Similar actions for different reasons

In his opinion piece, “Sinema is Congress’ latest supervillian”, Byron York attributes the accolades given to John McCain and similarly denied to Krysten Sinema as a result of a media and activist world dominated by Democrats. I have a more simple explanation.

Sen. McCain voted against his party to prevent the repeal of Obamacare, a health care act that was/is beneficial to the American people, was/is popular with the American people and was a target for repeal mainly due to the fact that it originated in a previous administration.

Sen. Sinema has acknowledged that McCain was a “personal hero” to her. Many who work closely with her believe that she idealizes being viewed as a maverick who stands up to her party, much like Sen. McCain. She even adopted McCain’s thumbs-down flick of the wrist when voting against a $15 minimum wage. Sinema, who is notoriously unavailable to her constituents, doesn’t vocalize what she supports and what she opposes about this human infrastructure bill other than the price tag.

One gets the impression that she is not standing up to her party, as Sen. McCain did, because of her values but rather in an attempt to build her brand as a maverick.

Similar actions performed for different reasons have yielded different reactions. It’s as simple as that.

Kathleen Eichinger

Colorado Springs

The bad effects of climate change

In answer to Rod West’s letter in the Oct. 4 Opinion: No, climate change is not new. What is new is that it is human-caused and happening at a rate that is not sustainable for human life and will cause the extinction of many other species. Thank goodness for Rep Joe Neguse and other Dems who want to take bold action to mitigate the bad effects of climate change. If we wait much longer, it will be too late. It’s science, y’all.

Susan Permut


‘Let them eat cake’

Just saw on the news that President Joe Biden told his party progressives, also known as his bosses, that the $3.5 trillion plan needs to be cut down to $2.2 trillion. I thought the $3.5 trillion didn’t cost anything, how can no-cost be cut? Does this mean the new $2 trillion no-cost is a negative, making the other cut $1.5 trillion a savings that will be returned to the ignorant people? Awesome, we ignorant peons made money!

Well, we can rest easy now with the huge windfall he is “giving” us, and the warm and loving press secretary will be able to stop “dumbing it down” for the American people, as she so eloquently put it on Monday.

What a deal for us, only $2 trillion now that still costs nothing — you idiots, can’t you understand that, duh! Of course, that’s after the savings of the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill.

That’s right, I remember now watching Moderate Joe run on this concept and it would not cost me anything.

As Condescending Jen Psaki would say, ‘Let them eat cake’! Of course, that ended in the guillotine for those late 1700s French “Rats des Marais” (Swamp Rats for you folks like me who still believe in a Constitution and need dumbing down). Hmm?

Steven Bosseler

Colorado Springs


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