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El Paso County commissioners say they are opposed to a bill that would create, manage and maintain a passenger rail line district centered on Interstate 25 that would run from the New Mexico to Wyoming borders.

Show how this will pay out

I am personally pleased that our county commissioners have questioned the financial grounds for passenger rail service from Pueblo to Cheyenne.

Until someone can publish an analysis to show how this will pay out, our commissioners should continue to toe the line for taxpayers in demanding fiscal responsibility from our state and federal representatives. I believe the projected ridership for this boondoggle will never materialize to pay out the billions of dollars of investment.

John Dougherty

Colorado Springs

Should be a no-brainer

I also don’t understand the county commissioners’ response to the rail transportation system. As senior citizens we would be delighted to be able to travel without the stress and frustration that comes along with driving. And for anything to relieve the congestion on the roads is to everyone’s advantage. This should be a no-brainer!

Faye Lindsey

Colorado Springs

Importance of early childhood

Re: House Bill 21-1304 Establishing the Colorado Department of Early Childhood.

A child’s brain is 90% developed by age five, and research tells us that children’s early experiences have a profound impact on their long-term school and life outcomes. In my career as a preschool teacher, preschool center director, and early learning coach, I have seen how quickly children learn and grow with the right services and support.

Despite the importance of early childhood, kids and families in Colorado do not have what they need to take full advantage of this important period. Early childhood is when kids are most likely to live in poverty and experience homelessness. In addition, more than half of Coloradans live in a child care desert, meaning they cannot access quality, licensed child care for children.

We must elevate early childhood to help ensure families and providers can meet the needs of young children. This year, we have the chance to do so by supporting legislation to create the Colorado Department of Early Childhood.

Establishing the Colorado Department of Early Childhood will help expand access to high quality, affordable, voluntary early childhood experiences. This department would make Colorado a better place to live for infants and young children by ensuring early childhood services are aligned and delivered in an equitable fashion.

Join me, alongside The Children Action Network, in urging state lawmakers to pass House Bill 21-1304 to establish the Colorado Department of Early Childhood and give kids the chance to thrive in Colorado.

Elisha Stewart

Colorado Springs

Move from a place of uncertainty

Mother’s Day was marred by heartbreaking violence. We know the gunman arrived at a birthday party, shot six people (including his girlfriend) then killed himself. Children lost parents, an extended family is crushed, a whole neighborhood as well as first responders are shaken. Research from Everytown for Gun Safety shows each month, 57 women in America are fatally shot by intimate partners and most mass shootings are related to domestic violence. The deadly intersection of guns and domestic violence disproportionately kills Black and brown women. Domestic violence impacts women worldwide but in the U.S. abusers have easy access to arsenals and ammunition.

For many reading about this horrific mass shooting it will be startling and sad but still remain distant. “I am happily married,” or “I wouldn’t be at a late night birthday party,” might seemingly exempt you or me from gun violence. Yet in grocery stores, office buildings, tourist sites, malls and most every place, gunmen have shattered the safety we expect. We must move from a place of uncertainty and come together across the divides to find solutions.

Gun violence prevention advocates know there is not one change in policy or attitude or lifestyle that will end gun violence but we know disrupting abusers’ access to guns can save lives. We must empower and resource experts in health and safety to lead the way with data driven solutions that uphold the 2nd Amendment while collectively protecting women and children. And we must mourn seven lives taken by violence.

Julie Carr

Colorado Springs

Think about someone else

People refusing to get vaccinated like to say that it shouldn’t bother vaccinated people. You are so wrong. When you keep causing higher numbers it places more restrictions on everyone. So you claiming it is your right is correct but you are infringing on my rights to not have these restrictions. That is wrong.

Please think about someone besides just yourself.

Verlyn Hammerstrom

Colorado Springs

No one can win without independentsI am an independent, neither Republican nor Democrat. I am a loyal American retired from the Army who weighs the issues and listens to the rhetoric.

Why was Liz Cheney removed from her position? Are the Republicans trying to change history? As an independent I watched TV, read the Gazette and other news sources. Continuing to claim the presidential election was “a steal” and that Trump didn’t incite a riot leaves the Republican party’s credibility in a shambles. If the Republicans hope to gain anything nationally they need to get off that bandwagon. They need to get back to Lincoln, Reagan and Bush.

No party can win an election without the independent vote.

Dale Spoehr

Colorado Springs


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