A Sliver Sneakers class

A Silver Sneakers class at the YMCA Garden Ranch in Colorado Springs.

Senior voices want to be heard

Regarding Della Valk’s letter July 28: I want her to know she is not the only senior struggling with no pool services or other exercise options. My friend and I were in a Silver Sneakers class at Gold’s Gym since last summer and we had a great group of 22-25 seniors. At the beginning of the pandemic in March, Gold’s went into bankruptcy and closed three of their gyms here. This left our wonderful group and two fabulous instructors without any options, since shortly after that, all the gyms (and many other businesses) closed.

We have done our best to comply and stay at home, doing virtual classes via Zoom and online videos. When some gyms started opening back up, I called around only to find none had any Silver Sneakers classes as of yet, and no one could tell me if or when they would offer them again.

I believe the YMCA has since started a few, but then I found out Silver Sneakers dropped their contract with Medicare Advantage plans and now their new program “Renew Active” is not the same and is not accepted at all gyms. So I can relate to Della... my voice joins hers (and many others, I’m sure) crying out in the wilderness.

Kathi Clark

Colorado Springs

Who taught you how to hate?

Facts: Misogyny (the routine disrespect of women), xenophobia (undue prejudice against all people from other countries), homophobia, and racism: These are the tenets (the backbone) and the operating agendas of the Trump administration. By definition, these are also prime examples of hatred.

No child was ever born knowing how to hate, and since none of these beliefs are supported by your Bible or your Ten Commandments, it is time for every American to dig deep into their soul, and ask themselves: “So, who taught you how to hate?”

Maggie Mae Stone

Black Forest

Be a quiet hero to protect others

To protect others, on D-Day 156,000 American, British, and Canadian troops hit the beaches of Normandy or dropped behind enemy lines carrying some 80 pounds of battle gear. They faced intense enemy fire from heavily fortified positions, but by nightfall a beachhead had been successfully established.

Today America is fighting a microscopic enemy with a death toll that is rapidly approaching the number of D-Day invaders. America needs everyone to be a quiet hero to help protect others. Heroes who can wear a half ounce cloth mask into the workplace or grocery store or crowded outdoor space.

That along with social distancing and hand washing are our weapons against this enemy until a vaccine can be developed and deployed.

Uncle Sam Needs You.

Robert Jones

Colorado Springs

As we watch much of Colorado crumbleThank you, ladies and gentlemen of the Gazette’s editorial team! Your recent editorial is spot-on and much appreciated, as we watch Denver and much of Colorado crumble due to declining moral, ethical and social standards.

Would that more print and TV media shared your values.

Ron Marsh

Colorado Springs

Lack of concern for military

COVID-19 is taking up 99% of the news but I wanted answers to the intelligence report that Russia was paying bounty to the Taliban for killing American service members. Donald Trump’s lack of response is of great concern and I would expect this military community to be outraged. Fox has said that the intelligence is a hoax.

I contacted Congressman Doug Lamborn and his response July 24 was “The intelligence briefing provided to members of Congress included classified information, thus, I am unable to provide you with any further information.” I am sure that the classified information can be redacted enough to let us know if in fact Russia did pay a bounty on our service members.

I think a good Gazette reporter could research and provide this military community with the facts.

Ronald Johnson

Colorado Springs

We need the marijuana revenue

So they are not going to allow recreational marijuana on the ballot in November, here’s old news we already voted for it! November 6, 2012.

It passed with more than a 60% majority in El Paso County.

Our elected officials totally ignored the majority vote. They said the same thing then they are saying now — the military will not come or stay in Colorado Springs. What makes them think that? If the powers that be think someone won’t get in their vehicle and drive to Manitou Springs, Pueblo, or Denver if they want to make a purchase they are in another reality.

Space Command is considering Colorado which is a marijuana state, the military tests for drugs on a regular basis, there is a major military investment in Colorado Springs (do they really think the Air Force Academy would move?) with five-plus military institutions in our area — they are not going anywhere, marijuana or not.

Mayor John Suthers states we are now spending more on marijuana enforcement then when it was illegal. Show us these stats! We need the tax revenue that recreational marijuana generates.

Contrary to the opposition belief’s Colorado has not gone to “pot’ and it is not going away, so City Council embrace the change please.

Susan V. Moore

Colorado Springs


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