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Protesters and counterprotesters were separated by Pueblo police near a Christopher Columbus statue recently.

Petition to remove Columbus statue

It saddened me to see the young business owner in Pueblo not able to open her business on Sundays and customers obviously staying away because of the “protesters” demanding the removal the Christopher Columbus bust statue. This statue, placed there 115 years ago, was paid for and is maintained by the Italian community, the Sons of Italy Lodge. (How does taking it down spell “inclusiveness”?

Additionally, given the budget-strapped city due to virus shutdown, it is astounding that Pueblo Council has hired a “moderator” to negotiate with/for the protesters! What foolishness. No one has the intestinal fortitude to “suggest” to the protesters that they attempt to have the statue removed legally. This is what any group in a civilized community would do. Reference the Stapleton neighborhood residences in the Denver area who drew up a petition, collected the number of signatures required to support a vote. What a novel idea! That effort was successful and the name of the neighborhood will be changed to (excuse me), “rebranded” as Central Park.

Allow the entire population of Pueblo to decide if the statue stays or goes. This has always been, and should still be, a majority rule country, we cannot let the squeaky wheel get any more attention. Perhaps the City Clerk of Pueblo could work with the protest leader (a resident of Pueblo) to develop the petition, let them gather the requisite number of signatures and make it a ballot initiative.

If they don’t want to take the time and make the effort to do this, it shows they are not committed to the cause of “peacefully” removing the statue, but only to causing chaos.

Sooner or later, and Dear God I pray sooner, the silent majority in this state and country will say “enough” to the marxist mobs and demand a stop be put to the violence and disturbances which abound in the misnamed gatherings of “peaceful protests.” Let the suffering businesses in the area of the 115-year-old statue and all of Pueblo rebound.

Sarah George

Colorado Springs

Will you take the pledge?

The week ending July 11, Colorado Springs had the highest weekend hotel occupancy in the U.S. at 81.7%. The pandemic has made it a slower summer for the region, but we’re still a top destination for leisure travelers — especially those who are looking for wide-open spaces and outdoor adventure during this time.

It’s wonderful our tourism industry is on the path to recovery. At the same time, we have to make visitor and resident safety a priority and keep our businesses open for the long haul. That’s why we’ve launched The Peak of Safety Pledge. Tourism industry recovery will span the next few years, and safety will remain a top concern and consideration for visitors when choosing their destinations.

Our business partners have pledged to keep guests as safe as possible when in their care. Before enjoying our great outdoors, attractions, restaurants, hotels and more, we ask visitors and residents to do their part and take the pledge as well. Pledge-takers agree to take action like wearing a mask in public, using contactless payment when possible and staying home when sick. They’ll be rewarded with deals and discounts to redeem at businesses around the region.

As our region’s destination marketing organization, Visit Colorado Springs has pledged to promote the Pikes Peak region responsibly and keep our community and visitors informed with the latest state and county guidelines. Are you with us? Take the pledge at

Doug Price

Colorado Springs

Showing up to be heard

A redress of grievances is fundamental to the health of our republic. The Colorado Springs City Council is now hosting sessions that are all but closed to the public and this sets a dangerous precedent for our city. City Hall is closed to the public, yet council is set to vote on a new fee. All the while, the people are unable to show up and be heard in person. While one can call in, it is not the same and not in the spirit of the republican democracy we enjoy in this country. Over the past four months, America has witnessed a sea change in favor of the elites and it is only getting worse. But, we can be the change to save the America we know and love.

There is something special and unique about showing up in person to be heard. Something distinctly American. We are losing that American specialness. The City Council must not meet, unless the people are able to be present and heard. To do otherwise, would be antithetical to the values that those on the City Council, with whom I am acquainted, cherish. It is up to each of us to ensure that the blessings liberty has brought us are passed down to our posterity. I encourage you to reach out to the members of the Colorado Springs City Council at

Rory Carlin

Colorado Springs

Stopping government from working

Recently the Great American Outdoors act was signed into law — the most significant funding of National Parks and National Forest in over 50 years. It was done in a bipartisan fashion. Amazingly President Donald Trump did not kill it.

And what thanks does Sen. Cory Gardner get for such a spectacular achievement of moving this forward? The psycho socialist group the Sierra Club endorsed his opponent at the very hour this bill is signed into law. I am an independent. I want to see government work, this is how you stop that from happening.

Phillip Montgomery

Colorado Springs

Utilize beautiful creek area

The Santa Fe Trail and Monument Creek running through Colorado Springs have been greatly improved over the last few years. Thank you to the City of Colorado Springs. The creek no longer smells horribly in most parts and has been greatly improved with rocks and small falls and the trail has beautiful bridges and improvements.

My question is: Has anyone desired to move almost 2 miles of City Work Yards directly on the west side of the creek north of Uintah and redevelop that land for restaurants, coffee shops, bike shops, other businesses and parking, with access down to the creek? And to turn the creek into a incredible tubing area?

Every city does not have a beautiful creek running through it like Colorado Springs does. It could be done! And I for one would love to work with a group who is working for that goal. The utility yards could be moved to a less conspicuous location, the city could lease or sell the land and use the funds to continue turning Monument Creek into an incredible asset, one with wildlife, teaching opportunities, fishing, tubing, kayaking areas, and just better accessibility to play in it. We are missing a huge opportunity!

Susie Jernigan

Colorado Springs


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