Reasons youth crime is rising

I read the front-page article titled “Crimes by youth see sharp increase”.

Do you wonder why? You take away their schools, you take away their churches, you tell them they have to stay home and can’t hang out with their friends, all in the name of COVID scare tactics. COVID hardly affects the young!

Both parents are doing their best to pay the mortgage and put food on the table so the kids are left unsupervised. They have no outlet for their frustrations.

They have been stripped of their ability to develop social skills and you wonder why crime is rising? In the immortal words of Jeff Foxworthy, “Here’s your sign!”

Bob Berry

Colorado Springs

Blame for losing Space Command

Colorado Springs has lost Space Command, and I lay the blame directly at the feet of Rep. Doug Lamborn. He and Rep. Lauren Boebert make the state of Colorado look idiotic.

Think it’s a good idea to make a huge military investment in a region represented by a man who backs sedition? Trump has never understood or supported the U.S. military. But Lamborn continues to support Trump.

Lamborn continues to lay in bed with Trump, even though the demagogue is on his way out, for good reason.

What will it take for Lamborn to face facts and respect reason?

Jennifer Bell

Colorado Springs

Look at alternative schools

High schools are graded on three categories: graduation rates, test scores and dropout rates but like all statistics they can be manipulated to show what you want to show. We saw this with the 2020 elections and COVID-19 cases.

As a science teacher for 31 years in Alaska and Colorado, I suggest that the state, parents and potential teachers look deeper and consider the following: How innovative is the principal and does he/she support academic activities equally to athletics? Does the administration hold students accountable? Support system available for students with academic and social issues? What is the suicide rate? Academic and social programs offered to the student body?

I had the opportunity to teach at nine schools, and the best school had an innovative principal that encouraged and provided time for teachers to develop unique hands-on activities with real world applications, held student accountable and provided a huge support system to ensure that each student would have success. This particular high school was in Alaska and was an alternative high school for at-risk youths.

Most traditional high schools fall short in many of these areas I mentioned. High-achieving high schools have no clue what to do with students who have academic and social issues leading to higher suicide rates. Their solution is to send the student to the counselor but that just isn’t enough. Colorado high schools need to look at alternative schools for programs that could be applied.

Tim Lundt

Woodland Park

The arsonist and the firefighter

Rep. Lauren Boebert sure is making a name for herself in Washington. After voting to not certify a free and fair election last Wednesday, and now setting off a Capital complex metal detector and accusing Nancy Pelosi of “trying to disarm members of Congress in the very place that needed more protection,” Boebert in true Trumpian fashion is playing the role of the arsonist and the firefighter.

I hope this is the kind of “leadership” Coloradan voters in her district expected and are looking forward to for the coming years.

Jeff Cahill

Colorado Springs

The hypocrisy is deafening

This is simple. If I yelled FIRE! in a theater and there was none, and then there was a riot and people died I would be held accountable. If people were injured, I would be held accountable. If just damage to the theater, I would be held accountable. What is so difficult in believing Trump and his supporters are responsible and guilty for the carnage in Washington?

As Trump and Republicans have screamed law and order, their hypocrisy is deafening. How sad and tragic that the inauguration, which is a public event and a celebration of what America stands for, is now an event with barricades, national guard, local police and a serious threat for more violence and tragedy.

Carol B. Cook

Colorado Springs

Country is lost in politics

Today’s news reported two great travesties to our nation and city.

One was the political decision to move the Space Command to Alabama and the other the House of Representatives impeaching President Donald Trump for the second time. Both are obviously political decisions.

I’m very tired of politicians making decisions only for party or personal reasons. No longer is there concern for what is best for our country but for party power or reelection. There is no debate that Colorado Springs is the best place by far for Space Command and so much time has been spent on impeachment hearings that the needs of our country have gone begging.

Regardless of party persuasion, the welfare of our country has been lost in politics and somehow, this has to change. There are too many good people and businesses in our nation that are hurting and in need without help while politicians are fighting between themselves.

Rev. Timothy Grassinger

Colorado Springs


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