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Two Ward Lockwood murals at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College will be removed because of racist content and damage.

Mural is not from our time

Jim Raughton should not apologize! (“Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center to remove controversial murals”) It is Michael Christiano

who should apologize to the patrons of what he must believe is “his” museum.

I believe that intelligent, thoughtful patrons who visit the museum and view the murals by Ward Lockwood, completed in 1935, understand this is his commentary of the time in which he lived; not our time.

How will Americans understand the progress that has been made in civil rights if our markers of that progress are hidden away in a basement? This is happening to our books and statutes all around our country as well.

Michel Christiano does not want to “engage with our history” through art. He wants to join the chorus of the systemic racism narrative to deny future generations to view the progress this country has made in civil rights. Children in Germany visit concentration camps to see first hand the atrocities committed by their previous generations so that these horrors are never ever repeated.

This is not 1760, 1860 or even 1960. This is 2021 and opportunity abounds for all Americans. Let us see it!

Geri Becker

Colorado Springs

Anything free will be wasted

Mary Johnson’s proposal from Oct. 31 that we sell a day pass for parks is a good one. Maybe we could have a night pass, too, so the bums that want to live in the parks could pay a little rent.

She certainly gets A Plus in economics, because she knows that anything free will be wasted.

Mark Clinard


Recommendations for city parks

I’ve been a strong supporter of parks and trails within CS. However, I did not vote for increased funding of TOPS and feel there are currently higher priorities. Here’s a few:

1) Reduce traffic congestion and improve roads within Colorado Springs.

2) Improve safety on streets and highways within Colorado Springs.

3) Ensure despite closing Drake power plant earlier than planned, citizens will have reliable competitive power.


Change the park planning/development process so the developer ensures land is allotted per city code and funds are available for park development within a certain time frame. Development pays for growth.

Previously, we lived in the Woodmen Pointe (city) development & Antelope Ridge (county) development and in both areas the developer allocated park space but did not finish the park. The neighborhood advocated for park development and one park was developed. The other remains to be completed. Prioritize park development by changing the planning process or possibly budget for park development.

I do feel parks & trails are important and with the current TOPS funding additional development/maintenance can occur.

Randy Wentling

Colorado Springs

Take your kids back

Attention parents: It’s time to wake up! In this world we live in, we need to realize that parent is a verb. It’s an action. It’s something you have got to do! You have to be so vigilant today. That means take charge of your household. Lay down the law. You have permission to say no to your child.

I get that very young children have cell phones but should they be in their room with them when they go to bed? No! Should you be checking your child’s texts and calls and social media daily? Yes. My daughter is 10. She’s in 5th grade. She is the only kid in her class without her own phone. When her friends call and text, it’s my phone they are calling and texting. They don’t know that. I read everything. I’m appalled at the language as well as the times of day these kids are on their phones — 10 pm, 11:30 pm, 7 am.

That’s unnecessary and it’s causing more problems in the classroom. I’m a teacher as well and I see it in my students. They are bombarded with messages from friends, rumors, social media. Take your kids back. Keep them innocent as long as possible. Get involved. Be nosy. Your kids don’t get privacy. This could literally save lives. Parent, it’s a verb!

Jill O’Brien

Colorado Springs

Time change is not uncommon

‘Tis the season to complain about the “massive difficulties” to our population of changing Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time. However, changing time zones is not uncommon in our culture. Whole families voluntarily themselves to this when they fly to Disney Land or even “worse” to Disney World (2 hours time change). “Hardly any” of them experience severe physical or psychological affects.

Business people travel back and forth across time zones routinely, even multiple times per month. I did for 35 years. Airline personnel do it daily. “Hardly any” die or have serious psychological problems.

Seasonal time change has benefits and drawbacks, but no where near the difficulties “the professionals” attribute to the general population. They just complain with “professional authority”. It’s a modest change, and our culture likes to complain about changes. Don’t get too upset about it.

Arthur B. Cyphers

Colorado Springs

Leading the infrastructure plan

Congratulations to President Joe Biden for leading the passage of the vital U.S. infrastructure plan through Congress with approval from both parties.

It includes investments to repair our roads and bridges, modernize our electric grid, improve runways and air traffic control towers, provide internet access in rural communities, and replace dangerous lead water pipes carrying our drinking water.

All states will benefit and it will improve our daily life in Colorado. Thanks to the president and members of congress who supported the plan for their hard work.

John Madden



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