A computer-generated image shows an 8,000-seat, outdoor amphitheater that’s been proposed for the Polaris Pointe development on Colorado Springs’ north side. A local entertainment company says the venue would play host to the same big-name concerts and shows seen at Red Rocks and Fiddler’s Green outside Denver; the group hopes to compete the project in late summer 2023, with a full concert season in 2024.

Project poses problems

Regarding your past Gazette article, “8,000-seat outdoor Amphitheater planned in Colorado Springs: Red Rocks south?” by Rich Laden, April 6-7, 2022, I have read the latest posting from city planning referencing the responses to the Third Review, Polaris Pointe filing AR PUD 22-00062 and AR FP 22-00063.

The developer did address noise and made changes addressing that concern. Whether or not they are effective remains to be seen/heard. This is an 8,000-seat venue. With only 793 parking spaces on site (some on-street parking on Spectrum Loop), obviously, an on-site traffic coordinator (as mentioned on page 1-29) will not coordinate traffic impacts on Voyager and exiting traffic on to I-25.

However, regarding parking, traffic, and numbers of concerts, their responses are troubling. They say a traffic control coordinator will have to be on-site but that does not address the traffic from parking off-site. The amphitheater proposed is planned to operate concerts (Site Map page 1-29) seven days a week. Sunday through Thursday concerts will have sound checks starting at 3 p.m. and concerts will happen from 7-8 p.m. ending at 10:30 p.m.. Friday and Saturday concerts will have sound checks starting at noon and concerts will be from 3-8 p.m. and ending not later than 11:30 p.m.. This concert schedule is proposed to operate April through October. So those living here along Voyager will be dealing with daily traffic issues in addition to noise, parking and trash issues. I do hope their proposed noise mitigation works. Regarding parking for 8,000 attendees, only 793 cars will be accommodated on site. The rest will park at Bass Pro (195 spaces), Discovery Canyon Campus (1,063 spaces), the Classical Academy (473 spaces), and Compassion International (Site 1 – 627 spaces, Site 2 – 537 spaces). Total available parking is 3,688 spaces for 8.000 projected attendees. This parking off-site will have a severe traffic impact on the neighborhoods to the south along Voyager to InterQuest.

Also, after hours activities at Discovery Canyon and Classical Academy may be impacted by parking needs/requirements. With Planning and Community Development approval the developer hoped to begin site prep in 45 days from the date of the article mentioned above and host shows before the end of 2023. This amphitheater location is not in the best interests of our community and those with common sense who live nearby can see that. This project should not be approved.

Neil L. Talbott

Colorado Springs

Definition of socialism

At the turn of the 20th century when Henry Ford began mass producing automobiles, independent entrepreneurs risked their “own” money building gas stations in hope of earning a return from auto owners buying gas. It was their own money, so if there were no customers, they lost their investment. That’s the risk entrepreneurs take.

So, why now is the government taking the risk “building an infrastructure” for electric cars? Who owns this infrastructure once it’s built? Is it given to the electric car industry? If so, why are we the people taking the risk for them?

Is the gas price hikes all designed to push us to electric cars? They have none of their own money at risk. They are simply given the profit without risk. Or, does the government keep the infrastructure? Either way, it is the definition of socialism; government-controlled industry! I’m all for green energy; just not having it forced down our throat. Sounds like rape! The same is true with government-controlled health care. Where else is this happening, I wonder? It’s the old slippery slope, once again. Tyranny does not happen overnight.

John Schulte

Colorado Springs

Bennet must defend his record

Eric Sondermann’s suggestion of an opportunity for an illuminating and inspiring campaign between Michael Bennet and Joe O’Dea does not seem likely when a Democratic group has already launched very demeaning media attacks attempting to influence the GOP primary.

As a second-term incumbent in a 50-50 Senate, Bennet will have to defend his record during the Biden administration when his single vote could have stopped the left-wing spending that has led to the worse inflation in the last 40 years. Bennet will have to defend his record in not opposing the ending of oil and gas leases on federal land when so much of the production in Colorado is on federal land, which has contributed to the highest gas prices ever in the US.

Bennet will have to defend his doing nothing to slow or end the out-of-control immigration on our southern border, or the flood of fentanyl across the border and then into Colorado.

During the third week in January 2020 when Biden issued executive orders cancelling almost anything Trump did, did Bennet compel Biden to cancel Trump’s decision to move the Space Force to Alabama?

O’Dea just has to run an illuminating campaign pointing out the Biden/Bennet failures. Election of O’Dea will ensure a Republican Senate that can oppose Biden’s continuing failures during the next two years.

Russell L Elsberry

Colorado Springs

Have we lost our moral compass?

So, the nine clowns working for the chief clown, Stephen Colbert, had their charges dropped for invading the Capitol. And some non-violent trespassers (some of whom were let in by the police) are still rotting in solitary confinement for over a year.

Sandy Cortez (AOC) the brave socialist was arrested along with 34 other pro-abortion fools. I’m sure she will be fully prosecuted.

Oh, never mind; she is on the left along with the aforementioned clowns.

Wonder how long before her charges will be dropped?

Lady Justice must be weeping as our country is devolving into unequal justice under the law!

Bill Crow

Colorado Springs


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