texting and driving (copy)

Phone use while driving

How can CDOT pat themselves on the back for all the so called campaigns on traffic? I’ve seen people driving north on I-25 in the far left lane and not passing anybody. Troopers in the third lane over never paid attention to the car. How many people driving with their phone stuck in their left ear or paying attention to traffic on that side or people driving on our streets with their head looking down on their phone and weaving all over the street? And yes a city cop driving right next to the car.

Why isn’t the no use of phone in a car being enforced? They want drunken drivers to be aware — why can’t phone use be included? They cause as much, if not more wrecks, in my opinion.

Doug Evans

Colorado Springs

Just for the pure fun of it

Teenagers almost never have fun anymore. Most of my fellow teens’ Instagram accounts look virtually identical. They post about what they’re doing or their outfits, hoping that their friends will compliment them. This is not all that big of a deal. The problem comes when getting approval from your peers is all you strive for. If you’re playing a game that requires other people to make you happy, you’re going to lose.

Throughout 2020, Minecraft “YouTubers” became popular once again. This, in my opinion, is one of the best aspects of the internet. Just a bunch of kids doing something they love together and having fun while doing it. Although they’ve received recent attention from it, many of them have been playing games online for years just for the pure fun of it.

During the pandemic it was pointed out that my fellow Generation Z college and high school students had gone back to their “middle school obsessions” as it was put. I believe there’s a reason for that. Most “Zoomers” weren’t all over social media when they were younger like the Generation Alpha kids are now. Sure, we had it, but we were doing stuff for ourselves, not for notoriety.

As kids, we did stuff that genuinely made us happy. So, it’s no wonder that once people were stuck in their homes for months on end, they sought something more than compliments on the internet. They went back to doing things they enjoy doing because they’re fun, not because anyone else said it was cool. It should always be like this.

Teenagers should have fun just for the sake of having fun.

Audrey Brooks


Rendering fi

rearms useless

Re: Senate sends safe gun storage to Governor. I ask Gov. Jared Polis not to sign this legislative farce.

House Bill 1106 imposes government-mandated standards for storing firearms at one’s residence. These rules, if signed into law, would render a person’s firearm useless when needed for self-defense.

This should be a matter of personal choice, as everyone’s situation is different.

I shall not become a victim. I shall not comply!

Martin Sobieraj

Colorado Springs

Become part of the solution

Dear gun owners and defenders of the Second Amendment:

I implore you to offer up concrete, viable proposals to dramatically reduce gun violence in America.

The majority of Americans want common-sense gun control. They simply want an end to the perpetual tragedy of killings and mass shootings in America.

I refuse to allow the right of civilians to carry guns to supersede my right to life and the pursuit of happiness.

I assert my right to grocery shop, attend events and movie theaters, and enter an office building without fear of being gunned down — and without the fear of my kid getting murdered at school.

The liberals have proposals. But I’m not hearing viable proposals from conservatives for dramatically reducing gun violence. The time is now to offer your solutions. Please become part of the solution. Otherwise, don’t complain when the liberals enact the exact gun control and ownership restrictions you deplore.

Jeffrey Smith


Disrespecting our country

In response to the letter of Ben Ralston on April 13, I hope that I will be among the first to write a letter arguing that members of the 2074 Olympic team should be kicked off the team for disrespecting our country. Our Olympians are supposed to represent the USA, not their personal beliefs.

I sincerely doubt that many of those athletes have personally been discriminated against.

A.J. Pfeifer

Colorado Springs

Guarding the Capitol

The U.S. Capitol should be guarded by the Marine Corps, the same group that provides protection at all of our embassies worldwide. The U.S. Capitol Police are not capable and will never be capable of providing the same level of protection as the Marines, even though both groups are fully authorized to use lethal force, if necessary.

I have every confidence that if the Marines had been guarding the U.S. Capitol the day it was stormed, our Congress and staffers would have been protected. The difference is in the training, the esprit de corps and the honor that is indelibly a part of the Marine tradition.

Those military members would die before letting America be harmed and that is exactly the type of Americans we need protecting our country’s high value assets.

David Belote



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