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The El Paso County Criminal Justice Center.

Religious services in CJC

After speaking with El Paso County Attorney Terry Samples, I agreed to drop a lawsuit I had filed in response to their not allowing religious services in the Criminal Justice Center.

Samples told me that the Sheriff’s Office was unable to find a ministry in El Paso County (which has over 4,500 churches) that was willing to enter the facility due to the pandemic. Previously, the excuse was that due to pandemic they were not allowing outside visitors for safety reasons. I knew this was false because they were allowing outside contractors into the facility for their training facility and other jail renovations. Those renovations were paid for by the $20 million federal COVID grant it received.

Other outside visitors such as the prisoners’ attorneys and relatives were denied. The jail and medical staff that they allow in on a daily basis are outside visitors as well.

So, in response to what Jesus stated in Matthew 25:24-36, as well as his call to his people to fulfill The Great Commission, I challenge every church in Colorado to start stepping up their efforts to reenter the prisons and jails and start ministering to the prisoners. Every church in Colorado Springs should heed this warning in Matthew or bow your heads in shame. If I have been lied to, I will refile my petition in the U.S. District Court.

Terrance Lacey

Colorado Springs

Timing of Utilities rate increase

It was interesting to me that the City Council waited until after the election to announce the significant increases in our Utilities costs for the coming months. The ballot had items asking for increased taxes, and contributing our TABOR refunds back to the city and county. Was it intentional that the council waited until after the election to announce the utilities increases? I wonder!

Derek Keenan

Colorado Springs

Large number of expired plates

I think it’s time for the Department of Motor Vehicles to deputize civilians to enforce vehicle registration. It’s obvious that no one else is. Just look around you at a stop light and count the number of expired temp tags/regular plates or the absence of any plate. That number is usually 2-3 or more, and some of the plates have been expired for over a year.

The DMV has made it so easy to renew online that I cannot fathom why there are so many expired tags and moreover, why isn’t action taken? Are these violators being fined? At what point does DMV cancel the registration and turn the matter over to an enforcement agency? My guess is never, so I’m ready to raise my right hand and issue tickets to these scofflaws.

Dennis Doyle

Colorado Springs

On a slippery slope

Goodbye slippery slope; hello cliff!

Since last year, the price of fuel for my vehicle has almost doubled. Now we learn that utility prices are spiking, with a 27% increase. Therefore, we need to see more global warming this winter as that will help the poor folks save on heating! And the next time you buy groceries, notice how much they have increased.

Inflation is out of control, we don’t have a southern border, and our enemies realize we have a feckless, incompetent president.

Bill Crow


Moved by inspirational assembly

On Wednesday afternoon, I was privileged and deeply moved by an outstanding assembly presented by the students of Janitell Junior High School in Widefield. Their program honoring the veterans of our nation was respectful and educational. The students shared their exceptional talent in band, choir, orchestra and inspirational readings.

At the conclusion of their program, each veteran was gifted a flower and a special remembrance pin. It is heartwarming to know that the students and staff of this junior high school took the time and effort to acknowledge our veterans. On behalf of all the veterans there I offer a big thank-you.

Duane H. Kincaid, retired Army


Punched by the woke machine

Why would “Let’s Go Brandon” become wildly popular so fast? Because centrists and conservatives have been punched in the face by the woke propaganda machine with obvious untruths for so long it feels good to finally punch back.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was a success, the border is closed, critical race theory is not being taught in the schools, inflation is “transitory”, and on and on. The emperor has no clothes on, indeed.

William Nolan

Colorado Springs

Internet expansion, the digital divide

Bills have been passed, and money has been earmarked for expanding internet service and reduce the digital divide in Colorado. I urge lawmakers and regulators to ensure money is spend to expand access to rural areas.

Today I read an article that considerations are being made for the cost of service in urban areas. OK, but at least it is available! Our son and his family rent a cabin on Fremont County Road 16. The only internet option is satellite. This has inadequate speed, and data caps for work or online school. It is expensive, too! Please keep the focus on expanding internet service rather than subsidizing it where it is available.

Lee Arnett


Health Department board a waste

I just read the article in the Thursday paper, where the El Paso County Board Of Health backtracked on a resolution that advised getting the COVID vaccine. It reversed the decision after listening to a small group of ill-informed, who oppose the vaccine. If the Health Department is swayed by a small group of anti-vaxers instead of following the evidence provided by science (80% of the hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated), then they should be called what they are, “El Paso County Board of Pro-Pandemic”.

Bob Franey



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