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People listen to speakers during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for opening day of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs.

Museum is not Disney World

In response to the Dec. 28 letter from Connor Finley about his visit to the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum, I would like to respond.

Mr. Finley, I don’t think I know you but if I did, we might be friends. And as your friend I would have to tell you how completely narrow your view was of your visit to this wonderful local attraction.

What I gleaned from your letter, is that you don’t like spending money on parking; the “games”, as you call them, didn’t measure up to your expectations; and the touch-screens required you to read 2-3 sentences instead of watching a video. Oh, and the exterior signs asking that no skateboarding be conducted on the sidewalks (so as not to destroy the property or run over patrons) was contrary to what you thought might be more appropriate.

Having visited the museum myself three times so far, and from what you’ve written, I wonder if your experience might have been different if first, you had parked on the street where you pay a meter by the hour (much less than the $39 you ended up paying). Second, if you had read any of the 2-3 sentence descriptions near any of the beautiful photographs depicting the hundreds of athletes’ experiences, you may have been inspired instead of feeling so disappointed with the “clunky and mundane” virtual trials. After all, it’s not Disney World.

A quote taken from one of the displays expresses the theme of the museum: “Everything about the Olympics is big — especially its values and ideals. The Games bring the world together, and reflect a vision of peace, equality, excellence, and perhaps above all, joy in taking part.

As the games have progressed, their reach has widened, both in geography and idealism. And more than all the athleticism and spectacle, the Olympics produce a feeling that’s spectacularly human. As figure skater Scott Hamilton said, ‘Most other competitions are individual achievements, but the Olympic Games are something that belongs to everybody.’”

I could go on and mention all the things I’ve learned from my visits. I’m looking forward to a fourth visit so I can read more of the 2-3 sentence accounts of those who have experienced the joy in taking part in the Games.

Joan Nusbaum

Colorado Springs

Absolutely nailed the problem

Thank you for publishing in the Sunday Gazette, the article by Glenn Loury, as part of the Benson Center Lecture Series at the University of Colorado at Boulder. This black professor absolutely nailed the problem facing Blacks in America, and its solution. His last paragraph says it better than anything I could possibly do. Here it is again:

“Here, then, is my final unspeakable truth, which I utter now in defiance of “cancel culture.” If we Blacks want to walk with dignity, if we want to be truly equal, then we must realize that white people cannot give us equality. We actually have to earn equal status. Please don’t cancel me just yet because I am on the side of Black people here. But I feel obligated to report that equality of dignity, equality of standing, equality of honor, equality of security in one’s position in society, equality of being able to command the respect of others—this is not something that can be simply handed over. Rather, it is something that one has to wrest from a cruel and indifferent world with hard work, with our bare hands, inspired by the example of our enslaved and newly freed ancestors. We have to make ourselves equal. No one can do it for us.”

Erik Lessing


‘Left-wing lunacy’ continues

Left-wing lunacy continued into December with the guilty verdict of Jussie Smollett, who created and practiced a hoax of a hate crime that two guys in MAGA hats attacked him and put a noose around his neck.

Let us not forget Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ rush to judgment boosting Smollett’s hate crime hoax while nearly at the same time calling Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” for his innocent acts of self defense.

Then Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx attempted to cover up the crime for Smollett and not charge him stating to Smollett’s sister, “Your brother should be fine as long as he stays consistent” just before a retired judge successfully filed the motion as a private citizen to have a special prosecutor assigned to the case. Disgraceful how these Democrats try so hard to create lies, divide America on race, and then attempt to cover-up their own crimes.

Speaking of doctoring up evidence, the Jan. 6 Committee now admits congressman Adam Schiff doctored text messages and even displayed them on screen during his statement to create an illusion that Donald Trump advisors and lawmakers colluded with those in the so-called insurrection on the Capitol. No media outlets want to mention Antifa organizer John Sullivan who colluded with CNN in the planned riot on the Capitol or the 534 riots nationwide by Antifa in 2020. Schiff should be thrown in jail with the Antifa rioters.

Two Democrats who pushed to “Defund the Police” — one is robbed at gunpoint in Pennsylvania while the other is carjacked in Illinois. And what did they do afterwards? Yes, they called the police that they want to defund. If you are a Democrat that wants to defund the police, please do not call the police. They are needed for Americans who appreciate our police officers.

Oh, and by the way, the husband of the Chicago Dem had a firearm and fired it during the carjacking. Amazing how the same Democrats, who want to ban guns and defund the police from the citizens, use them for themselves.

A Democrat advocacy group wants more female crash dummies for “greater equality” in crash dummy tests, stating the crash dummies are male dominant.

If you didn’t know about any of these stories, chances are you watch “fake news” and that is just some of the left-wing lunacy for December 2021.

Frank Aquila

Colorado Springs


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