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Nonhunters in the Legislature

A recent letter to the Gazette advocates for the “health and safety of wildcats” in support of SB22-031. The letter claims that the system benefits the narrow interests of trophy hunters from outside Colorado. I don’t buy it. Big cats kill deer and elk. Fewer deer and elk means less deer and elk hunting.

Second guessing how Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages wildlife populations through this bill strikes me as being yet another attack on deer and elk hunting in Colorado, something that many Coloradans enjoy. I am not a hunter.

I oppose this bill because it feels like the same thing as putting a vegan activist who views artificial insemination of dairy cattle as sexual abuse on the state veterinary board, like the same thing as Front Range voters putting wolves into the backyards (pastures) of somebody else (the Western Slope) in another disguised effort to cut down on deer and elk hunting.

The activists behind this bill are really very good at crafting appealing, if disingenuous, narratives.

If the nonhunters in the Legislature succeed in passing this bill, the right thing for Polis to do, as a governor for all of Colorado, would be to veto it.

Andrew Downs

Colorado Springs

Never needed a nanny before

I don’t have enough words to describe how thrilled I am that Rep. Brianna Titone, D-Arvada, is trying to relieve me of the onerous, degrading chore of declining unneeded utensils, condiments, and napkins when I buy takeout food.

It is such a burden to have to remember to tell the restaurant that I don’t need a fork for my salad or a spoon for my soup. And napkins, who would reasonably want a napkin included in their meal sack?

Sticky fingers and drips of sauce should just be licked up doggy style. I am 71, and I am so happy that the government is taking over as my nanny. I never had a nanny as a child, never even knew I needed one.

Now all those decades of managing my own life are over; the government will do everything for me!

There are so many pressing issues in our state I can’t believe Rep. Titone has found time to worry about little old me and my lunch sack.

Bill Healy


Disillusionment with our democracy

Intensifying polarization is causing our system of government to dysfunction, which is giving way to disillusionment with our democracy. Studies show this trend to be a 60-year slide, with every year becoming a little bit worse. We can’t just wait this out.

Ranked-choice voting is one powerful reform that can reverse the decay. This system abandons the false choice of two predetermined candidates and empowers voters to fully articulate their intent through their ballots via a first choice, second, third, et cetera. There are many compelling reasons why ranked-choice voting is worthwhile, but maybe the most compelling reason is that it incentivizes positive campaigning instead of division, it elects individuals who broadly appeal across diverse communities and political views.

Colorado Springs has a choice to make with this upcoming mayoral election, and the time has come to put ranked-choice voting to the test. Not only will this help Colorado Springs to save money by preventing costly runoffs, this will send a message to the governor that Colorado is ready. Colorado Springs can take a leading role in the state and show the state legislature exactly how to do democracy a better way. We all have a part to play.

I ask that each person take a few minutes to learn more about this system and shoot your council member a note of encouragement to make the change!

Stefan Katz

Colorado Springs

The constant criticism of Biden

David Baker asks “What did Donald Trump do besides play golf and make bad appointments?’

Well let me see, President Trump lowered corporate tax rates, bringing manufacturing jobs back to our country. The best economy in 50 years, lowest unemployment of Black and Hispanic population ever, made our country energy independent and an exporter of energy, had the COVID vaccine developed and available in less than a year, and in my opinion the best SCOTUS appointments in many years.

In contrast, Joe Biden has a weak record on the economy, made us energy dependent, hat in hand begging OPEC to provide more oil, their response “If you want more oil pump it yourself.”

When his request was rejected, he turned to using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower the prices. That didn’t work either and that oil has to be replaced someday, where will it come from? The highest inflation in more than 40 years, gas prices reminding us of the 1970s, and the Democrats are spending money like there is no tomorrow. Trillions of dollars in added debt.

Yes, he brought the troops home from Afghanistan, a disaster, 13 American troops killed, leaving many Americans and friendly Afghans behind. And Joe gets to brag about accelerating delivery of the vaccine.

As for the list of things Joe isn’t, Baker forgot plagiarism.

And whether Joe is a prevaricator, check to see if his lips are moving.

John Froehle

Colorado Springs


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