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A Polestar 2 charges at an EVgo charging station last year in Denver.

Politicians’ mileage reimbursement

I read with interest the article “Legislatures Embrace EV and Mileage Refunds” in the Gazette last Monday. It appears that some of our elected officials have an issue with the fairness of the amount they are reimbursed for their mileage costs to commute to work due to differing costs of EV v. gas-powered vehicle.

Sen. Kevin Van Winkle, Highlands Ranch, feels that it is unfair that those driving EVs are getting paid the same rate as he is for driving a gas-powered vehicle. Then we have Rep. Tracey Bernett, Boulder, getting reimbursed $2,755 in mileage when she said she only incurred $100 in costs to charge her EV. Fairness? What about ethics?

Why would one think it is OK to collect $2,655 more from the taxpayers than what they actually incurred? I also must ask why taxpayers are paying the costs of elected officials to attend the jobs that they voluntarily sought to do in the first place?

They knew exactly what the commitment would be when they asked us to vote them into office. This type of commuter mileage reimbursement should cease immediately. Our elected officials should pay their commuting costs just like many of the taxpayers who voted them into office do every day when they go to work. That seems fair to me.

Paul Enright

Colorado Springs

What about the future?

The mayor and Utilities were on TV and telling us their big surprise. It sounds all fine and dandy but the city has thousands of apartment units going up and hundreds of new homes. The mayor says with a smile it’s for the future.

Let’s see. Right now we have maybe enough for the population as it is today, electricity is good for the current population. So what happens when we have a dark winter, not enough for extra 2,000 residents. And extra human use of our water supply. This could bring large problems like rate hikes again.

Down the road 5 or 10 years with the interest rate on the way up and all these apartments and new homes sitting empty what will this do to our current home values?

Oh, yeah the future.

I’m still not impressed with all this. Glad the mayor’s time is almost up as the mayor of this city. I wonder what the future really has for the taxpayers of Colorado Springs now.

Doug Evans

Colorado Springs

Why no desalination?

Every day I see on the news states burning up, states without drinking water. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we live on a planet that is 2/3 water.

Why doesn’t someone invest in desalination (taking salt out of see water) and building desalination plants instead of oil platforms along both coasts and pipelines) they built one from Alaska to Texas) to pump water to fill our reservoirs and put out all of the fires? Oh, wait there is no money to be made in pumping water. So I guess when our planet finally burns up and all of us die of famine, they will put on our tombstone: Sorry bout that.

Ross Kuhnle

Colorado Springs

Trust is elusive

Trust today is a very elusive commodity! I trust my immediate family, but outside them, sadly, I trust virtually no one. And for me, at the top of the list of those I don’t trust is the Biden administration down to our local policymakers! All have an agenda.

Also on that list is big tech, “social media.” I avoid them like the plague.

To the point, I use Google all the time. I don’t think I’ve come across an issue using Google where I’ve found them lying or “spinning” the truth! Monday’s Pre-Bunking AP article suggests that research has shown that the public can be educated to better separate false information from accurate. If true, thank God! We so desperately need this before the politicians destroy our country.

John (Jack) Rivers

Colorado Springs

Heat pumps’ effi


In regard to the statement in Thursday’s Viewpoint “The Sierra Club is coming for your furnace”.

You need a new HVAC adviser. My father-in-law installed a heat pump with his electric furnace and electric water heater in 1976 and is running on his second heat pump in the same house. He lives just outside Minneapolis. Last I checked (I’m originally from Minnesota), it’s consistently colder in Minnesota than in Colorado.

Here’s what you said:

“Replacing it (natural gas furnaces) with the likes of heat pumps, which only function well in temperate climates, isn’t efficient or even technologically possible in cold winters like Colorado’s.

Mike Bogenschutz

Colorado Springs

Suggestions for new anthem

So David Baker doesn’t like “The Star-Spangled Banner” as our national anthem. I have some suggestions for him that would more relevant for today.

How about the Beatles “Taxman”, or Johnny Cash’s “Home of the Blues.” My favorite would be Patsy Kline’s “I Fall to Pieces.”

Robert Bee

Colorado Springs

When laws are broken

Having heard several justifications for the Department of Justice to not bring charges against former President Donald Trump for his possession of secret documents by his supporters arguing that “If they can do that to the ex-president just imagine what they can do to you” makes me state the opposite view.

Since no one is above the law in the American justice system “If they can do that to you then why can’t they do that to the ex-president, citizen Donald Trump”?

When laws are broken, legal consequences follow. They would follow for you and me and they should follow for Donald Trump.

Don Castle

Colorado Springs


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