RTD light rail (copy)

An RTD D Line light-rail train arrives at the Englewood station headed northbound to downtown Denver.

Rail station locations

I applaud any revival of passenger rail traffic to the city, but any station location needs to consider the ability of a train to turn around, unless we are simply a way stop between Pueblo and Denver. Currently, there are two wyes in the city. (Picture an upside down Y on a track with the tail extending the length of any train wishing to reverse direction.)

One is on Fountain just east of Wahsatch and services the BNSF railyard. The other is on the N-S main line just south of Fillmore and is used by the UP to serve businesses on Fillmore. It is on property leased to the streetcar museum. Both have one leg removed and both of these partial wyes are used sparingly by the two railroads.

It might be possible to negotiate a usage agreement for their restoration to complete wyes and for use by passenger trains. Otherwise, a considerable amount of land would be required to construct a wye near the new station location.

David Lippincott

Colorado Springs

Any forms of vandalism are illegal

I was saddened to hear about the vandalism at Sacred Heart of Mary in Boulder as outlined by Patrick Kiernan in his letter of Monday. Obviously, his allegiances lie with the Catholic Church; but I found his description of the vandals as “spineless radical anti-abortionists” to be interesting, especially in light of all the “good and loyal Christians” who invaded the very seat of our government on Jan. 6, leaving behind millions of dollars in damages and multiple deaths that he chose not to call out.

Kiernan wants the FBI involved in this particular church vandalism, but forgets how many African American, Jewish and Muslim houses of worship were vandalized, damaged or burned to the ground out of pure hatred by... good and loyal Christians from 2017-2020, and with little public outcry. I wonder who was president then?

To be clear: any forms of vandalism masquerading as protest, regardless of the political party their perpetrators support, are equally illegal. I attended Sacred Heart of Jesus on Maple Street in Boulder in the 1960s, and was aware of parishioners being involved in multiple affairs with priests, several abortions, and dare I say it, even gay relationships between some brethren. The point? Even people with strong church affiliations are human beings equally flawed.

So, to lay this particular act of vandalism directly at the feet of the Biden administration is beyond ridiculous, especially considering all that went on during the Trump administration, for which this country is still paying dearly. And to call out all Democrats as hypocrites without fully acknowledging the myriad examples of Republican hypocrisy over the decades, is in itself — grossly hypocritical. Every administration inherits the sins of the previous administration and becomes responsible for attempting to clean it up, which takes time, treasure and the cooperation of the House and Senate.

Claiming strong anti-abortion ideations is a mostly religious viewpoint; but since those who are against women being allowed complete autonomy over their own bodies don’t think of their “strongly held religious beliefs” in the terms of the rights of women, I’d like them to please consider this question:

Why should your personal religious beliefs — which belong primarily in your churches and your homes — be allowed to take away my constitutional rights guaranteed to me as a United States citizen? And then please go and read up on why our Founders risked everything by choosing to escape the religious persecution of the kings in Europe and came here to these shores to establish a new future; because those brave people believed that church — did not and does not — belong in government.

Maggie Mae Stone (Sharp)

Black Forest

Similar experience at concert

I have a two-fold purpose of writing today. First: a thank you to Diane Savage (Handicapped Access to Philharmonic). I could have written that message myself! Second: My wife is temporarily in a wheelchair. We had tickets to see “South Pacific” in April. Like, Ms. Savage, I too had to exchange tickets (for Broadway and Philharmonic) to ADA section — no problem. However, arriving an hour early, I discovered only two-three handicap parking spaces per level of the parking garage.

Finally found one on third level. Parked next to elevator entrance only to discover Out of Order (after getting wheelchair out and wife situated). Went to next elevator location where I pressed button and waited....no response. So, i went back to my car, got my wife reseated, put wheelchair in back and drove down to will call area to get my wife out. Left her in lobby area and tried to find a place to park.

Found one on the street (had my handicap sign), but in the rain/snow mix and concern about my wife, I forgot to plug the meter. A $20 ticket was waiting on me after the performance. I called the city and located parking garage manager who told me one elevator will be out of service of possibly for years to come and the other elevator is needing constant service and was out of order the night of performance. I was advised to just use will call for my wife for Philharmonic concerts ..... Not sure I am renewing tickets.

Steve Harter

Colorado Springs

‘Gigi’ movie is inappropriate

“Gigi,” a 9-Academy Award winning film produced in 1958, should be relegated to the trashbins of Hollywood and scrubbed from American memory.

The film concerns a mid-30ish French man who is grooming a teenage girl to be his mistress. In this endeavor he is ably assisted by the girl’s grandmother.

That the film was made 64 years ago makes it no less abhorrent! The exploitation of children for sexual purposes should have been as repellent then as it is today! The Academy of Motion Picture Sciences should repudiate this movie!

Allan Ackerson

Colorado Springs

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