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Lost revenue could help budgets

Re: The viewpoint letter “Possible revenue from expired plates.” The number of expired license plates and temporary permits driving on our streets has described as an increasing issue. There should be a big concern about the lost revenue while these vehicles use the streets for free. (Other than paying the gas tax).

I recently approached a Colorado Springs policeman and a city councilman concerning this issue, and received the same response from both: “the city does not enforce expired license plates or temporary tags because the city does not receive any of the revenue. All revenue goes to El Paso County so it’s not in the cities interest to enforce.”

Besides Powers Boulevard, drive through a Walmart parking lot on any given day. Recently, there was a full-sized pickup with an expired permit with a date of June 16, 2018.

Why can’t the city of Colorado Springs and El Paso County join to enforce these violations and split the revenue? It would help the budgets of both.

Floyd Petty

Colorado Springs

Giving life’s greatest gift

There are 1,713 Colorado residents waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant, dozens of them here in southern Colorado. These are our neighbors, friends and family — and I know this because one was my father, Al.

After being diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure, Al was on dialysis and on the National Organ Transplant Waiting List for five years. But the man who plays Santa, was a school counselor for decades and a Vietnam veteran, finally received his gift of life on Jan. 27, thanks to the generosity of an organ donor.

In its darkest hour, a family answered questions about their loved one, and helped honor their loved one’s decision to give life’s greatest gift. That generous donor, whomever they may be, made a decision when they were renewing their driver license that changed not only one life but gave our family renewed purpose.

I am so grateful that amazing individual, whom my family will always honor, made a decision to be a donor based on the facts and not out of fear or misinformation. Most importantly, I hope they knew the importance of starting a conversation about donation, and how much easier it is on family to have one less decision to make.

Friday is National Donor Day and in honor of the 1,713 Coloradans who wait for a lifesaving transplant, and their families, I ask each of you to #StartTheConversation on organ, eye and tissue donation today.

Dana Rojas

Colorado Springs

How long does it take?

There is a “Road Damage” sign on Powers Blvd., southbound, between Research and Woodmen. It has been there for a long time! (One year, two years?) How much longer will it be there before the road is fixed? Another one or two years? The city should fix it already for crying out loud!

Carl Bozung

Colorado Springs

Country is seriously divided

It’s obvious to all Americans that our country is seriously divided. Sadly, that divide is apparent even in letters to the Gazette editorial page. Folks write about their disagreement with a previous letter, frequently even using the name of the writer, to indignantly insist that their view is superior.

It amazes me how petty most of these complaints are and how easily they dismiss another’s opinion. We have become too sensitive. For instance, the Super Bowl halftime show. Women have been shaking their hips forever (for example, Tahitian and Hawaiian dances). It’s now disgusting. People feel their beliefs are being denigrated because someone says “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays.” More guns or fewer guns is a subject few of us would dare bring up in public. Protests, like kneeling during the national anthem (with all respect for the military) created a ridiculous rift.

More critically, the impeachment hearings and Senate trial. How can we all hear/watch/read the same testimony and evidence and come to opposing views of guilt or innocence? Is it because we are so entrenched in our opinions we refuse to hear, watch, or read others? Further, people who disagree with the majority or the powerful are being threatened. People who disagree with someone or something are fired. Many folks today do not discuss sensitive issues outside the privacy of their homes because of the potential of being verbally accosted.

Russia has been hoping to conquer the USA for many years. Their interference in the 2016 election has been proven. The adage to “divide and conquer” is accurate. We are divided. Let’s not let them conquer.

Maybe we can try listening to others, try to understand the other side of the argument, and quit labeling everyone we disagree with a pejorative name.

Dot Nelson

Colorado Springs

This insanity needs to end

How long must we endure the incessant vengeful vitriol of the Democrats against President Donald Trump? They keep throwing globs of whatever against the wall of justice and to date nothing has stuck. Nancy Pelosi and her gang make Wile E. Coyote look like a genius by comparison.

This would be funny if it was not for the fact that their desire to get President Trump is at the taxpayer’s, your and my, expense. The only thing the Democrats seem to be proficient at is spending our money. I am sure things would be much different if it came out of their hides.

Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff make up a trinity of incompetence, short sightedness and ignorance of the Constitution. In fact, the ignorance of the Constitution is the most dangerous part of their three-part schemes. Even before the ink was dry on the Trump fake impeachment documents, these people were scheming to throw another glob on the wall to see if it sticks. Had the Founding Fathers imagined that anyone would foist such abuse on the citizenry, they would have probably written an anti-stupid amendment.

Hopefully, this insanity will end soon lest we become the laughingstock of the world. If not, we are in for some very bad times and the law as we know it will be a mockery to all who seek justice.

Richard Harms

Colorado Springs

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