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The Air Force Falcons celebrate after defeating the Louisville Cardinals during the 2021 First Responder Bowl at Gerald J. Ford Stadium on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas last month.

Not listening to the fans

In response to “No Hometown Support for AFA” by Gary Crandell from Denver:

While I agree with Crandell’s assessment that the AFA “is the best college football team in Colorado [that] plays its home games in front of almost no one.” After having season tickets for a couple of years, the “hometown fans stay home, week after week after week” because the AFA Athletic Department has put the pursuit of financial gains in front of any connection to its season ticket holders and the hometown fans. Point in case, the Army vs. AFA game for 2021 was moved from Colorado Springs to Arlington, Texas, to help Coach Troy Calhoun with his recruiting campaign.

Similarly, AFA accepted a bowl bid in Texas for the same reason. Additionally, AFA and the Mountain West Conference have moved games from the Saturday afternoon kickoff to 5 p.m. and later, to have games aired on television that financially benefits AFA and the Mountain West Conference.

Thus, it is extremely difficult and understandable for “hometown” fans and season ticket holders to be less than excited about AFA football or feel a connection to the AFA when their voices are muted by the pursuit of financial gains.

Perhaps, Nathan Pine, the USAFA athletic director, and his team will make the honorable decision to listen to the deafening feedback from fans and season ticket holders have provided over the last couple of years: Move kickoff times to Saturday at 1 p.m. and keep the annual academy rivalry game in Colorado Springs!

Otherwise, expect fans and former season ticket holders to stay home to watch AFA football games from the comfort and warmth of their own home while attendance at AFA football games continues to dwindle.

Dr. Mike Mlynarczyk

Colorado Springs

Missing exact game start times

As a reply to the chastisement of those of us who do not attend AFA football games regularly, just so you know, in the past you bought tickets knowing the exact game time starts. Now it could be early, midday or night, which presumably is based on television viewing opportunities for the AFA.

Since 1978 we attended most of the full season games but now that start times vary, apparently due to television viewing monetary opportunities, and start times are often unknown until shortly before the game date we rarely purchase tickets now unless it is at the last minute when we know the start time.

It would be nice to go back to knowing the exact start times for each game before purchasing tickets so you could plan around it for your day.

They might miss us as fans, but we miss the fun of seeing our future leaders play great football as well.

Doris Wall

Colorado Springs

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Supporting the AFA from home

Although it’s never stated, I assume the gentlemen was talking about the lack of people that attend the games at the stadium. My wife and I have been attending games at the AFA since the mid-1990s, but as we’ve gotten older we’ve realized how uncomfortable and unsafe the stadium is.

The space between rows is very narrow and the metal bench seating is a challenge even with additional padding. During one of the games this year an older gentlemen, trying to move from the row of seating in front of us, fell and almost landed on the cement steps but was saved from getting hurt by the person sitting next to steps.

Once we had season tickets; now we may go to two games during the season. The design of the stadium makes it difficult for people with mobility challenges to get around easily or safely.

We still support AFA football, rarely missing a game, but we do it from our home now.

Rick McCarter

Colorado Springs

Feedback on revised curriculum

As a teacher, I would like to share that the Colorado Department of Education is requesting feedback from the general public on their proposed revisions to the kindergarten through 12th grade social studies standards that guide teacher instruction in Colorado.

The revisions come as part of House Bill 19-1192 that seeks to make recommendations “... for revisions to the Colorado Academic Standards for history and civics so that those standards and programs accurately reflect the history, culture, social contributions, and civil government of the United States and Colorado, including the contributions and influence of American Indians, Latinos, African Americans, and Asian Americans; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) individuals within these minority groups; the intersectionality of significant social and cultural features within these communities; and the contributions and persecution of religious minorities.”

I urge teachers, parents, and the community to review the proposed revisions and take the opportunity to comment. To their credit, the Colorado Department of Education has opened up their work for review, and extended the window for community feedback until February 1st.

Here is the link to access the revised standards and to give feedback. Proposed revisions are in red:


Ben Fromuth

Colorado Springs