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Doherty graduates toss their hats in celebration during the class of 2021 Commencement ceremony at Garry Berry Stadium in Colorado Springs last week.

An awful senior year

Contrary to the picture on the front page of The Gazette, the seniors from Doherty High School were not as happy to graduate as to get out of the pouring rain at Garry Berry Stadium. The seniors had been at the stadium since 12 p.m. to practice for a 3 p.m. ceremony. However the 3 p.m. start was delayed until 4 p.m. because all the rain had damaged the sound system. The soaking wet students were removed to a building to sit in their soaked clothing while the mortar boards wilted.

The sun did shine and some of the students got their diplomas before the rain started again, with thunder and lighting, but the handing out of diplomas carried on.

I saw elderly grandparents with their walkers trying to get through water in the gutters up to their ankles. The soaked families had to sit for an extra hour in the rain. Being from Washington, I didn’t know that tradition was that graduation was always held at World Arena. That even with COVID-19 it holds thousands of people, and there weren’t thousands of people at this graduation.

These seniors have had an awful senior year with Zoom classes, quarantines and many programs canceled or shortened. There was no senior breakfast, award ceremonies were on Zoom, and proms delayed.

For many families this is the highlight of their lives to see their children graduate. And because District 11 didn’t or wouldn’t ask for help from the community to rent the arena, this was their graduation.

Joan Kosderka

Brush Prairie, Wash.

Who will rein Bimestefer in?

I found the article by Phil Galewitz in Sunday’s Gazette completely disturbing.

1 — Our health care providers and entrepreneurs are working to serve our needs. They use market research and surveys to find unmet needs. They gauge the financial rewards of providing the needed services. Armed with this, they invest in construction and personnel to serve us.

2 — Our state health care regulators are intended to ensure that care providers are properly trained and licensed in an effort to protect us.

3 — As a consumer, I make decisions in the interest of myself and my family.

According to Galewitz’s article, the state is now the ultimate power. Kim Bimestefer, Executive Director for the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, knows all and sees all. Bimestefer can use our tax money to pay health care providers not to fill the gaps in services. Bimestefer uses our tax dollars to limit my options of care for my loved ones.

How did Bimestefer become our overseer? Oh that’s right, we either voted for Jared Polis’ socialist goals, or we opted not to vote against him. What is next for Bimestefer? Who is going to rein her in?

Eric Swanson

Colorado Springs

What being a Christian really means

In reference to Steve Rabey’s article (Wommack: Christians urged to take over), far too many Christian leaders emulate systems of dominance and control fostered by a top-down leadership matrix. Instead of leading from an integrated understanding of what is true and good, these leaders unfortunately manifest the antithesis of Christ’s example of compassion, humility, self sacrifice and transforming love.

Obviously dominance isn’t the answer, but the kind of change making, generative influence conveyed by the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5: 2-10) — blessed are the poor in spirit, the gentle, the justice lovers, the merciful and the peacemakers. These are the empowered ones able to influence in ways transcending humanity’s addiction to hierarchy.

These are the ones with the capacity to transform neighborhoods, cities and entire nations.

I urge Christ followers — and their leaders — to rethink what being a Christian really means; to disengage from culturally constructed systems of dominance and instead “do what is right, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).

Maria Pompea

Colorado Springs

GOP, the party of “No”

“I am a registered Republican, but I am very fed up with the polarization and the demonization, and the quagmire that Washington, D.C. seems to represent these days,” said Nic Hunter, mayor of Lake Charles, La. Me too. What’s going on with the Republicans?

The Democrats are trying to help the great American public with a long-overdue infrastructure plan. Negotiations with our former president were fruitless. Their price tag of $2.25 trillion was ridiculous. So, the Dems offered a reduced price of $1.7 trillion. Anyone involved with negotiation knows that the first to talk about a price is often the “loser” in a bidding war.

So, what do the Republicans do? They reject it fully with no counter-offer. And so, continued frustration while bridges and interstate highways close.

Let me think through the options now. The Dems could offer a still lower price. Why should they given no wiggle on the other side? They could say: “OK, let’s go with your proposed $500 billion plan and we’ll talk about the rest later.”

The Republican’s track record is not good on that front. They could say: “Fuhgeddaboudit, we’ll just pass our original $2.25 trillion plan without your input.” Looks like we’re headed that way.

So, who’s the loser? Everyone! What is wrong with the Republican’s and their lack of negotiating skills? They are the party of “No!” and, like the Republican mayor said, I “am very fed up.”

Peter Knepell

Colorado Springs


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