Ray Marshall with the architectural renditions of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee Headquarters now located at Colorado and Tejon Streets. A judge has ruled that Marshall will stand trial on embezzelment charges.

Rich receive a different justice

The charges against Ray Marshall reflect badly on everybody involved. Marshall has chosen to spend a huge amount of money manipulating the legal system, avoiding a trial, but leaving a permanent question about his integrity. The District Attorney’s office has mishandled the prosecution, neither pursuing the case vigorously, nor dropping the charges, but leaving the stain on Marshall’s name. The courts have been complicit in this travesty, allowing endless delays that deny justice to the injured party — the public.

The only certainty in this case is that the rich receive a different justice than do the poor. Our confidence in El Paso County justice has taken another hit.

Steve Fleischer


For the poor, the struggle continues

Joe Barrera creates a good historical account of the struggle the Mexican people have endured for freedom and equality. Unfortunately, little has changed with the corrupt governments in power. The future of a benevolent dictator to govern for the benefit of the people does not look promising.

Both of my parents experienced life there and came to this country legally. My dad never lost his loyalty to his native country. We would cross into Mexico several times a year and he would make it a point to tell me how the U.S. had taken the land north of the Rio Grande River from them.

On one occasion as we were crossing the bridge into Mexico, my young mind took over.

I looked back and looked forward and said, “Why did we stop here; Mexico would be much better off.” Obviously, my dad appreciated my inquisitive mind, but not then.

Barrera’s use of the word “subversive” in referring to the documents which inspired Padre Hidalgo, including the American Declaration of Independence, is in itself subversive writing and shows attitude. Padre Hidalgo’s motivation may have been simply hunger and poverty as my dad told me.

For the poor people, the struggle will continue.

Let’s not forget poverty and hunger are strong, survival motivators. Blame can be placed on the Spaniards, French and on the United States, but Mexico has stood still in time. Historically, the U.S. acquired the land for 15 million dollars after the annexation of Texas and with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

As Americans, let’s be thankful for this great country.

Roy Ayala

Colorado Springs

Misconceptions about soy

As a physician who has studied lifestyle medicine, I want to say a few things about your Viewpoint piece on “Fake meat is not health food, Gov. Polis”. First, I do agree that these meat substitutes are not healthy. Besides all the ingredients, the Impossible Burger is 52% fat and the Beyond Beef is 67% fat. Where I have trouble with your article is the way you present soy. I agree the highly processed isolated soy protein is not healthy. However, your article appears to demonize soy in general. Minimally processed soy including soy milk, miso, tempe, and tofu are actually healthy for you. The phytoestrogen compounds (isoflavones) in soy actually have estrogen blocking effects in some cases like the breast and pro-estrogen effects in the bones (which is good).

You quote Dr. Frank Lipman who states it “screws with the sex hormones”. This is not the case, at least for the minimally processed soy products above. He is looking at mouse studies done with levels of the phytoestrogens levels 20 to 150 of the time higher than we get from what we eat. We would have to eat nearly 60 cups of soybeans a day to get levels high enough to cause problems. In fact, the American Cancer Society and the American Institute of Cancer Research agree soy (minimally processed) is safe and may be helpful. There are other misstatements about soy as well but this is enough for now.

Again, soy supplements, soy isolates, pure soy protein, etc are not healthy and may well be unhealthy. I won’t mention that the World Health Organization has labeled processed meat a carcinogen and red meat a probable carcinogen, oops!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. As a side, Lifestyle Medicine is a relatively new specialty being around about 15 years. Their inaugural board certification exam was in 2017 and I was the first in Colorado Springs. There is another at the USAFA and she is amazing and will be going places nationally, in my estimation. She’s young and I’m old!

Larry Cohen

Colorado Springs

Frustration of trying to be grateful

Too many times, it seems like the organizations depending upon customer satisfaction and their continued usage don’t care.

Case in point, my wife enjoys shopping at the Woodmen & Powers Walmart. Last week she came home with many bags of “stuff”, however missing was three items in one bag. How did I know? Well because I asked for her to get one item, bunji cords and they weren’t there.

It appeared the bag didn’t get pulled off the carousel by the cashier. No biggie, as we took the receipt, $108 worth of “stuff”, back to the store. As we walked to Customer Service, we were intercepted by Sarah, my wife’s kind customer service manager friend. She said go get those three missing items and we will replace them. Done as easy as walking on a plush carpet. My wife wanted to send a positive report on the events. Thus began the frustration of trying to be grateful.

First, the store ID and receipt ID numbers wouldn’t work. Then I called Corporate Walmart Customer Service. After more than 10 minutes being shuffled around online, I finally was able to talk to a representative. After explaining the problem, she said, “I will send you a copy of the form to your email; however it might five minutes or even 24 hours.” Three days later, still no form.

Come-on, Walmart. Some people really do appreciate kind helpful employees, like Sarah.

Duane C. Slocum

Colorado Springs

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