The Sky Sox team runs onto the field for the start of their 2017 season Thursday, April 6, 2017, at Security Service Field in Colorado Springs, Colo. The Sky Sox played the Omaha Storm Chasers. (The Gazette, Christian Murdock)
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The Sky Sox team runs onto the field for the start of their 2017 season Thursday, April 6, 2017, at Security Service Field in Colorado Springs, Colo. The Sky Sox played the Omaha Storm Chasers. (The Gazette, Christian Murdock)

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Move of team is a punishment

The move of the AAA baseball team and subsequently the Sky Sox becoming a short season rookie league team is simply demeaning. In my opinion, this is D.G. Elmore punishing Colorado Springs for not voting to build his downtown stadium.

Let's consider the Pioneer League. It is a rookie league, the lowest level of professional baseball. The teams are in small towns in Montana, Utah and Idaho, with under 100,000 population. The typical Pioneer League ballpark holds a maximum of 1,000 to 2,000 people. Colorado Springs is not a little town. Metro Colorado Springs is a major city and a major market of 600,000. The Sky Sox are having a super season. Does anyone really care what kind of season the Pioneer League teams are having or who's on top? These are first- and second-year players. Standings are not important.

Colorado Springs is heading toward no professional baseball. This should make the other sports teams in the city very happy. Baseball's loss will be their gain.

Marge Baker

Colorado Springs


Time to change forfeiture practices

While I commend and support Chief Pete Carey for coming out and talking about forfeiture practices, I think the time is long overdue for change. We as citizens have given up too many of our basic rights in this country. Search and seizure has been out the window for a long time. While I hope it doesn't happen locally, there will always be abuse by unethical elements in all segments of our society.

Also, since the standard answer by local government is, "we are only following federal law," then maybe the feds should chip into our local law enforcement payroll without them having to shake down the public to get funds.

Ben Franklin

Colorado Springs


Defunding Planned Parenthood

Now that we are aware of some of the devastating results of synthetic estrogen in our nation's water supply systems we are faced with some inevitable questions.

What can we do about it? What are we willing to do about it? How many generations will it take to free our water systems of this poison? Is it too late?

For starters, stop financing Planned Parenthood. Our House of Representatives has voted to defund this organization. Now we must pressure our two reluctant senators to vote to defund. Are you aware Planned Parenthood gets taxpayers money every year? And has been doing so for the past 30 years?

In this past year, in our public schools, Planned Parenthood hooked another generation on the idea of free sex. What a misnomer! They have access to our girls as young as 12 years to teach them that taking the pill is a sign of responsibility and maturity. Teenage boys are also taught the use of "manly" contraceptives and the wisdom of carrying "protection" in their billfolds in case an unexpected opportunity presents itself.

How can we, pro-life people, ultimately put the producers of synthetic estrogen and similar products out of business? How can we put Planned Parenthood out of business?

These are multimillion dollar businesses that have been doing their business under a facade of respectability. They will not readily give up their lucrative enterprise.

When they cannot sell their products they will close.

We can start today. Share your stories of successful natural family planning with anyone who will listen. One person at a time we can persuade someone of the merits of NFP or deciding on a heroic course of action instead of a panicky quick fix. Encourage your church, or fraternal organization of any denomination, to make natural family planning classes available.

Evelyn M. French

Colorado Springs


So little police presence

Wednesday's letter to the editor of The Gazette by Mary Jo Piccin hits the nail on the head. We need either more traffic police or traffic cameras. We live off Cheyenne Boulevard, West of Cresta Road. It is virtually impossible to make a left turn on Cresta or 8th Street, since many westbound cars speed up as soon as the light turns yellow or red.

The same is true when trying to make a left turn from Cresta or 8th Street on Highway 24. Many drivers are aware that this can be done with impunity since there is so little police presence. Please, do something soon to avoid a major tragedy.

Gertrud Nuhn

Colorado Springs


Parents will come together

As a parent of three young girls, news that America will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement feels like a direct threat to my family.

We don't have years to waste in cutting carbon pollution. As parents, we know our children's health, and their future, are at risk if we don't act now. That's why I rejoiced in 2015: finally, a global solution to the global climate crisis.

But by pulling out of the most comprehensive deal addressing climate, our president is abdicating from his responsibility to protect the public's health from the impacts of climate change. He is also ignoring our national security - which military leaders readily admit is threatened by climate change. He is shunning the economic potential of clean energy. And he is recklessly undermining our global standing.

Thankfully, this arrogant decision has only strengthened the climate movement, now broader and more charged than ever. Cities, states and corporations across America are stepping up to fill the leadership void in Washington.

And make no mistake: Parents are ready to stand by Paris, too. We will come together to demand the solutions we need, for the children we love, with or without leadership from the president.

Nicole Coleman

Colorado Springs

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