Negative repercussions of decision

Hello, I am a senior at Cheyenne Mountain High School and am writing this as a way to convey my opinion on the controversial matter of mask requirements. It seems that the vast majority of students at my school are against mask regulations; however, I feel that they are critically important when it comes to protecting ourselves and those around us.

The district board recently has decided to lift mask regulations, and I am concerned about the negative repercussions that will surely stem from this decision. Unfortunately, this decision does not only impact our school district, but our community as a whole. The lack of masks in schools will lead to more students infected, who will in turn infect people in our community. I am also concerned how it might be difficult for the district to revert this change considering the massive amount of backlash they would receive for even considering doing so.

Overall I believe that lifting the districtwide mask mandate will have unavoidable and tragic repercussions for our entire community.

Noah Gottwalt

Colorado Springs

Things Biden should do

Louis Shade’s letter (Dec. 20) had 12 ways that President Joe Biden could do better in the polls. While making some good points like being a moderate, there are other points that need addressing.

No. 1 & 2) End border crisis and complete border wall. Illegal border crossings have always been a problem. Five hundred miles of new wall are being breached daily. Rather than wasting billions on an ineffective wall, we need real immigration reform, including strict penalties for not using E-verify to discourage illegal immigration.

No. 3) Reinstate the Keystone pipeline. The U.S. won’t benefit from oil from the Canadian pipeline to be used almost exclusively to export oil to foreign countries. Recent Gazette story: “US pipelines currently running at 50% capacity”.

No. 4) Finance military whose budget Biden decimated. Nonsensical, when the president just signed a military budget with a $25 billion increase. This increase alone is greater than the Canadian military budget and is larger than all but 11 countries’ military budgets.

No. 7) Get really tough on crime. The fed shouldn’t (as happens in countries run by dictators) take the lead on crime prevention taking the place of the fed increasing support for local law enforcement as prioritized in the proposed budget?

No. 9) Inflation — The fed made an agreement with labor to extend port hours, reducing waiting ships by half. Also, the passed infrastructure bill will increase port capacity.

No. 12) Not be FDR reacting to a world war or Depression. Ignores that COVID has had a similar nationwide economy impact.

Rock Goldberg

Colorado Springs

Getting things twisted around

Re: 2021: The year-end mode is an ode.

It seems that Eric Sodermann, trying to be humorous, is certainly not as bright as his father was. Professor Sondermann used to come off with some common sense. Eric? No.

He keeps getting things twisted around and just not telling the truth about others.

Jan. 6 is a day the Democrats cannot get past. They are just hung up on they have “their facts” wrong and cannot figure out how to get past it. The president at that time, President Donald Trump, did not incite anyone to overturn an election. They overlook the facts, real facts, that there was insurrection all over Washington, D.C., and other cities during the year 2019. Oh, they over look those facts and claim everything was peaceful. Wrong. There is clear evidence that there were capitol police or impostors dressed as capitol police directing crowds here and there, on Jan. 6. Also the only person killed during the Jan. 6 protest was a young woman, Ashli Babbitt. She was murdered by a Capitol Police lieutenant. And the videos show the policemen stationed by the window where she was, were being moved away by someone. Not the protesters.

And my goodness, we know the Democrats are afraid of Trump but they are also afraid of Rep. Lauren Boebert. Actually, they are afraid of anyone that does not follow their misleading agendas. About the only thing Sondermann got right was that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are too old to be counted as boomers.

Larry Sportsman

Colorado Springs

Climate change and tornadoes

Regarding the Gazette’s editorial on the Dems spreading false info on climate change and tornadoes:

No one can say with 100% accuracy whether the shift in tornado patterns to more severe weather later in the season and across a broader range in the U.S. is due to climate change or natural climate fluctuations. However, it’s worth noting that the five largest tornadoes on record in the U.S. have occurred in the last 22 years.

Scientists agree that the climate is changing and that climate change has caused an increase in extreme weather events worldwide. The National Climate Assessment summarizes the complicated relationship between tornadoes and climate change, stating that while some types of extreme weather (rain and heat) can directly be attributed to climate change, scientific understanding isn’t detailed enough to directly link tornadoes to climate change. However, atmospheric scientists who have simulated historic tornadoes have concluded that warmer winter weather most likely contributes to more frequent, violent winter tornadoes, thus supporting President’s Joe Biden’s statement.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report referenced by The Gazette is inconclusive due to “insufficient coverage of the long-term observations” yet somehow the Gazette managed to draw a conclusion of no evidence.

The Gazette claims this “false narrative” is being pushed for political purposes. Is it so inconceivable to the editorial staff that our president and the Democrats hope to pass Build Back Better with climate provisions, not for political gain, but out of concern for the future of our planet? Apparently so.

Kathleen Eichinger

Colorado Springs


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