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The trail through Monument Valley Park near downtown Colorado Springs.

Project in progress

I regularly walk at Monument Valley Park, on the encircling trail starting at the parking lot near the pickle ball courts, past the pool, across the waterway, making my way back to my car. Wow! Wow! Wow! The earth-moving excavation project looks like a child’s toy set.

I wish students of all ages (and many disciplines — mathematics, engineering, earth-mover students, project managers, work clothing designers, environmentalists, historians, city planners) could go and see this project in progress. Today, I learned one of the workers is a city archeologist, reminding me of the recent-year find near Glen Eyrie.

Rita Bowers

Colorado Springs

No way to save state dollars

This letter is in response to Ken Thompson’s “Reduce your state taxes” letter published Nov. 16.

Thompson’s letter makes snide comments about “replacing the antiquated government structure within the state”. It was interesting to read his well-researched point of view.

If the residents in the three counties with fewer than 1,000 residents, and the residents in the 26 counties with fewer than 10,000 residents wanted regional paid bureaucrats to run their counties, they would vote accordingly.

Why complain that there are 270 incorporated towns (or 300 plus cities and counties) with mayors and staff? These towns/cities/counties pay their own way (local real estate taxes) — they aren’t asking for state tax dollars.

How many local public servants (“officials”) are volunteers? What is the problem with local control? Why would anyone want some distant paid bureaucrat to be in charge? Who cares if a local area isn’t “efficient” or “consistent”? Each local population has the right to choose and pay its own leadership.

I grew up in a small town run primarily by volunteers — mayor, town council, staff, police, fire, ambulance personnel, etc. Our town was run as well or better than the large cities run by paid bureaucrats. Appointing/hiring any regional bureaucrat/manager to boss around (“consolidate”) any city or county is not a way to save state tax dollars! Don’t create a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.

Sandra Graham

Colorado Springs

This is extremely wrong

Darrell Brooks Jr., the driver of an SUV who plowed through a Milwaukee area Christmas parade, was clearly a racist. He is a Black man that planned to kill white people.

If he was white, planning to kill Black people, that would be all over the news as racism. But today’s media is very biased and believes that only white people are racist. This is extremely wrong.

These cases happen all over the country from all races to all other races. The media should report them objectively as they are. Racism is just plain evil, no matter who it is.

Michael King

Colorado Springs

Ignoring certain facts of history

Mike Rosen’s Nov. 16 column purporting to give the proper definitions of fascist, socialist, etc. would not pass the examination of any sociologist or political scientist, whether conservative or liberal. Rosen ignores certain facts of history that make his definitions absurd. The ironic thing is that if he understood the ways that about Russia and China were really being made, he’d find plenty to complain about.

China has always stayed loyal to its Communist Party and Marxist-Leninist thought. Under Xi Jinpeng, the nation has moved to a centralized personality cult of the Mao variety, and would be an example of “repressive socialism” — though Xi occasionally uses populism of a Donald Trump variety.

Russia, by contrast, gave up all adherence to socialist views when the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991. In its first decade, Boris Yeltsin and others steered the country through a period of “cowboy capitalism” where oligarchs won control of most of the economy. From Vladimir Putin’s rise to power at the end of the 1990s, the country became an authoritarian right-wing state with no hints of leftist principles in their government or economy.

What is ironic in this picture is that some members of the pro-socialist “new left” in the U.S. and Europe became fans of Putin for some inexplicable reason, and took the position of supporting the invasion of Ukraine. Those that Rosen calls “left” are really fairly centrist Democrats and Republicans, who have indeed become fairly uncritical in support of sending Ukraine more weapons. But because the pro-Putin left supports a Russian government that is unquestionably rightist, they end up allying with people like Tucker Carlson. If Rosen were to criticize these strange bedfellows, he’d have an interesting column. As it is, he’s gotten almost all the definitions precisely wrong.

Loring Wirbel

Colorado Springs

Trump should say good riddance

I was a registered Republican for many years but became an independent voter several years ago. I didn’t leave the Republican party, they left me. But I was and still am a Donald Trump fan. He obviously loves America, whereas his opponent (Joe Biden) in my view, wants to change everything that America stands for. That said, I am not a fan of some of Trump’s actions and speaking habits. Those actions have been partly responsible for the Republican party fracturing just when we most need a united front against the Democrat socialists.

Trump should say good riddance and withdraw from the public political arena and concentrate on working in the background to help true conservatives and reuniting the Republican party. If we continue on the present course, I fear that the Republican party might be doomed to become like the dinosaurs (extinct).

And the Republicans need to remember what they are supposed to stand for and not just mimic everything that the Democrats do. Smaller and more honest government, lower taxes, obeying the constitution and the law, border control, and less government intrusion into private lives are just a few of the things that come to mind. As of today, there seems to be little difference between the Democrats and the Republicans on some of these issues.

Milton Woodham

Colorado Springs


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