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Parents protesting mask mandates

I was disappointed when I saw the photo of parents protesting mask mandates in our schools. I spent a day supervising my granddaughter doing online school which no where near reaches the quality of classroom education.

She’s too young to be vaccinated and because of the ignorance and selfishness of these same parents, she’s not safe in the classroom with your children.

So I would say to you anti-masking parents, if you don’t want your children wearing masks in school, then keep them home so my granddaughter can return to the classroom.

Sharon Enns

Colorado Springs

Never give up TABOR’s protection

They say vote yes on 1A “so they can fix roads and parks”.

Have you ever heard that before? Only ever election! It sounds great; but they never actually do it. Take a look at the area around Antelope grade school for just one example. Those roads have not been touched for about 20 years.

TABOR is the greatest protector we have ever had in Colorado. Let us never give up that protection. They say it doesn’t get rid of TABOR; but it really does. They collect more tax money each year than TABOR permits; but it always try to convince us the only wise thing to do is let them keep it. They say they won’t keep anything “over the cap”.

How many know what the “cap” is and who sets it. That is right, we have no control over the size and the commissioners have really big heads.

Because of the extraordinary rise in home values, we are going to be hit with huge tax property tax increases. If allowed to keep them, many citizens will be at risk of losing them.

J C Coombs

Colorado Springs

Vaccination decisions controversy

Eugene Robinson wrote an entire article justifying the decision to vaccinate and deriding anyone who disagrees with his logic.

The CDC says COVID-19 vaccination:

Will not prevent infection... the vaccinated can still get COVID.

Will not prevent transmission ... the vaccinated can still infect others.

The U.S. press claims hospitals are full of unvaccinated individuals, while foreign governments giving the same vaccines (U.K., Australia, etc.) claim the super majority of their hospitalized COVID patients are fully or partially vaccinated.

Either chemistry, physics and medical reality change at the border, or somebody is less than truthful.

So, by what logic does one person’s vaccination status affect any other person?

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Scott Clayton

Colorado Springs

Once a radical, always a radical

Your recent Perspective featuring David Horowitz exemplifies how he is not a conservative but a radical. Horowitz swapped his communism for radical libertarianism.

Like a Soviet propagandist, Horowitz lies to subvert our military. He lies about Obama firing 197 generals since no such number of generals got fired, but Horowitz wants to undermine confidence in our military by any means. The number 197 comes from an internet article of military officers, not just generals, discharged for misconduct, it includes captains, majors, colonels, and yes, even some generals too. For Horowitz, every officer discharged for lying, cheating, or stealing was somehow Obama’s fault.

Republicans such as Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower, are more in line with today’s progressive Democrats.

What often gets hyped as conservative is just a Trojan horse for oligarchies and radical libertarians. True conservatism encourages institutions and democratic principles, with economic and social systems intended to benefit the common person. It stresses our obligations towards each other.

It strives to bring together disinterested groups to solve issues, not sow conflict.

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, an actual conservative once discussed the role of government as sound finances, the foundation of law, defense, education, and the safety net.

Another pillar of conservatism worth mentioning is the ancient Roman Cicero, known for his humane skepticism and the greatest gift to European civilization. Cicero was rational, undogmatic, tolerant, law-abiding, and urbane.

Cicero was conservative. Something Horowitz is not.

John Foley

Colorado Springs

Not what the country needs

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy needs to be fired. He holds that office only because he was a major financial donor to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. He had no particular experience in or knowledge of postal affairs. If DeJoy is qualified to be Postmaster General, then I’m qualified to be Pope.

DeJoy said he had a 10-year plan to overhaul mail delivery. His plan has contributed to the slowing of the mail. There will be further delays, along with increased postal rates.

DeJoy has done nothing to improve postal service, and everything to worsen it.

The U.S. Postal Service awarded a $120 million mail sorting contract to XPO Logistics, a company DeJoy formerly ran and to which he maintains financial ties. This conflict of interest alone should disqualify DeJoy from being in his current position.

DeJoy also wants to slash post office hours across the nation and consolidate mail processing facilities. Small towns would lose their post offices. Lines at post offices would get longer. Maybe some days we wouldn’t get our mail.

A slower, less convenient and more expensive mail service. Just what this country needs. Thanks, Mr. DeJoy.

David J. Baker, former postal worker

Colorado Springs


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