Charter schools

Monopolies don’t give families a choice

Barry Fagin’s column on Thursday’s OP/ED page was excellent, except his solution of vouchers did not go far enough, not by a long shot. Vouchers for charter schools only help a small population of students. The problem is that public school systems are a monopoly and monopolies do not give families a choice.

Surely continue to fund K-12 education from taxes but direct the money to the families for their children. You would immediately see companies detecting a free market and set up educational programs to supply that educational need and make a profit. Families could then choose the educational company best suited to their children. The free market would be at work, with companies competing against one another to supply the best and most appropriate education, just as occurs with the free market in all other industries. The free market unleashes the forces of competition, invention, imagination, and improvement, just what we need for our students.

Erik Lessing


Vaccines during a pandemic

Bravo to Maggie Stone for presenting us some historical facts about how America uses mandates during pandemics. For those of you who say that mandates take away individual freedom to infect others, you can look to at our history and see medical mandates don’t lead to Fascism, Nazism, or Communism. They do what they claim to do, they save lives at the expense of other’s freedom to spread the current plague.

As for those who think that because the vaccine doesn’t work because some vaccinated folks still get a mild version of COVID-19, if you did your research, you would find that this is common to all vaccines. None are 100% effective. While I don’t know if that’s been published in all the newspapers in our country, I suspect it’s published in most of them.

Benjamin Young

Colorado Springs

Health and safety of our fellow humansWhile shopping in local grocery stores, I have heard announcements asking that customers, vaccinated or not, please wear masks to protect the health and safety of our

community. Such a simple request, and yet most of the shoppers I see, are not masked.

As older people who are vulnerable to this transmissible virus, my husband and I try to keep ourselves as safe as possible by being vaccinated and wearing masks in public places. Regardless of the reasons people have for not wearing masks, knowing

that Colorado is one of the worst states when it comes to COVID and knowing that by not doing this very easy thing to do, it is beyond me to understand why so many would be unconcerned about their own health and most importantly, the fact that others may become ill or die when this could have been so easily prevented.

As human beings, don’t we have an obligation to care about the health and safety of our fellow humans?

Sally Alberts


The evidence proves otherwise

In his most recent column, Mike Rosen made the incredible assertion that the Democratic narrative that Republicans want to engage in voter suppression is false. We don’t have to look any further for proof that Republicans want to limit voter participation than to examine the actions of our current Republican State Senator from Monument, Paul Lundeen. Earlier this year, Lundeen proposed a bill that would have eviscerated Colorado’s vote by mail system. Lundeen’s bill would have eliminated automatic vote by mail and would have instead required voters to vote in person or manually request mail-in ballots.

Former Colorado Secretary of State and well-respected Republican Wayne Williams has previously stated that “Elections are working well in Colorado. By every relevant metric, our state ranks as a leader in election administration.” In the presidential election last year, Colorado had the second highest voter participation rate in the country.

Why does Lundeen want to change a system that is clearly working and is making it easy for citizens to fulfill their civic obligation? The obvious answer is that he isn’t happy with the outcomes of elections and he wants to make it more difficult for potential Democratic voters to vote. That, my friends, is voter suppression. Rosen may argue that it isn’t the Republican plan – however the evidence proves otherwise.

Steve Waldmann


Reinstate the indoor mask mandate

I would just like to take a minute to thank Mayor John Suthers and our local non-leaders for their appalling neglect when it comes to putting the health and well being of their constituents at the forefront during our current COVID crisis. Thanks to their inaction, the current data for El Paso County has reached a level that is totally unacceptable. We have worked our way up to well over 500 cases per day and still your only concern is hospital beds.

Doesn’t it make sense that there wouldn’t be an issue with hospital beds if we were all wearing masks? Masks stop the spread. People here love to blame Democrats for everything.

This time the blame for the horrible situation El Paso County finds itself in lies solely at the feet of our Republican local government. Instead of Gov. Jared Polis calling on the federal government for help and resorting to crisis standards of care, just reinstate the indoor mask mandate! It worked before and it will work again. I know that some of you will enjoy calling me “woke” and I have to admit that I am...awake to the tragedy that has befallen the people of El Paso County. We deserve better from our local government. Stop putting your politics ahead of doing the right thing.

Rise Russell

Colorado Springs


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