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One-party rule is not working

I am missing something here, and maybe someone can explain. When I have voted in state elections, I voted for a representative to the state Legislature who is supposed to represent my views. Since the Democrats won almost every elected position in the state, I do not see much representation for anyone. They control the state government and seem to be acting like a bunch of 6-year-old kids in a free candy store without adult supervision; the governor is not vetoing much.

Some years ago, we voted for the TABOR amendment so we would have a say in tax increases, plus funding for the state roads and highways were to be funded out of the general funds. The statehouse does not want to use general funds for the highways so they are increasing what had previously been called taxes and calling those “fees” for the roads.

The extreme environmentalists got a measure on the ballot to basically shut down the oil and gas industry in the state, which would cause loss of millions of dollars in wages and many millions in taxes for schools and health. Even former Gov. John Hickenlooper said that Colorado had the toughest laws in the country and this was not necessary. The vote was 80% against, guess what? Gov. Jared Polis recently signed a law that is almost identical to that measure that was voted down. Another example of not representing our views, the voters of Colorado voted 80% against a state-run health care system.

Guess what is working its way through the Democrat-controlled statehouse? The head of the department of transportation said she does not want to spend the money from the federal stimulus package on roads because that would allow more cars to be on the road, She supports the idea of the rail line from Trinidad to Cheyenne. Are you going to ride a train from the east side of Colorado Springs to east of Denver?

How are you going to get to your destination in Golden from there? Have you driven down I-25 in Denver and noticed that there is almost never many people on the light rail, but the Democrat state representative sponsoring this says “We need this.”

So what I seem to be missing is that I don’t understand why these people keep getting reelected time after time when they are not doing what we elected them to do? One-party rule is not working very well.

So please think before you vote. This Democratic Party in not the same as your grandfather voted for.

Tom Keilers

Colorado Springs

Step to the plate or step aside

Unfortunately, the El Paso County commissioners let us down…..again. In typical Republican party fashion, they can’t see past the toes of their cowboy boots in rejecting the Front Range Rail District plan.

The I-25 improvement from Monument to Castlerock should have been four lanes instead of three. We got mislead and taxed and now it can’t be upgraded to four in the future. Look at how bad traffic is already from North Academy to Security at peak travel. It will get worse.

In about 10 years, with all the expected growth, the new I-25 improvement will be jammed again. In that time, we could have rail service all up and down the Front Range. Think tourism, commuters, weekenders and jobs we can’t outsource! Looking to build more roads is folly and myopic. Either step to the plate or step aside. We need visionaries again like Gen. William Palmer instead of grandstanders.

Patrick Daugharty


Not too much to ask

So Commissioner Carrie Geitner thinks we shouldn’t have a Front Range rail line because people who might not use it would be partial responsible for funding it. I’m not and don’t have kids in public education. I help pay for that. That’s a good thing. I’m not enrolled in nor do I have students in the university system. I help pay for that. That’s a good thing.

I could go on and on with the things I help pay for that I don’t use. Even if they don’t ride the rails, people who help pay for it will be doing a good thing. Surely that’s not too much to ask.

Joe Smith

Colorado Springs

Need our road system fi

Say no to rail

We should applaud the El Paso County commissioners for having the guts to say “no” to the Colorado State Legislature’s ignorant proposal for a Front Range Passenger Rail District. (May 11, Gazette article “County officials oppose passenger rail”). This district tax initiative would be overseen by a “14-member board”, hmmm, who would appoint this board? The state Democrats, of course, who have determined we “need” this rail system.

As the commissioners stated, “put the money into roadways instead.” We need our road system fixed instead of paying lip service to the need to fix our roads.

Keep fighting for us, county commissioners!

Bill Clewe


Wonderful school with academic focus

Thank you for the recent article featuring the Evangelical Christian Academy. This wonderful school, which for 50 years has focused on the supremacy of Christ and educational excellence, has had a dramatic and implicit impact upon generations of our family.

Our children and now our grandchildren, have been privileged to attend ECA through their years of education. We have also been blessed to be a part of this school through years of teaching and serving on their school board.

High academic standards are maintained, students are nurtured and their individual gifts encouraged, parents are supported in the important job of raising their families and God is honored in every aspect of learning and growing.

Bob and Linda Morgan

Colorado Springs


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