Rudy Gonzales, executive director of Servicios de la Raza, talks during a strategy meeting last month at his Denver office, supports the LEAP initiative.

Monitoring the LEAP money

I have read the two main articles regarding LEAP that The Gazette has published in the last two weeks and I would be a supporter of the program as it is sorely needed to offset last year’s setbacks in educating our children.

However, in neither article was a mention of how the money provided to families of the children would be monitored to assure that the money was spent on the enhanced education of the children.

Unless there is effective oversight of how this aid is spent, it is subject to widespread abuse. I was surprised that neither article addressed this issue. It is important to the validity of the program.

Bill Robinson

Colorado Springs

What’s next on the list?

As I read the newspaper or listen to the news, there seems to be an increase in punishment daily for those who choose to not be vaccinated. Loss of job, and with that loss of income, seems to be the most recent direction the Joe Biden regime has chosen to punish those who don’t comply.

I was wondering if my federal retirement and benefits are next on the list to be withheld for not getting vaccinated. My military retirement after 24 years of service could be the starting point, then move on to take away my Social Security but why stop there, medicare costs surely are on the table too. Just a thought, if we the people don’t retake control of our government, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

David Patterson

Colorado Springs

A new Republican Party

Do I dare say that perhaps it is time for a third party? It is unfortunately obvious that the Grand Old Party (Republican) is off the rails. What happened to the party that embraced conservatism and saw themselves as the haters of dictatorships such as Russia, China and North Korea. They portrayed themselves as pro law enforcement, anti terrorists and pro equality. Now they represent cult worshiping, spineless politicians who are only interested in staying in office by sacrificing their integrity.

They are literally mostly an all white party dominated by old white males and crazy, white anti-government young, uneducated white guys.

Our country needs those Republicans who still maintain their integrity and morality to stand up and organize a new Republican Party. There is no way they can change the worship by the Republican leadership of a psychologically damaged former president. Mark my words. After former President Donald Trump is no longer the leader of this party, Donald Jr. will step in his shoes and the same spineless Republicans will kneel to kiss his ring. There is no question the New Republicans will not be able to win the next couple of presidencies but as a third party they might be able to help steer the country by joining the minority after the Democrats and Republicans beat each other over the head. As a former Republican, I only wish I was young enough to help lead it. How about you?

Vincent Capozzella

Colorado Springs

Masks at CC hockey games

Got an email from Colorado College about the upcoming hockey season. Apparently masks will be required at all games this season. I love hockey. Love CC, coming from Boston, had season tickets at Boston College, but after 17 years as a season-ticket holder this may be my last. I am sure there are many people that are considering this too.

Larry V. Guerin

Colorado Springs

Theocracy instead of democracy

The article about the truth and liberty conference was written as if it were important news (as well as normal). It is disgusting. Where’s the truth? These people base everything on their own beliefs, not truth.

My first thought was why would the newspaper print this on the third page with rather large font headlines. Secondly, I wondered just how few readers cared anything about some Woodland Park cultist group. Is this really news?

Their far-right wing agenda has absolutely nothing to do with God. It is all about a small group of people who aren’t getting their own way and want to get everyone else to do what they want. Religion, like politics, follows this ideology, but hating gays and transgenders, being racist, being anti-vaccine, and promoting gun toting doesn’t make these people religious.

They seem to me promoting some kind of theocracy instead of democracy. Trying to force their way with “spiritual weapons” in their fight against “ungodliness”.

Seems to parallel some traits we all abhor concerning the Taliban.

Jac Roberson

Colorado Springs


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