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Gov. Jared Polis recognizes and thanks his family after giving his victory speech at the Art Hotel in Denver, including his children, Cora and Caspian, his parents, Susan Polis Schutz and Stephen Schutz, and husband, Marlon Reis.

Startling, confusing and troubling

What a disappointment! Denver and Boulder dictate the state of Colorado, so now it is “the same old thing” with Jared Polis, Michael Bennet, Phil Weiser and Jena Griswold.

Michael Bennet, now that he has been reelected and can focus on his job and not his campaign, and our other senator John Hickenlooper need to press President Joe Biden on the biggest issue Colorado is facing, which is keeping Space Force in Colorado. They have been ineffective in this endeavor. If Alabama prevails, it is possible that highly qualified individuals who value living in Colorado will choose to leave the military when their service is complete, rather then extend that career. I know this is true from a personal relationship. Maybe they can enlist the help of Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn to advocate with the current administration.

Let us hope that Griswold will now stop spending Colorado tax dollars promoting herself and get back to the job of secretary of state, and managing her staff, making sure that they are not trying to find ineligible voters. They do not need them now.

Weiser needs to become tougher on crime. Fentanyl, car thefts and misdemeanor vs. felony charges, and people getting let out with little or no bail to repeat their crimes. It would be refreshing to not have Colorado lead the country in auto thefts, and be high in the ranks of fentanyl deaths.

It is also time for Gov. Polis to stop trying to steal our TABOR refunds. It was a great campaign ploy for 2022, but we need to remain vigilant to make sure that these refunds are not positioned to be taken by subterfuge politics.

And how can anyone make sense of passing a law to legalize psychedelic mushrooms, but not allowing wine sales in grocery stores?

I relocated to Colorado 30 years ago. It was a red state. I accepted the recent transition to “purple”, but now being a blue state is startling, confusing and troubling. Just my opinion.

Trish Beyer

Colorado Springs

Utilities should cut spending

Another utility rate increase. This time it is for a 33% increase in their budget. During tough times like this, we wish we could simply raise our income by 33% rather than limiting our expenditures and managing our resources responsibly.

Why do we never read about aggressive steps taken by Colorado Springs Utilities to cut spending, rather than merely taking more of our money? Why is Utilities entering the (extremely expensive) internet market? Internet is not a utility, and private industry will handle the need without Utilities’ huge expenditures.

Randall Kouba

Colorado Springs

Voting in person

I sure wish everyone had to vote in person. I don’t think the machines the state and city have can check all signatures correctly. This way we never win.

The people we want in office have to run another time and we suffer for it. Ballots have to be in person if we want our freedom back and less taxes.

Doug Evans

Colorado Springs

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nition of insanity

So what is the definition of insanity? Electing the same people over and over again and expecting different results!

Barry S Oswell

Colorado Springs

Faith in democracy restored

I admit that I was worried about the Nov. 8 election. I listened to too many pundits that obviously weren’t tuned in to the American voter.

My faith in the American voter has been restored. Yes, the elections were close across the nation except in rabid states like Florida and Texas. But you need to look at what those two states have done to stop people from voting.

When given the opportunity to vote, the American people will always choose the right path to take. My faith in American democracy has been restored.

Tina Routhier

Colorado Springs

Our wealthiest nation status

America is the leader in the world for the invention, creation and development of new technologies. We were the first to harness electricity.

We invented the telephone, the television, the radio, the cellphone, the computer, the internet, the automobile, the airplane ( everyone laughed at the Wright Brothers), we have made tremendous strides from agriculture to medical technologies, treatment and medicines too numerous to name here. Our production capacity won World War II.

We have lifted much of the world out of the dire straits of poverty through “creative destruction” outsourcing our old technologies to other countries which freed up our very talented and creative work force to move into the new technology and also benefited the American consumer by being able to back those old technologies at a much reduced cost.

That is why we are the wealthiest nation in the world.

The world wants to buy the products that America makes. We either lead in the creation and development of alternative energy sources or another nation will beat us to it and we lose our wealthiest nation in the world status to them.

Karon McCormick

Colorado Springs


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