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Rep. Doug Lamborn (Associated Press file)

Lamborn’s lack of political pull

It was disappointing to learn the news on the selection of Huntsville as the new headquarters of the U.S. Space Command. However, it was surprising to learn that Congressman Doug Lamborn disagreed with this decision that came from President Donald Trump.

Surprising that this decision is the one that finally separates Lamborn’s approval of Trump, not the “Stop the Steal” campaign, and not the incendiary comments from President Trump both on Twitter and in his public appearance before the storming of the US Capitol by his supporters.

We should recognize the lack of political pull that Congressman Lamborn has had during this administration and his poor choice in supporting the “Stop the Steal” campaign. Let us all remember this at the next election in 2023.

Patrick Jenkins

Colorado Springs

Hoping the decision is overturned

Thank you Gazette Editorial Board for your opinion piece Jan. 14. To say I was shocked and saddened to hear of Alabama receiving the assignment, I am positive (as your OpEd suggests), that the current sitting president is determined to hurt those states that did not support his re-election campaign.

When I moved to Colorado from blue state California to red state Colorado 31 years ago, it was a very welcome change. Slowly over the past 20 years, the state has turned blue. I’m not wild about that, but to penalize a program that should remain in Colorado Springs because you are having repeated tantrums over losing an election is beyond the rational mind of someone and particularly the president of the United States.

In all full disclosure, my son-in-law is a captain in the Space Force and currently stationed in Nevada. I was looking forward to having my daughter and son-in-law live in town when that two-year commitment was complete (a year from now) so selfishly, having Space Force here would secure them being close by.

But the greater issue is the economic losses to our great city. In six days, I can only hope and pray that this decision by a delusional man is overturned.

Trish Beyer

Colorado Springs

Biden won’t change things

To misquote Chief of Police Louis Renoir in “Casablanca”, “I’m shocked, shocked to discover that a Republican administration would move a military command from a state that rejected one of the most effective senators this state has had in years in favor of a Democratic candidate who stated he “was not cut out for the job”.

As to the dream that “Uncle Joe” Biden will restore Space Command to Colorado Springs, why would Biden put this plumb in the home district of one of the most conservative members of Congress. If it moves anywhere, bet on Vandenberg AFB in California or some similar location. We’ll be lucky to keep the installations we do have.

Don Ketels

Colorado Springs

Responsibility for unrest and riots

After reading about all the different sides of what has been happening in this country concerning the election, and the riots before and after, it appears the most peaceful solution, which has been completely overlooked and neglected by our esteemed politicians has been right before all eyes. The controversy has revolved around, and the major unrest has focused on, whether the election was rigged. Those that claimed so have described many irregularities and perhaps stretches of laws which have never been addressed or explained.

Had each actually been examined in detail and adequately addressed (without some political weeny stating “there is no issue”), I am sure all sides would feel they were properly heard. There would have been no feelings of disenchantment and no feelings that concerns were being summarily dismissed. This was anticipated by all to be performed by the Supreme Court. They are the ones to whom all eyes were focused for a fair analysis. The Supreme Court reneged (rumor has had it that Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was responsible) and avoided its duty, which could have led to peaceful acceptance by all parties. This is where the real responsibility lies for unrest, riots, and demonstrations.

Bill Offutt

Colorado Springs

Benefits of carports

We had a carport set up in El Paso County about 10 years ago. We had to jump through the same code and bureaucratic hoops.

Our neighbors have installed carports and enjoyed the many benefits.

Vehicles are cooler to enter during the summer and have less frost, ice and snow during the winter. This means less pollution from idling vehicles running the HVAC system.

Our local emergency services have no safety issue with a carport.

Electric vehicles might be better stored under a carport then inside a attached garage due to the possibility of electrical fires during charging.

A carport might be a ideal location to install solar panels to charge vehicles and feed the power grid.

Solar panels create holes in roofs, trap litter from trees and hide rodent nests that create leaks. Installing them on a steel carport would protect the dwelling and make maintenance easier.

Power storage devices could be stored under the carport roof so that a parked vehicle can be recharged over night. Carports are a cost effective, property enhancing structures that should be utilized more often.

Michael Remington

Colorado Springs


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