1999 Smart Car Dealer

Photo inspired memories

The car vending machine in the Aug. 25 edition of The Gazette brought back memories of our days living in Amsterdam. The attached photo is the Amsterdam Smart Car dealer, taken in January 1999. Whenever we had visitors from Colorado, we would always show this to them as a part of their sightseeing experience.

I know it pales in comparison to the red light district, but it always was a fun addition to their visit. The universal result was, Wow, this is super cool. The dealer’s inventory was on display in the multistory high tower of cars. You simply pick the one you want, and the elevator will deliver it to you to drive off.

Thanks for the memories.

Jerry Murphy

Colorado Springs

Reform needs to come quickly

Frustration over many years can cause emotions to run high. Years of calls for police reform have been ignored. Destroying property is not right, but no changes were made until there was damage to buildings. The deaths of people were ignored.

Reform needs to come quickly and not by suppressing legitimate protests but by engaging in meaningful action.

The national leaders should try to calm people and build a path to address the grievances. Throwing gasoline on them enables the agenda of potential fascists. Sending troops is the sign of an autocrat. We must talk not yell.

Anna T. Lopez

Colorado Springs

What is the emergency?

So who is right? The fearmongering Sunday headlines about positive (typically false) coronavirus tests not requiring hospitalization but potentially closing down schools or the 146 (down to 131) hospitalizations statewide that Paul Klee cites in his Sunday sports column?

One sounds terrible and one sounds minor. So who is right?

If positive tests don’t normally require hospitalization and only a little over 100 people are hospitalized for coronavirus in the state then why can’t fans watch the Broncos in person? And why are there state-mandated restrictions if so few people are hospitalized?

With just over a 100 people hospitalized, what is the emergency that the governor is using emergency powers for?

Chris Colvin

Colorado Springs

Sign of more wasted resources

Without success, I tried to contact School District 20 about the regular empty bus routes that drive through our neighborhood. This is another sad sign of more wasted resources, Sorry, D-20. I tried to reach you.

Please explain these daily tours through my neighborhood with empty cargo.

Patty DesRochers

Colorado Springs

Opulent display at White House

Wow, President Donald Trump put on quite a show at the White House to accept the RNC nomination of him so he could celebrate himself at the taxpayers’ expense. I want to know what that extravagant display cost us taxpayers.

Since I am not a supporter of Trump, I’m not happy with his use of the nation’s house to celebrate his political nomination. No other president in our history has used the White House for such a blatant political abuse. So how much did it cost and how many federal employees did they use to set everything up and is the RNC going to pay these federal workers for their time and work or are we footing the bill for that, too? Since the RNC has gotten millions and millions in donations, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to pay us taxpayers back for using our resources.

I hope they are not planning on stiffing us like Trump has done to so many cities he has had campaign rallies in and hasn’t paid the cities for their costs. So President Trump — when can we expect to be reimbursed for your opulent display at our country’s expense and in the nation’s house?

Pat Kent


A poor oppositional position

The Rev. Amanda Henderson position in point/counterpoint in Sunday’s Gazette demonstrated much of the misunderstanding of freedom and compassion in complex decision-making.

The Rev. Henderson stated that “all people should have the freedom to decide whether or when to become a parent to raise children with dignity.” While we live in a country that makes this a true statement, it represents a position that is so often used by those who neglect the responsibility aspect of freedom.

Hopefully, we learn very young that though we can engage in certain behaviors we also learn whether we should. Judicious practice of freedom considers the rights of others including the unborn. The Rev. Henderson further comments that abortion bans are political attacks and are not about medicine, health or safety. Her focus is apparently only on the mother, because it is certainly about the health and safety of the child, but that does not seem to be where the reverend’s compassion seems to sit. Compassion does include helping another person feel safe and supported while reserving judgment, however it can also include guidance, discussing beliefs, and providing additional information.

Decision-making regarding abortion is indeed a very complex personal decision, but often made without the information of long-term moral impact or pro-life alternatives that might not be offered by a medical professional and, apparently in Rev. Henderson’s counterpoint, an ordained minister in a Christian church.

Barry Schultz

Colorado Springs


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