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Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II) is presenting the stage version of C.S. Lewis’ classic 1950 fantasy children’s novel, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” at Ent Center for the Arts.

Salute to the entire cast of ACT II

Last Thursday my colleagues and I had the pleasure of taking our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes on a field trip to see ACT II’s performance of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe at the ENT Center. I was not expecting to see something that was so very well done!

The story, which is big, was condensed down to 90 minutes but was done so tastefully and true to the original that I felt nothing was forgotten and it was brief enough to hold the attention of elementary age students.

The quality of the actors, dancers, and stage crew was mind-blowing. They must have poured hundreds of hours into this. One character in particular, that I didn’t expect to notice, was the young lady who played Mrs. Beaver, Stephanie Mielke. You couldn’t help but notice her acting, reacting, and pattering about as the consummate wife, hostess, and supporter of the great cause. Delightful!

Finally, the scenery, props, music, and sound all were of high quality. I especially appreciated not being “blown out” by the PA system. The volume was just right.

As we exited the ENT Center, an excellent venue, the entire cast came out by our buses to say goodbye. Our students were so pleased by this. What a nice way to conclude a great day, that for most of our students, was their first time seeing a stage play.

That performance was the most enjoyable one I have seen in at least 10 years. A great big salute goes out to the entire cast of ACT II. Well done!

Benjamin A. Fromuth

Colorado Springs

Utilities rate increase

How bright was it to shut down the Martin Drake coal-fired power plant before paying off the debt?

Where is Don Knight because common sense is needed?

Tom Gallivan

Colorado Springs

COVID vaccine vs. the non-vaxers

“Colorado hospitals are beyond full. While infections in other states are declining, Colorado cases are surging.” Why? “The delta variant is highly infectious. Unvaccinated people are spreading it.” So says UC Health.

I’ve heard every reason under the sun from committed non-vaxers, such as I am free to choose and I choose not to get vaccinated. Another one is “Nobody is telling this Irishman what to do.” Another one is “There is too many people on this planet anyway.”(No matter the consequences to a loved one that one may infect?)

And then there is all kinds of fake news out there warning about everything from becoming infertile to becoming impotent or because there is no pandemic or it’s simply about the government trying to control us. The numbers say that every person that gets infected will infect four others, on average. And eventually in this chain, some will die, and some will suffer long term consequences.

Well, sooner or later, this pandemic will wane; either because of the vaccine, or because there will be fewer and fewer non-vaxers or maybe both.

Meanwhile, our medical care providers are being severely overloaded and traumatized unnecessarily. But what; me worry? I’m free to choose!

Jim Dikes

Colorado Springs

Unvaccinated are a financial burden

The Gazette lets the unvaccinated off the hook and makes light of the public health situation when the Gazette says “COVID is but one factor straining hospitals right now; staffing shortages as well as other ailments and scheduled procedures also have filled beds. As The Associated Press reported Thursday in The Gazette, only 17% of hospital beds are occupied by those with COVID”. (Editorial, Nov. 12)

Seventeen percent or 17 out of 100 beds are occupied by COVID patients. About 80% of patients are unvaccinated. Suppose it is 70% unvaccinated, that is 12 unvaccinated patients. If those 12 unvaccinated people had been vaccinated, only about 5 of them would have ended up in the hospital. That 17% would be reduced by about seven percentage points.

If the unvaccinated had been vaccinated, it might have reduced the total hospital load to point where it would not be necessary to add capacity.

The COVID stress is on top of the normal flow of cancer patients and broken legs, and the staffing shortage is partly caused by the stress to the staff from the COVID load itself.

Those choosing to be unvaccinated are putting a financial burden on the rest of us as well as capacity burden on medical facilities. A vaccination costs less than $100, but $100 buys only a couple hours in a hospital.

William H. Escovitz

Colorado Springs

Stop all the wokeness!

What? Regarding “Local History A look back” in Friday, Nov. 12, 2021 of The Gazette.

Please tell me why the caption on the picture of the happy young girls at the YMCA teen conference in 1951 had to point out one girl is African American, another Hispanic, yet failed to identify the ethnicity of the other two girls???

Did the caption writer actually authenticate the ethnicity of those two girls or did the writer presume?

I have news for the caption writer...all these happy, lovely girls belong to the human race and they all have red blood flowing in their veins! S

top all the differentiation, categorization, and racialization! Stop the wokeness!

Dale Rothberg

Colorado Springs


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