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More gun-grabbing regulations

The Gazette published an article Monday by the AP titled “Biden calls for tougher gun laws”. Seriously? As of 2016, there were 2,218 state gun laws on the books. I don’t know how many have been added since then. The number of federal laws are elusive. Instead of adding more, Mr. President, how about enforcing the ones we have? And, by the way, the guns aren’t the problem … the criminals holding them are the problem. That has been said too many times to count, and the number of times the gun-grabbers have ignored it matches!

The article talked about banning assault rifles and referred to the AR-15. There are a couple of things that need to be understood about this firearm. First, AR does NOT stand for assault rifle. It stands for ArmaLite Rifle, the company that created it in the late 1950s. Second, the AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. An assault weapon is fully automatic, which means it will continue to fire with one trigger pull until the ammunition runs out. A semi-automatic will only fire once with one trigger pull.

As for gun show loopholes, I can’t speak for other shows, but the ones here in Colorado Springs don’t have the loopholes mentioned. You can purchase a firearm at the local shows, but the seller will carry it to one of the background check stations. You will need to fill out the background check form, pay the fee, and wait until the background check comes back clean. You can’t walk out with a firearm until you pass that background check. To prevent injuries and deaths by firearms, we need to close loopholes on mental health and criminal behavior.

Let’s look at another source of tragedy: automobiles. There are more injuries and deaths by automobile than by firearms in this country. An automobile is a heavy duty product with the potential to do great harm in the wrong hands. A driver breaks the law whenever they drive far above the speed limit, or is under the influence. An automobile won’t leave a garage and take off all by itself. A firearm won’t fire all by itself, either.

President Joe Biden is looking out for the safety of our citizens. He wants to “make gun manufacturers liable for the role their products play in violence.” To follow that logic, we need to hold automobile manufacturers liable for the role their products play in those injuries and deaths.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Law-abiding citizens are not the problem so stop punishing them. Criminals don’t give a rat’s rear end about laws. When they want a gun, they will get a gun. Hence “criminal.”

Use some common sense and stop trying to force more gun-grabbing regulations on noncriminals.

Billie Nigro

Colorado Springs

We are at a crossroads

Several years ago, a professor in one of my behavioral courses who was also a psychologist and psychiatrist told the class that by 2050 this country would be a divided nation. Well, here we are. Politics has become a game of thrones. Truth has become variable and an instrument of a partisan media.

The manipulation of thought continues with terms such as reset, equity, culture cancel and several others. The mainstream media repeats them in a universal manner, achieving success in the minds of listeners. Repetition is a good learning tool, but indoctrination is abuse. It appears that everything that was good about this country has been moved to the negative side.

As I listen to people, I hear similar inculcated thoughts such as the need to defend democracy; yet, this comes from people who are tuned to the national media. Simply, the Constitution will protect democracy, but it must be followed.

Anger is another dangerous ingredient in the political arena. This motivation is now very active in government, allowing groups to take action solely on the driving force of anger, not reason. People now vote based on the level of dislike for the candidates, instead on policy. This past presidential election was very much represented by this force.

We are at a crossroads. Many believe this country has never been great, but people continue to come for a chance to experience freedom and opportunity. Perhaps the taxpayers of this country need to evaluate the investments in the negative, systemic education systems.

Roy Ayala

Colorado Springs

How does one defi

ne irony?

There are some good examples in recent news items such as San Francisco suing its school district to get the children back in school after the high number of suicides. Another is Minneapolis reversing its ‘defund the police’ efforts, approving $6.4 million for new officers. And, there’s always Andrew Cuomo’s new book, “Leadership Lessons From The COVID-19 Pandemic.” Or, how about Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler being accosted by the very hoodlums he has allowed to destroy his city?

Just a few examples of irony. Do you see a blue thread?

Bruce Foster

Colorado Springs

That darn global warming

Is it just me, or am I the only one concerned about the war on fossil fuels by Jared Polis and the Democrats here in Colorado, and Joe Biden and his climate change agenda in D.C.?

Today I woke up to find the temperature at 14 below zero. I thought, it must be that darn global warming. Fortunately, my gas-fired furnace was running and I could be warm and cozy, thanks to that evil fossil fuel, natural gas.

That’s unlike millions of people in Texas, in a region where much of their electric energy is supplied by wind turbines, which had frozen over with snow and ice, leaving those people without power. Their solar panels were also covered over with snow, so those didn’t work either. People were dying.

This is what Polis and Biden have in store for us here in Colorado in the coming years. Give that some thought, folks, and vote wisely in the next election.

James Anderson

Colorado Springs


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